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Bylaws Update

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Santa Johnathan
2 hours ago, Santa Warren said:

Interesting by product of this vote is the opinion of many Board members toward membership that disagree with them!  Disagree and you are attacked, put down etc.  Agree and they tell you how smart and wise you are.  In an above post someone said they like it as it is and the next post by a board member basically tells them they are wrong and does it in what in my opinion is an unnecessary way.

Are members not allowed to have an opinion and voice it with out being told they are wrong? 


Well, board member or not, I think many have very strong feelings about this and are quite passionate about this. I’m sure I have come across as one with strong feelings on this. In responses, I hope that I have not come across as attacking anyone. I think we can certainly be respectful but agree we see things very differently. I have seen a lot of negative comments. I will support every member’s right to vote, I will speak my mind. 

This organization takes an extreme amount of volunteer hours, extreme. The board has worked tirelessly to create a bylaws update that will refine it’s organizational setup, as well as erase a dividing line in the community that has no real need to be there anymore. This bylaws update has been clearly stated, has been recommended by the board, and has seen those that have even founded the organization endorse the need for this change. There are a few members that have been adamant that it’s a terrible move without any real justification but to say, keep things as they are, change is bad. 

“The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.” - Socrates

I will be honest, I will be transparent, I am constantly looking at ways to support this community...the whole community. For me, at this point of our community’s history, a vote to support all brothers in red was not a casual option, it was the only option to do what is right. I stand by that firmly. I understand that there are those within IBRBS’s membership that will vote differently than I. I wish this was just simply about options...but, for me, it is not. 

That being said. I am very curious to finally see this vote and the thoughts of the membership. Either way, there will be a group that is quite disappointed and I do hope that we can all learn to support each other, regardless as we look to the future. 

IBRBS can mean more. 


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Santa Johnathan

An open letter to IBRBS Membership, publish as you wish,

    My fellow Santas,

     With the current By-Law vote in progress, I would like to make some points in favor of the proposed revisions:
     First, the only major change in the proposed newly written By-Laws is the definition of Full Member and Associate Member.
    We have come to recognize that the spirit of Santa Claus starts in the heart, with the spirit of goodwill and giving, not from a beard, real or not.
    We have also been approached by many younger men who would like to learn about becoming Santa but cannot sport a beard because of their employment situation or physical condition.  If such men are seeking the true heart of Santa, we should recognize this and help them in any way we can. After all, our Purpose (Article 2, A) is "to support, mentor and promote professional development."  There is another side to this question:- Can we agree that a Santa in the public eye who does not understand or reflect our values, reduces the respect and appreciation for all Santas?
    I hope you will also consider the long-term value of including nonreal bearded Santas in our membership, just as we have recognized the value of including Mrs. Claus'. 
   In addition, the increased pool of gentlemen will bring a number of professionals who have training and experience which could be of value in the leadership of IBRBS.

        Have a happy and successful season,
        My Best Regards,

        Santa Ron Robertson

        IBRBS President Emeritus

        International Hall of Fame Santa

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Santa Warren

Interesting that the above letter does not mention all Christmas Performers.   This vote is not  about beards but more about letting any one who claims to be a Christmas Performer as a full member.  Grinch, elf, Dominic the Donkey,  etc. Also this letter states non bearded are asking to join and earlier it was said there is no movement of that at this time. 

This will be my last post as I am just really tired of the whole debate.   I do still find it interesting how hard this is being pushed. At the end of the day I do not care at all, I just like facts to be facts and truths to be truthful. 


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Mervyn The Hired Hand

Santa Johnathan was right then, and he is right now.

The IBRBS Vision and Mission Statement contains a list of “Our Tenets” which includes the laudable goals of promoting the joy of giving, upholding the positive image of Christmas performers, fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community, and encouraging members to be charitable.

Moreover, “Our Tenets” says explicitly “We support the principles embodied in the Santa Claus Oath.”

The Santa Claus Oath pledges the oath taker to bring cheer and good will to all; to bring a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion; to create happiness, to spread love and make fantasies come to life, in the true tradition of Santa Claus.

Most significantly, the Santa Claus Oath states explicitly that “I realize that I belong to a brotherhood and will be supportive, honest, and show fellowship to my peers.”

With these statements in mind, why did the IBRBS membership vote to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership in their organization?

Can anyone explain to me how recent votes of the membership excluding clean shaven Santas from IBRBS membership were consistent with the goals expressed so well in the IBRBS statement of “Our Tenets?”

Were IBRBS members fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community, or being supportive, honest, and showing fellowship to their peers when they cast votes to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership? Was  it supportive, honest, or showing fellowship to say one thing and do another?

Did IBRBS members bring cheer and good will to all, or bring a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion when they cast votes that caused so much hurt to clean shaven Santas, their children and grandchildren? Do those children and grandchildren count, or are they somehow expendable?

Perhaps IBRBS members believed they were promoting the joy of giving, or encouraging members to be charitable when they cast votes to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership? Was it a generous or charitable act to cast such votes?

Were IBRBS members upholding the positive image of Christmas performers, creating happiness, or spreading love and making fantasies come to life, in the true tradition of Santa Claus when they cast votes to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership? International media portrayed these votes as more evidence of a nasty feud between members of different organizations of Christmas performers, suggesting their positive image was tarnished by it.

Were such votes an appropriate way to recognize a brotherhood of Santas and be supportive, honest, and show fellowship to one’s peers?

Does there seem to be a bit of a disconnect between what IBRBS members say and what they do? Were the votes cast excluding clean shaven Santas from IBRBS membership entirely honest and supportive, and did they display fellowship towards other members of this brotherhood?

What would Santa do?

Might these would-be Santas find themselves on a Naughty List? Certainly this suggests many IBRBS members either do not understand or do not really embrace the tenets of IBRBS, and may require some remedial education about what they actually mean. Perhaps IBRBS should institute a continuing education requirement for its members?

Perhaps Santa, and anyone embracing the spirit and legend of Santa Claus, would have voted to allow clean shaven Santas membership in IBRBS, thereby promoting the joy of giving; fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community; encouraging members to be generous and charitable; expressing cheer and good will to all; bringing a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion to the issue; creating happiness instead of pain for children; upholding the positive image of Christmas performers; spreading love and making fantasies come to life, in the true tradition of Santa Claus.

Thank you, Santa Johnathan, for your insights and leadership on this important issue.

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