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  1. Yesterday
  2. Santa Timothy SC

    Auld Lang Syne

    The links are no longer good Auld Lang Syne - Guy Lombardo And His Royal Canadians (1947) and Christmas Auld Lang Syne - Bobby Darin (1960) I get this This video has been removed for violating YouTube's Terms of Service. Thank you I found this very interesting and look forward to the videos
  3. Last week
  4. YoungSC

    The Professional Santa Claus’ Podcast

    HOW Did I not find this until today!?! My boss won't be happy that my productivity will be dwindling for a few days... haha
  5. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    Your internet search has served you well - you got it Santa Who - starring Leslie Nielsen as Santa, with an appearance by Steve Smith (Red Green) as the tree lot keeper !
  6. TamaleClaus

    Christmas movie quotes

    Wild guess, "Santa Who"? never heard of it, but he did appear
  7. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    another hint - appearance by STEVE SMITH - that's right RED GREEN was in this movie !!!!
  8. Earlier
  9. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    just realized I picked this up on DVD at the local shop, and have not watched it - thanks for the reminder ! sorry - not quite - different genre of actor - more Sinbad than Schwarzenegger
  10. Santa Timothy SC

    Christmas movie quotes

    Jingle all the way?
  11. Santa Phelix

    Michael Rielly- 2019 Santa Claus Hall of Fame!!

    Congratulations sir ! Well deserved.
  12. Michael Rielly

    Nominations for 2020 Members of the Month!

    Also, the person has to be a registered member here on ClausNet...
  13. Michael Rielly

    Nominations for 2020 Members of the Month!

    Please message me your nominations.
  14. Santa Von

    Nominations for 2020 Members of the Month!

    I would like to send in the name of Santa Jaux Pridgen. Santa Joe has mentored me and has been Peachtree Santas president. And is minister of faith and one of the best Santas you would ever find. God has Bless Him in many ways.
  15. Michael Rielly

    Nominations for 2020 Members of the Month!

    Please send me your nominations for Featured Member of the Month! Who would you like to see featured? For a complete list that goes all the way back to 2008. check out our Featured Member of the Month Archive!
  16. Hoss

    Christmas movie quotes

    haha I read that and just accepted it was from ELF because the character said elf. It didn't even click that wasn't in the movie. It does sound super familiar I just can't place it! But you aren't the only one. Just watched Polar Express the other day. My go to lately is that Swedish movie "Christmas Story" Love it.
  17. TamaleClaus

    Christmas movie quotes

    Still sad and in mourning over Christmas village being dark.
  18. Bestemor Claus

    Michael Rielly- 2019 Santa Claus Hall of Fame!!

    so many great people this year. when is the actual induction ceremony? will you be able to go? to all of this years inductees
  19. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    C'mon gys - @Hoss @bllwnkl @TamaleClaus @SantaDBC @Santa Timothy SC @SantaWayne @Santa Gareth don't anybody know this movie ???
  20. bllwnkl

    Featured Member of the Month - February 2020

    I really enjoy these.
  21. Jerry Nebel

    Brothers Claus

    Great news. We just heard from Stephen Gillham of The Brothers Claus and they have met the minimum number of 20 registered to bring their 2 day workshop here to the Seattle area! They can take 15 more if you’re interested. https://www.thebrothersclaus.com/…/seattle-wa-minimum-regis… To Register online May 16 & 17 at the Hampton Inn near Sea-Tac Airport.
  22. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    Seriously ??? No takers ??? C'mon guys - somebody's gotta have an idea . . . I don't beleive I'm the only one watching Christmas movies off season . . .
  23. Kevin Fast

    Featured Member of the Month - February 2020

  24. Tommy

    Featured Member of the Month - February 2020

    Congratulations!!!! Excellent interview!!!
  25. Santa Timothy SC

    Featured Member of the Month - February 2020

  26. Eileen Strom

    Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    This is a collection of various things that I have either designed and made, or designed and am having made for me. It includes rings, clothes, belts, buckles, and bags, and much more! Click on the picture to open this file and see all of it.
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