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    I am not a fan of colorized movies that were originally shot in B&W, but some of these colorized vintage Christmas time photos are quite interesting. There is a LINK HERE and I pasted a few examples below...Enjoy!
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    Well it has been a few years since I have been in this site but thought I would post as this year marks 16 years I have been Santa in The Santa Run in Edinburgh. This Sunday I will be taking part and afterwards will be special because I became a Uncle in September so after The Run I will have a house visit and visit my nephew as Santa Ho Ho Ho!.
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    Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree auction offers a monster-sized way to celebrate the festive season Debrin Foxcroft09:01, Nov 21 2019 You gotta see the video: blob:https://www.stuff.co.nz/d7ee6448-e563-4278-8a39-39926a483b39 If you're looking for a unique way to decorate your house for Christmas, Treezilla may be it. The Godzilla-shaped Christmas tree is the work of Rotorua-based pilot Steven Newland, who has put his creation up for auction on Trade Me. The 1.8 metre tree breathes smoke, has plastic teeth, paper talons and eyes that glow red. Source: https://www.stuff.co.nz/business/117556891/godzillashaped-christmas-tree-auction-offers-an-monstersized-way-to-celebrate-the-festive-season?cid=facebook.post&fbclid=IwAR2WkgRflfKTnFZ9OJqW2AM-PXPcOjczI-TzTVTuy6R_IlVjnMZmFMHwHok
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    I left Target and was walking to my car. Two ladies were coming toward me going into the store. One lady smiled and looked at me and said "Hi Santa". I have to admit, it's neat to hear that!
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    The community of Globeville was settled in the late 1880s around the Globe Smelting and Refining Company in north Denver. Many of the early workers were Eastern European immigrants, including a diverse mix of Austrians, Croatians, Germans, Poles, Russians, Scandinavians, Slovenians, and other Slavic peoples. The railroad and packing plant industries also offered low-income employment opportunities within the neighborhood for unskilled and semi-skilled people. A majority of the people who worked in Globeville also lived in the neighborhood. Immigrant populations thrived as churches and social organizations grew up around the various nationalities. Globeville's history as a peaceful home for immigrants continues to this day, and over the past few decades, an increasing Hispanic population has moved into the community. Toys for kids were not easy to come by in Globeville, as most resident’s income went first for basic necessities like food, rent and clothing. Christmas giving consisted mostly of home-baked food, music and dancing. A new toy was a rarity. Children often had only one toy, and many had none at all. When a toy was given, it was expected to last for a long, long time, possibly handed down to younger siblings. In the early 1900s, one immigrant from Russia began to make a small name for himself, repairing children’s toys. Max had a few tools in a little workshop in back of his home, and a lot of ingenuity. He never charged for his services. Folks all over Globeville began to hear about him and brought their broken children’s toys, and often their children, to see him. Max had a large soft spot for children. By the 1940s, everyone in the community knew Max Rabinoff as the “Santa of Globeville,” as he was described in 1950 during a weekly show on KLZ radio called “The Biggest Heart,” sponsored by the local Hudson car dealer. A small cheerful man, more of an elf than a Santa really, his little workshop was filled with toys in various states of repair. Santa Max was born Mordecai Joseph Rabinowitz in 1881 in Babruysk, Belarus, Russia to orthodox Jewish parents. They were very poor. One of his prize possessions was a coat that his mother had cut down from one of his father’s old coats. He was very proud of it. But there was another day much later when he was even more proud, as he stood in a court room in New York City in 1913 and was granted U.S. citizenship. That day meant a lot to him, as the end of a long, hard struggle. Max used to say that most people didn’t know what it meant to be an American, that one had to live through not being one to fully appreciate being one. His family left Russia to escape religious persecution and economic hardship. He started several businesses after coming to the U.S., but apparently was too busy helping folks out to be much of a business man. The longer Max was in the U.S. , the less orthodox he became. Often he paid for things he sold to others out of his own pocket, or out of his cash register. He did better working for others than for himself. Employed for many years by the Globeville Mercantile Store, Max eventually seemed to find his true calling repairing toys for children, after suffering from coronary thrombosis and being told he should retire. Retire he did…sort of. After two years of retirement Max was bored. It was difficult for him because he had worked hard for many years and liked to work. Eventually he found a way to keep busy. It started when Max began fixing the broken toys of children who lived in the low-income Lincoln Park Housing Project in Globeville, where he lived on the outskirts of Denver. At that time there were over 1,000 children under 15 years old in the Project. Most were little ones, and Max began replacing lost bolts and screws, and tinkering with the trikes and skates. At first his only tools were a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. It wasn’t long before Max noticed many of the children didn’t have any playthings. This made him very unhappy, because Max couldn’t afford to buy toys for all of them. Then one day a wonderful idea came to him: a way to get toys for all. Max began tirelessly calling on department stores, doll shops, hardware stores, bicycle shops, and sporting goods stores. If a store sold anything for children, they were treated to Max’s pleasant, persuasive brand of salesmanship, asking them to donate toys that arrived broken during shipping. Max covered the city. And it worked! Soon there was a steady stream of broken and unsaleable toys flowing toward the little workshop at Lincoln Park. Max bought new tools, a band saw, and a drill press to make his job easier and faster, and before long, it was necessary to move to larger quarters: a big basement room beneath the housing project recreation hall. In short order, it looked exactly like the real Santa’s workshop must look at the North Pole. As one stood there amidst the neat rows of toys and shelves of wheels and spare parts and bolts, and smelled the wood shavings and paint, one could almost see little elves busy with their hammers and brushes at their benches, that is, if one believed in Santa Claus… Most likely they worked at night when nobody was there. Not all of Max’s time was spent in his workshop. Santa Max loved children (his own having grown and flown), but he was especially fond of those confined to their beds with diseases like rheumatic fever or polio. He had ways of finding out where they lived and what they needed to shorten the long days and nights. It didn’t make any difference whether he knew them, or what their race, creed or color was. Max would show up at the door where they lived unannounced, and introduce himself saying something like “I heard your little boy is sick, so I brought him a few little things to play with…” avoiding questions about who told him, and explaining the playthings. When asked who a mother should say brought the toys, Max would simply reply “Just tell him Santa…he’ll like that…just tell him Santa.” Year round, Santa Max made it his responsibility to see that children had a reason to smile. He was especially adept at repairing dolls for little girsl. He couldn’t get to every child, but he put a light in thousands of young eyes each year. For him, Christmas wasn’t about religion or nationality or wealth, it was about the children, helping children smile under the most difficult circumstances. But it couldn’t go on forever. Unfortunately, Santa Max died in 1950. He was mourned by several generations of Globeville residents, descended from many nationalities. Thousands of older adults still fondly remember the immigrant Santa from Jewish origins who lit up their eyes when they were children. His descendants have scattered to the four winds, but several of them still live in the Denver area. True story.
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    These people are idiots. The story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer IS a lesson in not to bully or treat others differently. Uggh.
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    I haven't lifted a kid onto my lap in ages, not for any #metoo movement, but to save my back! "Hey Dad, can you boost him up?"
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    Daisy releases adult-sized red rider BB gun for Christmas! November 4, 2019 Stephen Ziegler For a limited time, Daisy is releasing an adult version of their classic red rider BB gun. It is almost identical to the version many of us had as kids, just bigger. Source: https://thehuntingnews.com/daisy-releases-adult-sized-red-rider-bb-gun-for-christmas/?fbclid=IwAR3hVRimulOxHC5b0BnqlotcaD_SMjmTs3DIPnD9FqrOilvvmwwfUAlPGoI
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    Each month, our Featured Member section profiles a ClausNet member. Members are chosen totally at random by me and the staff. Once selected as Featured Member of the Month, we interview the candidate and post the interview here. This is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow ClausNet members! We are happy to announce our ClausNet Featured Member for December 2019 is TamaleClaus! TamaleClaus Featured ClausNet Member – December 2019 Profile: TamaleClaus Real Name: Mark Location: Texas USA ClausNet member since: February 7, 2019 Community Reputation (as of today): 657 – Fabulous! Not every Santa Claus dons a red suit or wears a long white beard. Tamale Claus aka Mark doesn’t enter the room with Ho-Ho-Ho, but he does say Merry Christmas! Like Santa Claus, Tamale Claus wears a red cap and is often seen spreading happiness and joy while making his deliveries. But he doesn’t deliver toys. No, his deliveries are made of masa, steamed in a corn husk! Confused? Mark tells the story in our December 2019 Featured Member of the Month interview. Here is what he had to say... ClausNet: How long have you been portraying Santa Claus and how did you get started? TamaleClaus: "This is a difficult question and perhaps needs some explanation. I do not portray the Man in Red, but his 2nd or 3rd cousin or Tamale Claus. This has been going on for over 40 years and is a combination of several different stories with different beginnings that have become one. The first story begins as I was born around the San Antonio area where the Mexican culture had a major influence in my life, add this to my love of Mexican food and the tradition of having tamales at Christmas has been a part of my life. About 40 years ago after discovering the best mass-produced tamale made anywhere in the world, I started purchasing several dozen and giving them to friends. After trying them, friends agreed, and I was importing 1-2 large ice chest of tamales from San Antonio every year and sharing them with friends and selling additional ones to friends who wanted more than I would give away. This continued to where I was bringing back 4-5 large ice chest full every year. The tradition is that you should have tamales on Christmas Eve, but seldom do my tamales last that long. The second story began about 25 years ago, when I started wearing a Santa hat after Thanksgiving as I greatly enjoyed the Christmas spirit and the celebration of Our Savior Jesus Christ. I learned that while I was wearing the hat, it gave me Carte Blanche to say Merry Christmas without individuals looking at me like I was some type of over the top Christmas Nut. People would refer to me as Santa and I didn’t really like that title, since I was not Santa, I did not deal with toys, and didn’t want to tarnish the reputation of the real Santa. So, I started just referring to myself as Tamale Claus since I didn’t deliver toys but only tamales. The third part of the story is that about 12 years ago, I realized that the purpose of Tamale Claus was to bring joy, happiness through tamales and not becoming individuals major tamale source and reselling tamales, so Tamale Claus changed once again, to only provide tamales at no cost and no strings attached to friends and family. I still bring back between 5-6 large ice chests from San Antonio every year, and you would be surprised how many dozen you can fit into a Toyota Camry, back seat, front seat and trunk. This year I once again have a pickup and will not have any issues. Tamale Claus is trying to follow the Christmas spirit of giving and not receiving, so proving extra tamales for money was not keeping with that spirit." ClausNet: What or who are your influences on your portrayal of Santa Claus? TamaleClaus: "My influence is a love of spreading Christmas cheer and greetings." ClausNet: What do you enjoy most about being Santa, er, I mean, Tamale Claus? TamaleClaus: "Being able to say “Merry Christmas” to anyone at any time and not be looked as some type of Christmas nut. This brings a smile to most everyone’s face regardless of the type of day they are having. Sharing the Christmas spirit by giving gifts, even if some individuals consider tamales kind of odd. You have to understand the Mexican culture and traditions." ClausNet: What is your most memorable visit? TamaleClaus: "One year I changed physicians due to the prior one retiring, and had an appointment after Thanksgiving and asked them what type of Tamales that they enjoyed. When I returned in a week or two, they were shocked that I actually brought Tamales for the office. I said that I told them that I would, and they said that people always told them that they would bring them something and never did, and that I wouldn’t take any money for the gifts. They still talk about it every time that I return to the office." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite gig? TamaleClaus: "Giving to individuals that are living day to day and this gives them something special for Christmas." ClausNet: What is your dream gig? TamaleClaus: "If I ever am able to put on the Red Suit, it would be for senior events, Nursing Homes, Retirement communities, Church adult events." ClausNet: What keeps you busy when you are not being Santa? TamaleClaus: "Besides being a retired engineer, I am also an Enrolled Agent and have been doing income taxes during the spring. Staying busy for 4 months or so, and of course the Continuing Education during the summer and fall." ClausNet: What are your hobbies / interests? TamaleClaus: "Reading and volunteering at church. I volunteer most weekends which takes up most of Saturdays and Sundays." ClausNet: What is your favorite color? TamaleClaus: "Probably Red." ClausNet: What is your favorite food? TamaleClaus: "Not particular, but I tend to lean more toward Mexican, and Italian!" ClausNet: Coke or Pepsi? TamaleClaus: "Hands Down, Diet Dr Pepper." ClausNet: What is your favorite cookie? TamaleClaus: "Either a good plain sugar cookie or a Snickerdoodle." ClausNet: What is your favorite movie? TamaleClaus: "This is an extremely difficult answer. I tend to go through stages. The Longest Day, The Hallelujah Trail, and Mad Mad Mad World." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? TamaleClaus: "Not really. Again, my moods change. Santa Claus with Tim Allen and Miracle on 34th Street (1947)." ClausNet: What is your favorite Christmas song? TamaleClaus: "Most likely Silent Night as I like to reflect on Peace on Earth from our Father." ClausNet: What was the last book that you read? TamaleClaus: "Most likely it was some Military Sci-Fi." ClausNet: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? TamaleClaus: "Technical behind the scenes for plays or stage production." ClausNet: What profession would you not like to attempt? TamaleClaus: "Anything in the medical field." ClausNet: What were some of your favorite toys as a child? TamaleClaus: "Toy trucks, tractors." ClausNet: What is your most memorable experience of Santa while growing up? TamaleClaus: "I grew up in a small town and had very little, if any, experience with Santa. Nearest Santa was in San Antonio and, with the family not having much money, believe that my parents didn’t want to get my hopes up. This limited my exposure to any Santas." ClausNet: What is the strangest request you have gotten as Tamale Claus? TamaleClaus: "Why didn’t I get that sports car that I wanted? My answer was that if they remembered how they behaved during the year, and if the actually got more than they deserved." ClausNet: How did you find ClausNet? TamaleClaus: "Wearing a Santa Hat every day ALL day from the day after Thanksgiving till New Year’s Day, I am always on the lookout for quality Santa Hats. I attempted 10 years ago to have one custom made, but the individual failed miserably after charging me an arm and a leg. Looking at various web sites and not knowing how comfortable they would be for extended wear, decided to look at CN to see if anyone knew of where I could find a source. When I applied for admission, I asked Michael if I didn’t qualify for membership if he could at least recommend someone who might assist me in my search. The rest is history." ClausNet: And what do you like most about ClausNet? TamaleClaus: "The answer to this might be larger than the web server’s capacity. Friendship, interest in common goals of Spreading goodness and kindness of Claus. Individuals who are willing to answer questions and help each other become better in their portrayal of Claus. I’m using Claus to refer to Santa, Mrs, helpers, elves and of course Tamale Claus." ClausNet: Is there a Santa or Mrs. Claus over the years that you admire or has inspired you? Can you tell us a little bit about him/her? TamaleClaus: "Not sure if there has been one over the years, but during 2019 I have become impressed with multiple individuals on CN. Michael Rielly with his selflessness in creating and hosting this website I would have to say thanks most of all. A very Thankless job and my growth this past year would not have been possible without the website and the individuals on it. On a personal note, also would like to thank Felix Estridge for taking his valuable time and letting me ask him endless questions and also letting me get to know him on a more personal basis." ClausNet: What advice can you give to a first time Santa or Mrs. Claus? TamaleClaus: "Do not worry too much about dressing right or having the right props. First and foremost, focus on your heart and keep Christ in your portrayal of Claus whether it’s Santa, Mrs. Elves or Tamale Claus and his selflessness giving of himself for others." ClausNet: Anything else you would like to add? TamaleClaus: "I do not know if I will ever put on the Red Suit. I have attempted to obtain a Santa suit this year, but it appears that will not happen this year. I decided that I will not push it and attempt to throw just something together last minute, so backing off on obtaining a beard, wig, boots, belts for this year and decided to concentrate on improving my Tamale Claus delivery and find more creative ways to share the love and kindness of Jesus in every dozen tamales that I give out this year." Thank you Mark! Everyone, please join me in congratulating TamaleClaus, our ClausNet Featured Member of the Month for December 2019!
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    He is TOTALLY right. And it is not only about not bullying others, but how to best handle it by not running away from things yet rise above the bullies and hold your head high. The message is that some day your difference will be of great need to someone.
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    The PC monsters rally again. Bunch of idiots for sure.
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    Families want pros for holiday shots Special to The News JournalPublished 12:05 a.m. ET Nov. 28, 2014 | Updated 11:20 p.m. ET Nov. 29, 2014 With the holidays coming at us like yet-another polar vortex, mailboxes soon will start filling with cards from friends and family. Many will feature what looks like an impossibly perfect family photo, often with everybody in matching outfits, a great setting – and sometimes even Santa. In this day of instant gratification with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more, it seems like every year more families or couples opt to hire professional photographers to capture the ideal photo. It can then be uploaded to sites like Shutterfly or Snapfish, so the perfect – gasp – old-school, printed card can be created. Long gone are the days when folks would send cards without any pictures at all, or a card simply stuffed with the kids' wallet-sized school photo or a hurried snapshot of the kids in front of the tree, with one child not smiling and the other one's hair disheveled. Source: https://www.delawareonline.com/story/life/2014/11/26/selfies-holiday-photo-sessions-explode-popularity/19557269/
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    well - men do get ornaments for the beard . . . Expect To See A Lot Of People With ‘Christmas Tree Hair’ This Holiday Season CHRIS WINTERS This is the holiday beauty trend you didn’t ask to see but will be everywhere this holiday season. The height-defying hairstyle is styled to look like a Christmas tree. According to the Daily Mail, the look is created when “people style their hair into an upside-down cone shape, mimicking a Christmas tree before decorating their strands with ornaments.” Source: https://12tomatoes.com/christmas-tree-hair/?utm_source=glp-12t&utm_medium=social-fb&fbclid=IwAR24c6pH-JRjn0RpamvcSF04bpZHwN6HCcfKSA3QNdCojOI-A85vOJUH5q0
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    Went well yesterday at The Santa Run, sadly wasn’t a big turn out but was still good . My nephew afterwards wasn’t scared seeing me as Santa
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    I knew there was a set up happenin! @Elizabeth Rose I'm glad to see that my "friend" was just trying to start a little more trouble, yet & still I SMELLED IT FROM ALL THE WAY UP HERE IN Northampton PA!
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    Make this beautiful burgundy hat the center piece of your Casual Santa attire. This elegant hat will definitely bring a touch of Christmas spirt to any Christmas event. A wide five inch very soft and thick light brown furry band light tips, gold and white cording, dark burgundy wool material with white embroiled snowflakes and gold scrolling. soft white satin lining and gold tassel. $130 plus mailing cost. Will fit a 22 1/2- 23 1/2 circumference head. Please message with any Q’s..
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    Congratulations, Santa Mark, on a well deserved honor!
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    Believe at the same time, that @Elizabeth Rose might be able to give your beard a bit more flare and distinction? Might be a matched set?
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    In CASE OF possible SET UP ........... I'm not touching that quote with a 39 and a half foot pole!
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    Is this what they mean by "JUMPING THE SHARK?" You know if it walked, then I think I'd be in because it would make to be a great Halloween Prop!
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    Celebrate A CHRISTMAS STORY's Anniversary With a Look Back at Opening Night! by BroadwayWorld TV Nov. 19, 2019 Ralphie is coming to the rescue because it's the the seventh anniversary of A Christmas Story The Musical coming to Broadway! To celebrate us counting down to Christmas, we're looking back at the show's opening night at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre, with the official Broadway debut of the now Oscar, Tony, and Grammy-winning songwriting duo of Benj Pasek and Justin Paul. Check out the video below to see the pair alongside John Bolton, Dan Lauria, Erin Dilly, and more! A Christmas Story, The Musical, based on the 1983 movie perennial, arrived on Broadway at the Lunt-Fontanne Theatre just in time for the 2012 holiday season, opening on November 19th 2012 and playing an eight-week limited engagement through December 30. VIDEO: https://www.broadwayworld.com/videoplay/BWW-TV-Celebrate-A-CHRISTMAS-STORYs-Anniversary-With-a-Look-Back-at-Opening-Night-20191119 Source: https://www.broadwayworld.com/article/BWW-TV-Celebrate-A-CHRISTMAS-STORYs-Anniversary-With-a-Look-Back-at-Opening-Night-20191119
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    This was the first year I permed my arrow-straight beard and the second year I've bleached out my sandy brown hair to match my snowy white beard. See if you think the results are worth 3 hours in the salon.
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    Agree with JollyFatMan ....... common sense! Same rules apply to ComicCon and anywhere else kids want photographed with adults in costume!
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    Plus, these seem more like common sense (or at least cautious decorum) than they are "militant Do's and Dont's". (Anything that The Sun publishes is drivel at best and malicious gossip at worst.)
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    Homeowners put Christmas tree in pothole to get city's attention Meredith Digital Staff Updated 17 hrs ago | Posted on Nov 13, 2019 ATLANTA (WGCL/Meredith) -- A group of homeowners in Atlanta decided to put a Christmas tree inside a pothole, hoping it would encourage county officials to do something about it. The neighbors decorated the tree with lights and ornaments to add some holiday flare. They even wrote a festive song about the pothole and caroled around the gaping eyesore earlier this week. Homeowner Sharon Magruder said they wanted to get the attention of Fulton County officials, while having fun in the process. Source: https://www.wfsb.com/homeowners-put-christmas-tree-in-pothole-to-get-city-s/article_3d386fe7-6418-52fd-b054-632463820128.html
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    they have a couple others - but I really like the one of Nicholas the Sweep and The Christmas Truce of WW1
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    These are great. I've never heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing, Doug!
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    Patrick: Very cool, and a great find! Thanks brother! Love ya!
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    The Hottest New Piece of Winter Functional Fashion? Nose Warmers !! Amazon Winter is coming. Is your wardrobe ready? Sure you’ve got hats, gloves, scarves, jackets, and boots, but is that everything? Are you maybe forgetting another part of your body that you’ve neglected to keep warm? Obviously, you’ve got your eye muffs too, because no one wants to go frost blind. But I’m talking about your nose, fool. The nose, as they say, is the exhaust vent to the soul. So protect it from the cold! Now you can with specialty nose warmers. You can find Aunt Marty’s Original Nose Warmers on Amazon and Etsy and, oh my. With a nose sporting one these you’ll certainly be the talk of the Hobby Lobby parking lot this winter. Source: https://rare.us/rare-humor/nose-warmers/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=agora&utm_term=rpeople&utm_campaign=rpeople&fbclid=IwAR3UJ19Brz6wX6XYp_RQ0Aaldf-7xr5FTXrbXwnGXEB-TrK-vGzEpT_hF64
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    Love this !! Thanks for sharing !! @Elizabeth Rose an idea for your Christmas 'do . . .
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    Never had a Red Ryder when I was a kid but my wife did by me one a few Christmases ago. My first BB Gun (age 9) was the Daisy "Buffalo Bill. Special."
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    Name: Friends of Cape Henlopen 2019 Category: Member Videos Date Added: 11/10/2019 Submitter: Drosselmeyer Santa showed up the the annual Christmas Bazaar and book sale at the Officers Club at Cape Henlopen State Park news link: http://www.wboc.com/story/41298000/christmas-came-early-to-lewes Friends of Cape Henlopen 2019
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    That would be John Boy Walton from the 1971 Homecoming: A Christmas Story
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    Ralphie's little brother, Randy, in A Christmas Story
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    I have come to believe that, perhaps, children do not pay that much attention to Santa's girth. Now, if Santa was a super slim fellow, I am sure a child would say something. yet, as long as he's not super slim, I just don't think kids mind much. I remember when we lived in New York, there was an African American Santa one year. Any idea what children said when they saw him? "Santa Claus". If children do not see color, I just don't think they'll see a slimmer version of Santa as an issue.
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