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    cute. What is the sleigh affixed to? a golf cart?
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    Missing my Mrs. Claus. She was my rock.
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    Michael LOVED the quick video Just my opinion: Santa DOES have "An Archenemy" ....................... THE NON BELIEVER! Though he / she isn't trying to "GET or HARM" Santa, they are always trying to trip Santa up!
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    I grew up burning my letters to Santa, too. So that made it to America.
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    Very well done John, my good man. Ol' Santa
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    Saw this on FB...loved it!
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    Ok, what did you charge for the use of your suit and accessories in the making of this video? LOL You look great, but its obvious the Costume Department did not do up your threads!
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    I am very impressed. You did so well. Congratulations
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    Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed seeing this again!
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    You did a great job!
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    Round and Round you go...a captive audience ...hoHOho Have a Great Ride
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    AWESOME !!!!!! Santa Paul
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    That didn't work www.youtube.com/watch?v=lzc0_KoccMQ&feature=youtu.be
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    The Audio to this is also an example of the introduction music that I use for appearances. This one being the shortest and the longest up to several minutes. This suit was requested by the event planner, included the rubber slippers!
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    You're Santa! Lookin' good.
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    My eyes have been scarred!
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    Thanks, that was great!
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    well i can think of a couple statements-- 1. wow!! (both crazy and talented) 2. Airborne!! (hooyah) 3. KIDS!! don't try this at home!! (especially my grandkids) 4. Now we know how Johnathan really broke his foot.. heheheh
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    Dorothy Rencurel is a brilliant and rather pleasing moderator; and she's also a very good listener. Ol' Santa's a terrific storyteller; I've always believed that a good story is at its best when it's properly shared with everyone. The best stories are told by those who've lived them, and I have lived my share, both good and bad. I look forward to hearing more tales from Ol' Santa Jerry in the coming months leading up to the new Christmas season!
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