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  2. Ho Ho Ho Hello! Fellow, Jolly Red Fellows! After busy upheaval over here in Middle East, I am finally able to settle a little and spend some time with the JRFS! Also merchandise with our Logo on it! So let's get the ball rolling and give me your input! (kindly)
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  4. Santa Johnny Boy

    New Holiday Movie - CATS ???

    Which holiday? Halloween?
  5. Drosselmeyer

    Cirque Dreams Holidaze

    We took my parents a few years ago when they were in DE - it was a neat show !! Enjoy !!!
  6. Black Hills Santa

    Cirque Dreams Holidaze

    I and my family are big fans of Cirque Productions. Every year, it seems, they put on a holiday program. This year it's "Cirque Dreams Holidaze". My 13 year old is bouncing off the walls!
  7. Santa Bruce Geron

    New Holiday Movie - CATS ???

    I'm looking forward to seeing this "revisioning" of this stage work for the screen, however, my complaint is that the screen leaves little to the imagination. Okay, I will admit, I am a fan of the show, and yes, I was called back, years ago, for Old Deut. I think it will be good have this in the holiday offerings of films but it isn't a holiday story, it's a series of poems about cats. The story line is what is implied by the staging director and choreographer. I remember these poems as bedtime stories when I was growing up. The CGI make-up looks, different.
  8. Black Hills Santa

    New Holiday Movie - CATS ???

  9. Eileen Strom

    Both of us.

    ...my White Christmas outfit doesn't match his suit color either, but again, it still doesn't clash.
  10. Eileen Strom

    Both of us.

    Thanks! My 'red' sort of matches the shine red in Dave's suit for the most part. But I did make sure that the red I chose still didn't clash. But you don't have to match. I originally was looking for a Christmas green color fabric, but couldn't find anything that suited my idea for the dress.
  11. Drosselmeyer

    New Holiday Movie - CATS ???

    I am usually one to give a movie a chance - even gave Man Who Invented Christmas and Nutcracker and the Four Realms a try this is being billed as a new holiday movie - but having worked with the touring company several years ago this just looks creepy weird . . . 'The Cats trailer is more terrifying than IT': Claws come out on social media for first look at highly anticipated movie starring Taylor Swift, Judi Dench and Idris Elba - with critics berating 'unnerving' CGI The Cats movie released its official trailer on Thursday, which lead to wildly divisive reactions on social media as fans had their claws out, ready to tear it to shreds. Taylor Swift stars as Bombalurina, who is seen in her tight catsuit as she sprinkles cat nip on the floor, with a cast that includes James Cordon, Judi Dench, Jason Derulo, Idris Elba and Jennifer Hudson. Despite the star-studded line-up in the highly anticipated movie, fans were sour on the 'terrifying' look of the Broadway adaptation, branding the CGI as 'unnerving.' SOURCE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-7262893/Cats-releases-official-trailer-Taylor-Swift-sprinkles-cat-nip-pals.html
  12. Lesa Claus

    Santa's Office

    This is one of my favorite pictures!! How impressive & inspiring to have the design on the window!!!!! Love it!
  13. Lesa Claus

    Both of us.

    This is a great picture of the both of you together. I am particularly drawn to the 2 different reds in the picture. A while back I think I got stuck thinking we had to match reds all the time. You've helped me to get unstuck! Love & Cookies, Lesa
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  16. magicsantaphil

    Featured Member of the Month - July 2019

  17. Black Hills Santa

    My daughter videotaped Santa

    She told everyone and showed them the tape. It was quite a stir.
  18. Santa Johnny Boy

    My daughter videotaped Santa

    That is super cool! I can hear her nervous breathing and heartbeat - what an impression it must have made!
  19. Drosselmeyer

    My daughter videotaped Santa

    looks like the old man done good !!!
  20. Name: My daughter videotaped Santa Category: Member Videos Date Added: 07/13/2019 Submitter: Jason2274 When my youngest daughter was 9, she wanted to videotape Santa delivering gifts. She set her little camera up and the old man made sure she got her video. Kept the magic alive for 4 more years. My daughter videotaped Santa
  21. Black Hills Santa

    My daughter videotaped Santa

    When my youngest daughter was 9, she wanted to videotape Santa delivering gifts. She set her little camera up and the old man made sure she got her video. Kept the magic alive for 4 more years.
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  23. RedSledFlyer

    The Professional Santa Claus’ Podcast - Episode 23

    I love the podcast and thank you for all sharing your experiences!
  24. This reminded me of a time when I was schoolteaching. Merely as a Substitute schoolteacher, I captured the / my students Attention when I brought into class assortments of "Touchy-feelie" items into better-explain in Earth science class the differences between the elements. I later was highly-Praised by the teachers on this campus for BRINGING THE LESSONS TO LIFE for these students. / I credit (both) my own TENACITY and Unique-thinking (like a child) into this class setting which I learned is-not-common inside the clasroom because THE STATE MANDATES IT TO BE TAUGHT <only this way.>
  25. Black Hills Santa


    Just fabulous!
  26. Saturday August 3, 2019 Santa Ernie’s house 8 Creekwood Ln SW Lakewood, WA 98499 12:00 noon There will be a gas grill available for you to cook hamburgers and hot dogs that you bring. Please bring your own meat, bread and a dish to share. The following items will be provided: paper plates, cups, plastic ware, ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomatoes, salt, pepper, water, soda and unsweetened ice tea. Please bring your own lawn chairs and if you like wading…we have a creek for you. You will need water shoes and towels. Santa Ernie will be out front helping to park cars. We can get quite a few in the driveway and the overflow in a neighbor's (#12) driveway. We will be in the back yard and side yard (behind the garage). Come through the house or walk around when you get here. Shopping is available in Lakewood at: The Lakewood Costume Shop 5932 Lake Grove St SW Lakewood, 98499 and The B & I Shopping Center 8012 S Tacoma Way Lakewood, 98499 Directions: from I-5 take the Gravelly Lake Drive exit #124 and head west Take the second right turn at Nyanza Rd. Turn right at 116th St SW (last turn before traffic signal) Take the first right at Woodbine Ln SW Take the first left at 118th St SW This street becomes Creekwood Ln SW We are at the end at #8 on the left. The number is on the mailbox and post and front door.
  27. Santa Johnny Boy

    Santa Claus Promissory Note

    These are awesome!
  28. Santa TJS

    Santa Claus Promissory Note

    Much better!,
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