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    We have a very particular (and peculiar) rhythm - loving baseball (as I do!), the 1st tree goes up the day after the last pitch of the World Series, and the last tree is retired from a Christmas assignment the week the boys of summer report for spring training! However, we do cheat just a little -- we keep a couple of small, 'decorative' trees up year round (themes changed to winter, Valentines, etc.), our bedroom is decorated with Christmas themes and the kitchen has more than one Mrs. Claus shout-out. As people of faith, we associate Christmas with what is called Incarnation. That belief is core to our very being, so we follow the advice of the freshly redeemed Ebenezer Scourge: "I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year."
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    Santa Conquers the Martians
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    Perhaps the second installment of the trilogy of the Santa Clause ???
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    Reminds me a lot of Ernest Saves Christmas...
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    Oh - negative Sir - as much as I appreciate that honor - the true Christmas movie genius is @Felix Estridge !!
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    I give up! Nobody, and I mean nobody can defeat the Great Drosselmeyer! He knows all, sees all! More slippery than an eel, more intelligent than a computer. The Great Drosselmeyer is the Christmas movie genius. He's so genius he's a super genius!
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    The Santa Clause . . .
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    I have to sleep with myself every night: that's why I could not watch the whole thing. It's called 'self pride', man!
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    You beat me to it !! @Jason2274 how can you not like this movie ?? It is like a train wreck - it's so bad you have to keep watching it....
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    Here's another: "I wasn't sleeping, chief. It's just that I haven't been able to sleep these last few months." I actually think this movie is awful.
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    That sounds distinctly like Flick from A Christmas Story
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    The Last Crusade.... great movie
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    Just saw it in December for the second time live. Absolutely fabulous.
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    Mr. Krueger's Christmas
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    That looks like so much fun to be a part of. Next season I’m scheduled to arrive in a helicopter and also some kind of airboat down the bayou! Should be interesting lol
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    I am glad to get to know you and look forward to learning from you I still have a lot to learn about balancing the Santa - Chaplain dynamic . . . but I can sure relate to the push back ! We shall talk soon !!
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    I’m right there with you...they even did it to...Star Wars!? 😭 Having a teenage daughter, I love that there are some kick-butt, empowering female roles, but I think the pendulum has moved a bit too far in some cases.
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    Coat of Arms It seems that when we get new members to the Clan Claus Society this question always comes up - Why don’t we have a Coat of Arms? To this end I will not pretend that I can understand how a grant of Arms is issued. I have reviewed the Lord Lyon’s web site many times and my interpretation is that we are not eligible. We are not an officially recognized Clan by any governing body, nor are we a charity or a corporation. We are a social organization. However it keeps coming up so I decided that I should go right to the headmaster himself for clarification. Can we, the Clan Claus Society, be issued a grant of arms? If so what is that process? I appreciate any information you can provide. Sincerely Kona Here is his reply: Dear Mr. Gant “Thank you for your email below to Dr Morrow, the Lord Lyon, which he has passed to me to consider and reply to. I have discussed the matter with the Lord Lyon. Dr Morrow was honored and delighted to be made a member of the Clan Claus Society in 2016, something he speaks of regularly and with great pleasure. He is pleased to do whatever he can to promote the work of the Society. However, in granting arms the Lord Lyon exercises judicial powers and also prerogative powers (i.e. powers of the Sovereign, HM The Queen). As you have seen from the website of the Court of the Lord Lyon, the Society does not fall within the legal jurisdiction of the Lord Lyon and so it is not possible for the Lord Lyon to make a grant of arms to the Society. I am sorry to have to confirm the conclusion that you had reached yourself.” With my best wishes Russell Russell Hunter | Solicitor | Lyon Clerk and Keeper of the Records The Court of the Lord Lyon | HM New Register House, Edinburgh, EH1 3YT | Telephone 0131 556 7255 | Email Lyon.Clerk@gov.scot
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    One more: "Is that a polar bear directing traffic?"
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    YES, that's the one!!! THANKS posting this!
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    I expect we'll learn a few things from one another. Glad to have the company!
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    Glad to have you back my brother in red
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