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  2. Celebrate A CHRISTMAS STORY's Anniversary With a Look Back at Opening Night! by BroadwayWorld TV Nov. 19, 2019 Ralphie is coming to the rescue because it's the the seventh anniversary of A Christmas Story The Musical coming to Broadway! To celebrate us counting down to Christmas, we're looking back at the show's opening night at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, with the official Broadway debut of the now Oscar, Tony, and Grammy-winning songwriting duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Check out the video below to see the pair alongside John Bolton, Dan Lauria, Erin Dilly, and more! A Christmas Story, The Musical, based on the 1983 movie perennial, arrived on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre just in time for the 2012 holiday season, opening on November 19th 2012 and playing an eight-week limited engagement through December 30. VIDEO: https://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay/BWW-TV-Celebrate-A-CHRISTMAS-STORYs-Anniversary-With-a-Look-Back-at-Opening-Night-20191119 Source: https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/BWW-TV-Celebrate-A-CHRISTMAS-STORYs-Anniversary-With-a-Look-Back-at-Opening-Night-20191119
  3. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    Waiting for answers....
  4. Yesterday
  5. Santa Triibeard

    Bleaching & Toning Santa's Beard with Trionics Enzyme products

    This is my second year with Triionics, and I am very pleased with the results. My beard is already white, so I only have to bleach out my sandy-brown head hair. Last year (2018), my stylist started me off with a peroxide-based developer, and it burned by scalp after two bleachings and a toner application on the first day. Subsequent treatments were with Trionics, and they were a lot more tolerable. This year the tingly-burning feeling was not near as severe with the Trionics developer 20 right from the beginning. Since my brown roots begin to reappear in about two weeks, I use the KO Blondes and Trionics Actuator 20 to treat them on my own at home with no difficulty. A full season involves about three treatments -- late October to early November for the really early appearances; once just before Thanksgiving for the grand opening events; and another a week or so before appearances on Christmas Eve. I don't treat at all during the rest of the year.
  6. It's still a fun movie and I enjoyed it up until the ending.
  7. Santa Roberts

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    I watched it for the entertainment factor. I didn’t expect it to be an iconic Santa movie. It was cute. The idea of where the flying reindeer, the naughty list, coal in the stocking, the elves, and many others were clever. Would I incorporate that into my Santa portrayal, no. I did find it entertaining though.
  8. We just got our Disney Plus account set-up. I am looking forward to seeing this...and although I really like Anna Kendrick and the previews, I am not holding my breath. Better to be pleasantly surprised.
  9. TamaleClaus

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    Watched enough to believe it was not my "cup of tea"
  10. rdpugh

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    I watched it once by myself and then with the wife. I did not like the beginning, but that changed for me too once they introduced Klaus and the toys.
  11. Felix Estridge

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    I won't watch it a second time. It wasn't bad. I can say I did not like it at first but that changed after they started actually delivering the toys.
  12. Felix Estridge

    The Santa-fication of Triibeard

    The beard looks awesome! I have always done my own bleaching at home. I do it over a few week's time and never do multiple bleaches in one day. That is what burns your skin. It needs time to recover before you bleach again. The soonest I have bleached again is 5 days but I usually go a week in between, so I plan it out very meticulously.
  13. Santa Roberts

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    I loved it.
  14. rdpugh

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    My wife actually cried watching this.
  15. Drosselmeyer

    Video Discussion: Klaus

    watched it last night folding laundry - was better than expected - but not going to be on my top favorites list - spoiled rich kid has to learn responsibility and caring - old woodsman burdened with grief - a couple snarky lines - but a lot of sadness too - will probably watch again
  16. Bama Kringle

    The Santa-fication of Triibeard

    Although I thought your arrow-straight beard was Santa-ready to begin with (and I am quite jealous of it), I'd say the curl was definitely worth 3 hours in the chair. It looks fantastic. I've had no perm work, but every time I walk into the salon for my bleaching sessions, it's a 3 hour visit and I've had at least 4 of those so far this year!
  17. Although originally scheduled for theatrical release, it was later decided to release this movie on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney Plus instead. I think that was a wise decision. Like so many others, my family has subscribed to Disney Plus and I look forward to all the Christmas movie offerings. After watching Tim Allen's Santa Clause trilogy, my wife and I sat down to view Noelle. The movie itself has plenty of charm. Santa’s village at the North Pole is wonderful, and I especially enjoyed the reindeer including the little sidekick “Snow cone”. Showing (the former) Santa’s daughter transforming from vapid to caring for others is typical evolution, and his hapless son avoiding the family legacy is amusing. The “fish out of water” trope is well done as Noelle leaves the sheltered North Pole for her first trip south, in this case Phoenix, AZ. However, I think this section from “Critical Reception” on the Wikipedia entry sums it up quite nicely: Review aggregator website Rotten Tomatoes reports an approval rating of 43% based on 28 reviews, with an average rating of 5.01/10. The site's critics consensus reads: "The always charming Anna Kendrick does her best, but Noelle's progressive take on a timeless tale is unfortunately subdued.” Therein lies the problem (though I thought it was anything but subdued). As much as I enjoyed it, the ending was so heavily-handed progressive that it detracted from what was otherwise a fun and entertaining Christmas movie. Instead, you are left with a feeling they are almost demanding a female Santa. Perhaps that is not the intent, but it is certainly the lasting impression. Though I doubt we will see the Big Guy replaced by Noelle in the WDW parade.
  18. Drosselmeyer

    Stores slap strict #metoo rules on Father Christmas

    unfortunately - I think these "rules" are being made up because too many lack common sense . . . .
  19. Name: The Santa-fication of Triibeard Category: Member Videos Date Added: 11/19/2019 Submitter: Santa Triibeard This was the first year I permed my arrow-straight beard and the second year I've bleached out my sandy brown hair to match my snowy white beard. See if you think the results are worth 3 hours in the salon. The Santa-fication of Triibeard
  20. Santa Triibeard

    The Santa-fication of Triibeard

    This was the first year I permed my arrow-straight beard and the second year I've bleached out my sandy brown hair to match my snowy white beard. See if you think the results are worth 3 hours in the salon.
  21. SCSanta

    SCSanta Past Seasons

    A few pictures from past seasons. Breakfast with Santa, a family Christmas party, a college Christmas party and during a commercial break on set of a live Christmas Eve broadcast.
  22. Drosselmeyer

    Christmas movie quotes

    "What are you doing ? Telling children to go to school to learn to write ? What is wrong with you ?"
  23. Santa Colin L

    Stores slap strict #metoo rules on Father Christmas

    Agree with JollyFatMan ....... common sense! Same rules apply to ComicCon and anywhere else kids want photographed with adults in costume!
  24. Last week
  25. Tim Cavender

    IMG_4038 (002)-1 rd rd.jpg

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