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    Just so everyone knows, these stamps are due to be in your local Post Office around the third week of October. You can also watch for them to come out on the USPS.com web site. You can order them there with your credit card and the mail man will bring them to your mail box, no extra charge. Hope this helps.
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    While we don't have an Autumn tree, we do love harvest tones and start decorating for Autumn as soon as Labor Day is over. We have outdoor harvest decorations with cornhusks and hay bales and antique farm implements all arranged with Autumn flowers and pumpkins and gourds. We have Autumn wreaths inside and out and a lot of Autumn leaf garland and mantle piece decorations. The best part, is it all works as a base that we add Halloween and then Thanksgiving specific elements to when it comes time. By the way...Hobby Lobby is already stocked, so it's not too early to shop.
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    The Autumn Christmas tree is the alternative Christmas 2018 decorating trend Autumnal vibes with warm earth tones and a sprinkle of Christmas magic. housebeautiful.com By Olivia Heath Jul 15, 2018 EXCERPT Combining the warmth and cosiness of autumn with the magic of Christmas, the autumn Christmas tree works on many levels. This year, one of seven of John Lewis’ themed collections – Amber – takes inspiration from the golden tones of autumnal forests. The overall look is warm, cosy and inviting with a rustic, country feel that very much brings the sights, sounds and smells of autumn alive. ‘This Amber story is my absolute favourite,’ says Fionnuala Johnston, senior designer at John Lewis. ‘It has been inspired by arboretums, with natural layers of beautiful tones from Amber through to rich Chestnut. This beautiful rustic environment full of wildlife has a cosy and warm feel making me want to snuggle up with fur throws and mulled wine after a long walk.' John Lewis' Amber tree loses the bright reds, greens and silvers in favour of warm, earthy colours, which may – dare we say it – even inspire some to put their Christmas tree up earlier than tradition (those who put their Christmas decorations up early are said to be 'happier' than those who wait, after all). An autumn-themed Christmas tree isn't entirely a new idea. A quick browse on Pinterest shows that 'fall' or 'Thanksgiving' Christmas trees are already popular decoration ideas. And remember (albeit a tad controversial), Halloween Christmas trees have also been gaining momentum in the last few years. Elsewhere, the rainbow Christmas tree is set to be the biggest Christmas decoration trend of the year, which will appeal to those who like experimenting with colour in different and adventurous ways. SOURCE: The Autumn Christmas tree is the alternative way to decorate this festive season WWW.HOUSEBEAUTIFUL.COM Autumnal vibes with warm earth tones and a sprinkle of Christmas magic.
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    Congratulations, Santa Caras, on a well deserved honor!
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    Congratulations! Welcome to the MOtM Club!
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    I wished more of them really had a Christmas theme. It seems they use a tree n snow for a backdrop to a love story.
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    Interesting by product of this vote is the opinion of many Board members toward membership that disagree with them! Disagree and you are attacked, put down etc. Agree and they tell you how smart and wise you are. In an above post someone said they like it as it is and the next post by a board member basically tells them they are wrong and does it in what in my opinion is an unnecessary way. Are members not allowed to have an opinion and voice it with out being told they are wrong?
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    There are quite a few charities that I love to work with, mostly involving children’s advocacy and care, music, and education. I find that as we find ways to help within our communities, we are gifted with opportunities to grow, to touch other people’s lives, and truly make a difference. I find at times that I may be grumpy, depressed, or negative, finding ways to serve others is a great medicine. One of my favorite volunteer positions is as a curator and docent for one of the more important bonsai gardens in the US, the Lake Merritt Bonsai Garden. The tree next to me in the picture is just one of the more than 200 amazing trees on display. A black pine that was on display at the 1915 Pan-Pacific World Fair of San Francisco. At the time it was a 300 year old famous bonsai tree and a true novelty to see here. Now, over 400 years old, it’s a special treat to care for this tree and see it stays healthy for future generations. This is one of my decompressing activities to relax and think. Recently during a day in the garden volunteering with my son, I took an oppotunity to reflect on things. Our life is but a short moment, are we leaving something positive behind when the time comes to pass from our mortal life? Have we helped brighten someone else’s life? Made a difficult time easier for someone? Supported a good cause? I think all of us can do SO much. There is a phrase used often at the garden, “Wabi-Sabi” it’s a Japanese concept seen in art and ascetics that could apply to us in the Santa world too. It means, “Nothing is perfect, nothing is permanent, nothing is finished.” I apply this to how I portray Santa, it can be applied anywhere. From purposely placing a patch on Santa’s bag or other item to make it look real, used, loved, like it’s so old it has been repaired. It could also mean an internal dialog in recognizing, “I am never done learning, I am never done finding ways to be better...always a student.” Sorry for the long post. As I enjoy the peace and quiet of the garden, wearing my ISC Denver shirt and yet again, my mind goes to Santa Claus and the Christmas community. I love my time here and I love spending time with my son learning. Have an amazing day everyone! Make someone smile today, tell someone they are loved, and find ways to make a difference. Love you all. Johnathan
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    Patrick: Though the above seems VERY COOL, I LOVED the way you have the outside tree decorated for the animals of your neighborhood! I'll NEVER FORGET IT AND TRYING TO PASS ON THAT IDEA here @ OUR HOUSE / home, BUT I know with the dog the tree would need to be outside the fenced in yard. Or she'll think it's all hers! LOL!
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    Seeking recognition is a downward path for a legend who performs his tasks in the veil of night. Recently, a fellow portrayer of Santa posted an image on Facebook that they constructed to look like a magazine cover with him on it and several story snips like many publications have on their covers. You may have seen it if they are your friend on Facebook. It looks okay. The composition is good, but the rendering when uploading it to Facebook became distorted it and it is quite pixelated when you look at it from a development standpoint. What got my goat was his choice of accompanied text, “Finally got a little recognition…”. Let me say that his post was all in jest, I am certain. This man is one of the kindest, gentlest, giving souls you will come across. I love him as a brother. Yet his unintended incursion on the spirit of the Claus legend got me more than a little flustered. And I know it would be last thing he would want anyone to get from this posting. If you are in this to seek recognition, get out. Plain and simple. It’s the last thing that the real Santa Claus would have wanted. It’s the antithesis of St. Nicholas, for whom Santa is mostly based. More and more, I see the ego of man rearing its ugly head in the Claus community. And this comes from one of the vainest individuals you would ever loath to meet. My mother, rest her soul, would chuckle and get all sorts of entertainment over my time in front of the mirror as a youth. As my hair fell out and turned grey and I stated portraying Santa, it became less of an issue of ego and more of an asset to putting forward the best portrayal I know how. And yet attention to Felix Estridge is the last thing I want. Last year, I was elected as President and Executive Director of the Board for Lone Star Santas Charities, Inc.® I tried to refuse but the Board felt it was best moving forward with the group as the current President & Executive Director was retiring from guiding the organization. I still felt awkward in that it might bring me some kind of recognition that I did not ultimately want. But, for the good of the organization and at their begging, I accepted. When asked for my name after having had news footage or news photos shot of me as Santa, I tell them “Kris Kringle” and wait for the response. I will never give my real name unless I am forced to do so, and, even then, I have been known to refuse. I always tell them that the magic for people remains in the mystery of the legend of Santa Claus. They then understand. And all who portray him should strive to keep that magic alive. As I recently defended, I am no one’s arbiter, police, or any authoritarian on portraying Santa. I merely offer this perspective as a personal opinion from simple observation over time. I am less learned than many, many others. I just happen to be passionate about this issue. I will never give up trying to protect the legend. Do no harm to the legend.
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    Congratulations Santa Caras and thank you for your story.
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    Why not an Autumn Tree. I know people who do a Halloween Tree and an Easter Tree, much smaller than the tree in the article, but still fun.
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    I am coming into this late, but Felix, I completely agree! I keep my beard and much of my persona year around as it brings opportunities everywhere you go to speak into people's lives. I encourage them in their faith in God, in their keeping their eyes open to look for ways to help and bless others and to be quick to be secret givers themselves. I came to see many years ago that St. Nicholas was the dynamic person he was simply because he early learned how to put other peoples interests above his own, a very Christ like life. We Santas have a very important and blessed role to fulfill. And though I am not in easy access to working with Lone Star Santas right now, it is a very important role fulfilled in bringing hope to others devastated by some disaster. Yet I continue to associate myself with it and promote it wherever I can. God bless you my friend! I am sorry I was not able to get together with you this past season... Santa Kevin
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    A Christmas Carol, is one of my favorites. And I'm a Downton Abbey Fan, (Mathew from here is playing Dickens).....so I'm in. Appears to be a unique take on it, all star cast etc.
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    I am looking forward to this movie as well ,it looks fun.
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    Born in 1908, James (Jim) D. Rielly was a lifelong resident of Bristol Rhode Island whose love for his country and his community was immediately evident when you met him. In many ways, he was Bristol’s unofficial Ambassador. To paraphrase Yeats: There were no strangers to Jim Rielly; only friends he had not yet met. Jim Rielly was well known throughout New England for his kindness, generosity, and countless charitable acts. He was featured in the New York Times on multiple occasions and in hundreds of other newspapers throughout the United States. In 1982 he appeared on the television news program, PM Magazine hosted by Sheila Martines and Matt Laurer. In recognition of his efforts, Jim Rielly was the recipient of numerous awards and commendations. He was a member of the Knights of Columbus and an honorary member of the Bristol Rotary Club, which presented him the Paul Harris Fellowship Award. He was a life member of the Bristol Elk Lodge No 1860 and the Cup Defenders Association. He also received awards from the Bristol Jaycees, the Rhode Island House of Representatives, the Leonardo DaVinci Lodge, Sons of Italy, and the Seabees of Davisville. The Coast Guard Cutter Spar honored Jim Rielly for the loving and compassionate time he shared with crew members and their families. He also received awards from the Naval Air Station at Quonset Point, the US Naval Construction Battalion Center, the USS Hammerberg and the USS Essex. In 1989, the Bristol Town Council presented Jim Rielly with the Bristol Citizen of the Year Award. Over the course of his lifetime, Jim Rielly received numerous letters of recognition from celebrities and dignitaries from all over the world including: Eleanor Roosevelt, Senators Theodore Francis Green, Claiborne Pell, and John Chafee, Presidents Dwight D Eisenhower and Richard M Nixon, and even his Holiness, Pope John Paul II. For 10 years Jim Rielly portrayed the character Charlie Weaver, appearing in Bristol’s Fourth of July Parades and at various places throughout Rhode Island. He once received a letter from the real Charlie Weaver, Cliff Arquette, who wrote “Keep up the good work but don’t take any checks”. In 1976, the year of our nation's Bicentennial, the town of Bristol appointed Jim Rielly as official Town Crier. His duties were to call to order the Patriotic Exercises and officially begin the Military and Civic Parade. As Town Crier he participated in all Bristol Fourth of July Parades from 1975 to 1989. He also participated in the official capacity of Town Crier in numerous other community and civic events. But Jim Rielly’s most notable role was that as Rhode Island's own "Santa Claus." His first appearance as Santa Claus was in the beginning of the Great Depression. In 1928 at the age of 19, Jim Rielly appeared as Santa Claus for a family living in an abandoned chicken coup. For more than 60 years, he would visit various orphanages, hospitals, nursing homes, schools, churches, charitable organizations, military bases and the State House. As Santa Claus, he traveled by helicopter, plane, Coast Guard vessel and sleigh to bring joy, laughter and cheer to literally hundreds of thousands of people. Accepting no payment for his appearances, his only fee requirement was that we share the true meaning of Christmas by loving one another. Close to his heart were those occasions when he spent time at the homes with mentally and physically handicapped children. In 1970, the town of Bristol named a street in his honor, Rielly Lane, and in 1975 the town dedicated the James D. Rielly bench at Rockwell Park. In 1979, the United States Senate entered his name into the Congressional Record for his kindness to people as “James D. Rielly, A Truly Remarkable Santa Claus from Rhode Island.” And on December 22, 2010, James D. Rielly was honored posthumously as one of the inaugural inductees into the prestigious International Santa Claus Hall of Fame in Santa Claus, Indiana. Today, at the entrance of Bristol’s Town Hall, hangs an oil painting of Jim Rielly; welcoming visitors to his beloved town as Bristol’s unofficial Ambassador. James D. Rielly died on November 26, 1991 at the age of 83.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the contract I use. It is from SCSanta (Santa Patrick) with just a few modifications for me.
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