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  1. Yesterday
  2. bllwnkl

    Twin Cities Santa Claus searches for new kidney

    I hope and pray something turns up real fast.
  3. Santa Bill Reiller

    Twin Cities Santa Claus searches for new kidney

    Good Luck on your search for a kidney.
  4. At 102, Nikkila has seen a century of history By Nicole Bales, The Astorian June 17,2019 Excerpt: Norma Nikkila doesn’t like to fuss. But she does have one wish for her 102nd birthday: Santa Claus. “I feel pretty good,” she said as she prepared to celebrate this week. Nikkila, who has lived at Clatsop Care since 2015, spends most of her time in her reclining chair. She still enjoys activities like the morning readings and bingo, her favorite. **** Nikkila credits her longevity to a life of hard work. Her youngest son, Norm, said she has the ability to adjust to life’s changes and get along with everybody. She also comes from a long line of centennials. “She’s very impressive,” said Rosetta Hurley, a life enrichment coordinator at Clatsop Care. “She is beloved here. She is inspirational to everyone. She has a high level of awareness and has kept it for all these years, and she is very gracious with people.” Although Nikkila is not physically independent, Hurley said, “she has an independence of spirit.” Her friends and family are planning a birthday party. Even though it’s June, they are confident Santa will make an appearance. Source
  5. Twin Cities Santa Claus searches for new kidney By Paul Blume, FOX 9 June 15,2019 Excerpt: One of Santa’s helpers in the Twin Cities is hoping for a Christmas miracle in June. Known simply as Santa Steve, Steve Van Hale has his own wish: a new kidney. A retired correctional officer working with troubled youth in Ramsey County, Steve has gone all in on his Santa persona, appearing at countless parties and events over the years as jolly Saint Nick. But, with complete kidney failure, there hasn’t been much joy over the last 18 months. “Even last year, I had to cut back pretty significantly on my Santa business and the visits because I didn’t have the energy I had before," Steve says. "And being Santa takes a lot of energy. You are always on." In his current condition, Santa Steve is going to dialysis three times a week for three and a half hour sessions. It’s actually what keeps him alive, but if he doesn’t get a new kidney, who knows how many more Christmases he has left? **** Steve, who is now 61, is on a couple of donor lists, but, so far, no matches. The Van Hales are desperate. "Even though you may not match up with me, please think about doing it," pleads Steve. "A lot of other people are in the same situation. Please help out your fellow man. Do this and, plus, you’ll be on Santa’s nice list." SOURCE
  6. Black River Santa

    Santa do you know Jesus

    Amazing - thank you for sharing.
  7. Last week
  8. SantaDon

    Santa do you know Jesus

    Well...I love the sentiment and, like Felix, I also look forward to those opportunities for testimony. As far as tunes go, it's not my cup of tea (but I'm the guy who won't listen to sad songs...ever).
  9. Tommy

    Santa do you know Jesus

    Great song and an important message for everyone! Do you know Jesus? He is the only way.
  10. Drosselmeyer

    Santa do you know Jesus

    Wow - just wow - just have to sit for awhile - what an incredible song the power of the faith of a child is a wondrous thing thank you for sharing
  11. bllwnkl

    Santa do you know Jesus

    Thanks for sharing that. It tugs at at your heart.
  12. Felix Estridge

    Santa do you know Jesus

    I loved it. Very touching, Tim. I know that those times to share our testimony come each year and I look forward to them.
  13. Yesterday we had a young family come into the Santa Claus Christmas Store. Dad , Mom, Son, Daughter, and Grandma. They were heading my direction and the son was singing the 12 days of Christmas I think think he was about six years old and he remembered all 12 with such a beautiful voice. they came into my cottage we visited and took photos. While I was visiting with the parents Dad said he had written a song titled Santa have you met Jesus, I said that sounds real interesting then Grandma suggest that he bring it up on his telephone and he said it would take too long to listen to it but he said he could e-mail the link to me from u-tube. I said that would be great and I would be looking forward to listening to it. We completed our visit and later I checked my e-mail to find he had indeed sent me the link. After watching and listening I thought it was Great and a perfect fit for Santa. I sent him an e-mail and told him what happened with me listening to his song, then asked if I could share it with others and he agreed. So here is the link https://youtu.be/ajhp4WzxoW0 Please listen and comment on how you feel about this song. He gave me permission to share this with my Santa friends here on Clausnet my reaction to the song was one of tears I thought it was beautiful and would like to know how others Santas reactions are.
  14. Santa M

    Santa Michael’s

    My first pictures
  15. Eileen Strom

    Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    This is a collection of various things that I have either designed and made, or designed and am having made for me. It includes rings, clothes, belts, buckles, and bags, and much more! Click on the picture to open this file and see all of it.
  16. magicsantaphil

    Featured Member of the Month - June 2019

    Congratulations!!! Very well deserved!!!
  17. Black River Santa

    Born On This Day... Christmas Celebs Remembered

    Denver native, Timothy Alan Dick, better known as Tim Allen, was born on June 13, 1953. The American actor and comedian is known for his iconic television and movie roles playing Tim "The Toolman" Taylor on the ABC sitcom Home Improvement, and Mike Baxter on the ABC sitcom Last Man Standing, as well as the voice of Buzz Lightyear in the Toy Story franchise. But Christmas movie addicts everywhere love him as Scott Calvin, from The Santa Clause film trilogy, the single-dad who accidentally caused Santa Claus to fall off his roof on Christmas Eve and had to take his place.
  18. Christmas is the season to be traveling by MARK BRAYBROOK - 4bc June 13, 2019 Excerpt: For most people Christmas is a time to be at home surrounded by friends and family, but they may be missing out on a festive season experience like no other. Cities, towns and villages right across Europe glow with the Christmas spirit, often covered with a blanket of snow. Sean Lues from Journeys Worldwide explains to Mark he may want to take his wallet because Christmas markets in places like Germany are a shoppers’ paradise. Source - podcast
  19. Nats Park Will Turn Into a Glittering Christmas Maze This Fall by Danya AbdelHameid - dcist June 12,2019 Excerpt: Christmas trees up to 80 feet tall. A twinkling maze of light decorations. An ice-skating trail. (Yes, a trail.) And, of course, Santa and Mrs. Claus on a glittery, decked-out sleigh. Come November 22, the Kentucky bluegrass that covers Nationals Park (indeed, it’s real grass and not artificial turf) will transform into Enchant Christmas, the over-the-top immersive holiday experience that’s made appearances in Seattle, Vancouver, and Dallas. Visitors can make your way through the outfield-turned-light maze searching for Santa’s missing reindeers, shop for unique holiday gifts and foods from local vendors at the Christmas Market, listen to local musicians carol their way through the park, or grab some Christmas-themed food and drinks in the park’s concourse area. Source
  20. bllwnkl

    Riddle Santa

    This is what I'm talking about! I sure hope others will take the time to share. A great off season opportunity. Dig in to your old videos and share them! Thanks Santa Jeff!
  21. Tim Mack

    Argos reveals top toys for Christmas 2019

    It is nice to get this kind of information early. Helps me to know this now to make my conversations with children go better.
  22. SCSanta

    Riddle Santa

    Love the Laugh...That's a good Ho Ho Ho!
  23. Santa Johnny Boy

    Riddle Santa

    Great Santa!
  24. Name: Riddle Santa Category: Member Videos Date Added: 06/13/2019 Submitter: SantaJeff From Santa's 2017 visit at the Dollar Tree in Hendersonville, TN Riddle Santa
  25. SantaJeff

    Riddle Santa

    From Santa's 2017 visit at the Dollar Tree in Hendersonville, TN
  26. Big-Un

    Featured Member of the Month - June 2019

    Congratulations and THAT was one great and inspiring interview. Thank you for your special insight as to who Santa should be and how he should interact with both children and adults. My condolences on the loss of your first Ms. Claus, with whom you seem to have had a special relationship. God is gracious and led you to meet and connect with another wonderful lady, one with whom you both can continue the legacy of Santa and Mrs Claus. You are blessed and we are blessed to have you both represent us to the communities around the world. Santa Bill
  27. Earlier
  28. I also enjoy the strolling Santa. But having a handler/crowd control person is vital...much like a Disney Character at a theme park. I do several hybrid events each year (craft shows-holiday markets-retail/restaurant gigs-corporate events) where I have a chair and a photo drop, but I also wander to mingle with guests and customers and vendors.
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