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Michael Rielly

Pre-lit Christmas trees: How to style and where to buy

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Michael Rielly

Pre-lit Christmas trees: How to style and where to buy
Here's a selection of the best pre-lit Christmas trees available to buy...

Country Living
By Katie Avis-Riordan
Sep 3, 2018



Come Christmas, many people choose a pre-lit Christmas tree over a real, traditional Christmas tree. Whether it's a fibre optic Christmas tree or an artificial Christmas tree decorated with LED lights, a pre-lit tree can look fantastic in your home and save you from buying a new tree every year.

So here's everything you need to know about this type of Christmas tree, including how to style one and where to buy them...

What are pre-lit Christmas trees?

A pre-lit Christmas tree consists of an artificial fir tree which comes already pre-wired with lights. These lights cannot normally be removed from the tree as they are built into the tree's design.

Pre-lit trees are illuminated with mini bulb lights, LED lights or fibre optic lights. They come in all shapes and sizes, from tabletop trees to 7ft trees or even larger.

The benefits of a pre-lit tree

As pre-lit Christmas trees are artificial, you won't have to deal with the hassle of clearing up pine needles. Another bonus to buying a pre-lit tree is that you won't have to sort out your pile of tangled fairy lights or make the effort to string lights on the tree – it's already been done for you. Plus, you can do your bit for the environment and use the tree again year after year to minimise waste and be more eco-friendly.

How to style pre-lit Christmas trees

Here are some Pinterest ideas to give you inspiration on how to style pre-lit Christmas trees...

1. The natural look

This look wants to make it appear as if you've plucked a tree straight from a snow-covered forest and brought it inside to nurture and decorate.

2. The Scandi look

Simplicity is key for those pre-lit Christmas trees which display only the shape of the tree's twigs and branches. The lack of greenery makes the lights, and any other decorations you choose to hang from it, stand out even more.


SOURCE: https://www.countryliving.com/uk/homes-interiors/interiors/a22859768/best-pre-lit-christmas-trees/


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Santa Johnny Boy

Hobby Lobby has a lot of great, pre-it trees and I was thinking of upgrading.  I like the idea of LED lights, less likely to have a burn out.

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Santa TJS

Balsim Hill makes the best ,most realistic trees, I have two of them. Here is mine 7 1/2 foot Balsim.



Edited by Santa TJS
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Eileen Strom

I HAVE to have a artificial tree... Molds, dust and mostly the terpenes are the worst.

Once a real one is cut, I am allergic to them. Takes a bit of time, but the closed up house and the sap and the fumes from it intensify and I am not good. Spent way to many years, every year as a kid and teen, being sick at Christmas time.

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Santa Ed K

We also need an artificial tree as our second child is allergic to them. When he was younger he also looked like he had dark circles under his eyes because of the allergies.

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Santa Bruce Geron

Last year we bought a natural-look pre-lit tree with LED lights. We miss the natural tree but chose to go with the artificial tree. I am very pleased with our selection. We have a choice in lighting style - blink or constant on and either warm gold or multi colour. I've enjoyed changing the colour midway through a party to see who notices.

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