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    From the album: Santa's Toy Shop casual Hats for sale

    Santa's Work Shop Apron and Hat... Suede like material, adjustable neck strap, extra long ties, real wooden buttons, three pockets for those "naughty/nice" coins. Santa and his colorful Toy Shop train embroidery also Christmas pine trees and "SANTA" embroidery. Also Santa's very own matching Toy Shop hat, suede like material, white snowflake embroidery, red/gold cording, red/gold tassel and white satin lining. A great Work Shop outfit for those special photo ops. or for just having fun with the kids....
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    From the album: Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    Detail showing inside lining and cords, taken outside.
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    From the album: Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    Another LSS member wanted a vest like the one I made for Dave, but with different embroidery on the pockets.
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    From the album: Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    This is for Marty. Made from Red canvas (pre shrunk) and has 1 top pocket and a long waist pocket that can be divided however into how ever many sections you want. Can either have ties at the neck, or, as in this case, D-rings.
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    From the album: Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    This is a first try at a new concept in working with a Santa that has a disability. While I have made vests and things for him before using zippers to open/close the shirts and vest, this one has Magnets to secure the front and 1 small snap at the top center. We will see how this works out for him once the season starts. Also, as you can see, there are no buttons. This was decided by him as his designer beard kept getting stuck in other vest's buttons that he has worn. But it does have 2 invisible patch pockets.
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    From the album: Custom Santa Suit 2019

    © Stuart Deacon Jr.

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    From the album: Eileen Strom - Stuff I have, make, etc

    A HUGE pillow case style bag. 3' x 4' Embroidered on both sides with the same design. Has brocade 2" wide ribbon going around the bottom as well as the top. Cord and tassels match the ribbon colors.
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    From the album: Santa Creations

    Mrs. Claus found and framed a sleigh patent drawing from 1893 and gave it to me for Christmas. It hangs in my workshop.
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    From the album: 2018 Miracle League of Northanpton County

    The wife was the photographer, Thank you Kathleen, it was cold and she was a trooper!
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    From the album: Santa's Toy Shop casual Hats for sale

    Santa Roy's new casual hat., Just in time for the all the Santa Gatherings this summer.... red wool, special gold and black trim, gold cording, white and gold snowflake embroidery, gold tassel and button and green satin lining. $125 plus mailing cost. Message me with any questions.
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    From the album: misc. stuff

    Santa Vern Crawford, myself, and Cedar Park Santa Bob
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    From the album: misc. stuff

    We have friends that live in Alaska half the year and are our neighbors for the other half. When I saw this embroidery design of the northern lights and Santa sometime back, I knew I was going to stitch it out on an apron for them for Christmas. I didn't take a picture of the whole apron, just the top portion where the design is. The design is just over 6" x 8". I also added a small red crystal for Rudolph's nose.
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    From the album: Caleb's Gallery

    A man walked in today holding something in his arms. "I have a request," he said, turning around this picture frame. He took a moment. "My son passed away, last year." He choked up and couldn't finish his sentence. The entire photo set was silent. I said, "Absolutely." Without anyone saying anything, he handed me the frame and I placed it on my knee. In the photo, I could see on the little boy's armband that his first name was Hayden. I didn't ask any questions, but I am guessing that this is his first photo with Santa. The camera snap was the only sound I could hear through the entire mall. Normally, I hear all kinds of music and sounds, but it was absolutely silent. After a handful of clicks, we walked over to the screen and he pointed, saying, "That's the one." The girl working the computer printed him a full photo package and he pulled out his wallet, saying that this was going to be his gift to his wife. We gave him the printed package, telling him that it was a gift and that we would be praying for his family, this Christmas. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in and hugged me, then turned around and left. As he walked out, we all had tears in their eyes. I'm sharing this to remind us all that Christmastime is unbelievably hard for some families. Pray for the brokenhearted. Smile at people. Just be kind. Love one another.
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    From the album: Christmas 2013

    © © Morgan Putnam 2013

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    From the album: Triad Santa 2013

    Leonard and Emily Hutchens

    © Triad Santa

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