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    6'4" and 320. Never will be accused of being a skinny Santa, but I certainly have more up top than I do around the middle. When I'm in shirt and vest, I hear quite often that Santa is looking fit. Especially if I'm standing. Ok, now I'm just showing off but it's the best picture I have that really shows how I'm built. 😄
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    Yes , Santa Claus should be fat , Santa can have a robe or shirt and or vest but some things are essential, fat , plump , a belly , a beard, a red and white suit with belt. Should Santa Claus have beard? YES Lets Move it up a notch and ask can Santa Claus be a woman? NO Here are the answers for the confused , Santa Claus is fat, now if he decided for health reasons to change his appearance they still sell belly suits , does he have to have a beard ? Yes and can Santa Claus be a woman NO but I am old fashion , believe in God , I believe in right and wrong, and penalties if you do wrong however I am becoming a Dinosaur.
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    I am not a fan of colorized movies that were originally shot in B&W, but some of these colorized vintage Christmas time photos are quite interesting. There is a LINK HERE and I pasted a few examples below...Enjoy!
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    Maine humorist Tim Sample tells a Christmas story about his uncle’s little general store in Eastport, ME. I can’t tell the same story, certainly not like he does, but here’s the overall gist of it. Tim says he spends a lot of time at Unc’s store up to Eastport. It’s beautiful there. Unc says if you could buy a Greyhound bus ticket with a food stamp, we’d all be up there. His Unc has a reputation for snappy answers. He says its nothing special, and it wouldn’t be so easy if folks didn’t ask such dumb questions. In Eastport, they get two TV stations. One from Bangor has all the old movies and Slim Whitman ads. I’d like to know how Slim Whitman sold 40 million hits before I ever heard of him. The second station is a public access cable station in East Millinocket. They mounted a video camera in a corner of one of the local paper mills that shoots down at the floor, so you can see who’s working what shift. If you don’t come from that town, its probably not very interesting. Tim generally turns it off after three or four hours. One day a rock and roll band came into Unc’s store rather late at night around 7-8:30, dressed up in performance costumes and makeup. They poked around awhile looking at everything. Finally one of them came up to the counter and asked if they had any live entertainment in this town. Unc looked at him for a moment before saying: “Well, I guess it looks like we do now.” Unc didn’t go all out over Christmas the way some stores do. His idea of the holiday season was a string of lights around the beer sign that he turned on at Christmas time. But one day he was looking at a Sunset House catalog and on the very last page he found something he just had to have. It was a semi-life sized display made of genuine reinforced durable Styrofoam of Santa Claus and eight reindeer, plus one with a flashing red light on its nose. Well, Unc placed his order right away. Some months later it arrived in a large package from the “ups” man, complete with brackets and instructions. Unc immediately set about assembling it on the roof of the store. When it was all put together, it looked wicked good, just marvelous, slick as a cup of custard up there. It got to be quite a hit in the area. Folks would pull into the parking lot, line up their pickups side by side and sit there eating cheese nabs for hours talking about it. One night he was restocking the Slim Jims and pickled eggs—you know the pickled eggs. Aint they some nasty? Every general store seems to have them on the cashier’s counter in a large half jar of murky water. You stamp your foot on the floor and those eggs jiggle! Tim always wonders who ate the rest of them? And what did they use to fish them out with? He also says if he was starving to death on a desert island and crawled up a hill to find a jar of pickled eggs there, he’d keep right on crawlin. It was busy that night in the store when the commotion started: Bang, bang, bang! Everybody hit the deck. Unc knocked over a whole rack of Christmas tree air fresheners that had probably been there since the war (not saying which war), right on top of Tim. When the shooting stopped, they heard a big car pull up and it later appeared from tracks in the snow that all four doors of the car had opened and somebody had gotten out of each of them. Unc suspected it was some out of state hunters up to Maine looking for deer. From the meandering of their tracks in the snow, it appeared they had found a good deal of beer instead. Apparently they had seen the beer sign in the store window, and pulled into the parking lot. Then they saw the eight deer on the roof. Unc doesn’t usually hold things against anybody, especially if they’re loaded, but what happened next kinda ticked him off. The hunters blasted those Styrofoam deer on the roof all to pieces, climbed up on the roof, dragged down the pieces, strapped them on the fenders of the car and drove off. Santa remained unscathed. Tim told Unc he could console himself with the knowledge that somewhere in New Jersey there was a freezer load of Styrofoam. A funnier version of this story is available on a recording by Tim Sample entitled “Back in Spite of Popular Demand” from Bert and I, Dept. C, P.O. Box 666, Ipswich, MA 01938. Used by permission.
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    The senior care facility where my in laws are had a Christmas dinner and a visit from Santa about a week before Christmas 2018. I was blown away with the Santa! It was amazing watching him work with the residents and families, and the staff. I wondered then what this guy's story was? I'd love to get a chance to talk to him and hear his story. What is it like to be Santa? Fast forward four months. My wife and I were at a restaurant and in walked a couple, the guy had a great white beard. As we were getting ready to leave, I asked my wife where "Santa" got to? She said he's right behind you. I leaned over and complimented him on his beard and asked if he happened to wear the red suit? Turns out that he did and we had quite a conversation before leaving the restaurant. He had given me his business card that had an email address on it. I emailed him and thanked him for talking to us. He answered back with some suggestions in case I wanted to look into the world of Santa. One of the websites that was in the email was ClausNet. I joined ClausNet and before too long a member saw that I was from Ohio as was he and he invited me to a meeting of The Buckeye Santas which was two hours from me. I went and low and behold, who was there, none other than the Santa that was at the senior facility back in December of 2018! I met him, and one thing led to another and he has been a mentor to me as I was seriously thinking about pursuing this adventure. Well, Tim Connaghan was going to be in Columbus with his Schools4Santas in June of 2019. But my mentor found out that a mall near me was in need of a Santa. Should I or shouldn't I? I made a phone call and ended going through the online hiring process. I was hired in June! What? How did this just happen? Now, I was keeping this quiet. I wasn't sure what was going to happen, so I wasn't making this public. I went to the School4Santas in Columbus. While there their local newspaper did an article. I thought at the time, how neat. No one knows me down here so no big deal, right? Well the article went to the Associated Press and was featured in over 144 newspapers, including the front page of our local paper with a picture of me on the front page! So much for keeping it quiet! So I've done a ton of research, and especially watched and listened to many, many topics on ClausNet, and had many of my questions answered. Thank you all by the way! I've visited the mall where I'll be appearing, met the set manager and district manager. I also saw my break room and tried on my two suits. I've heard it said that it's not so much that I chose to be Santa, Santa chooses me. A lot has happened to me in a relatively short period of time. I went from observing a Santa to portraying Santa in less than a year! As I write this, tomorrow is November 1st. My first day ever in the chair is November 22nd. Wish me luck, and if you have any advice I more than welcome it! Thanks! Santa Randall Reed (bllwnkl)
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    Though NOTHING has changed or did I miss an update to Twas the Night B/4 Christmas? It is what the many of us try to emulate to a point, that being said I would understand NOT wanting to be smoking a pipe in today's day and age. His eyes how they twinkled His cheeks were like roses His nose like a cherry His beard on his chin as white as the snow He had a broad face, and a little round belly that shook when he laughed like a bowl full of jelly you guys and girls know the rest So I would say YES we should try to look like what has been written but as many have said THEY MAKE PADDING for those of us whom may need it and make up for the rosy red cheeks and the cherry nose. BUT THE ONES WHO NOTICE THE MOST I HAVE FOUND TO BE THE ADULTS! And they use there heads NEVER and say what they are thinking and expect an answer while trying in my opinion to "trip up Santa". Boy Santa looks a little under weight or boy what happen to Santa he looks lighter this year. I have seen and heard it here for quite sometime from the many here. I would try to pad up and out and to make it look believable but a 6' tall man weighing in around 200 lbs I would think isn't skinny so anything over 200 I think could be seen with being jolly and I know me personally @ 6' 210 I will be wearing padding ... a little bit just so the belly appears to shake and jiggle. BUT that's just me. If your a big guy I believe it's easier to pull it off, but for the guys whom might be shorter and in shape or just a little heavy I believe they would have more trouble pulling it off without the padding.
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    As for advice, keep the desire to improve. And "Just be Santa."
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    I have come to believe that, perhaps, children do not pay that much attention to Santa's girth. Now, if Santa was a super slim fellow, I am sure a child would say something. yet, as long as he's not super slim, I just don't think kids mind much. I remember when we lived in New York, there was an African American Santa one year. Any idea what children said when they saw him? "Santa Claus". If children do not see color, I just don't think they'll see a slimmer version of Santa as an issue.
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    Santa needs to be of good proportions. He can't be so large that he has health problems and is wheezing, but he needs to be of presence and stature that he commands attention. This is why proper fitting clothing is so important. Let's face it, he works hard in the shop, takes care of his reindeer, and is an organizational master. Being full bodied doesn't equate with a soft body.
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    The community of Globeville was settled in the late 1880s around the Globe Smelting and Refining Company in north Denver. Many of the early workers were Eastern European immigrants, including a diverse mix of Austrians, Croatians, Germans, Poles, Russians, Scandinavians, Slovenians, and other Slavic peoples. The railroad and packing plant industries also offered low-income employment opportunities within the neighborhood for unskilled and semi-skilled people. A majority of the people who worked in Globeville also lived in the neighborhood. Immigrant populations thrived as churches and social organizations grew up around the various nationalities. Globeville's history as a peaceful home for immigrants continues to this day, and over the past few decades, an increasing Hispanic population has moved into the community. Toys for kids were not easy to come by in Globeville, as most resident’s income went first for basic necessities like food, rent and clothing. Christmas giving consisted mostly of home-baked food, music and dancing. A new toy was a rarity. Children often had only one toy, and many had none at all. When a toy was given, it was expected to last for a long, long time, possibly handed down to younger siblings. In the early 1900s, one immigrant from Russia began to make a small name for himself, repairing children’s toys. Max had a few tools in a little workshop in back of his home, and a lot of ingenuity. He never charged for his services. Folks all over Globeville began to hear about him and brought their broken children’s toys, and often their children, to see him. Max had a large soft spot for children. By the 1940s, everyone in the community knew Max Rabinoff as the “Santa of Globeville,” as he was described in 1950 during a weekly show on KLZ radio called “The Biggest Heart,” sponsored by the local Hudson car dealer. A small cheerful man, more of an elf than a Santa really, his little workshop was filled with toys in various states of repair. Santa Max was born Mordecai Joseph Rabinowitz in 1881 in Babruysk, Belarus, Russia to orthodox Jewish parents. They were very poor. One of his prize possessions was a coat that his mother had cut down from one of his father’s old coats. He was very proud of it. But there was another day much later when he was even more proud, as he stood in a court room in New York City in 1913 and was granted U.S. citizenship. That day meant a lot to him, as the end of a long, hard struggle. Max used to say that most people didn’t know what it meant to be an American, that one had to live through not being one to fully appreciate being one. His family left Russia to escape religious persecution and economic hardship. He started several businesses after coming to the U.S., but apparently was too busy helping folks out to be much of a business man. The longer Max was in the U.S. , the less orthodox he became. Often he paid for things he sold to others out of his own pocket, or out of his cash register. He did better working for others than for himself. Employed for many years by the Globeville Mercantile Store, Max eventually seemed to find his true calling repairing toys for children, after suffering from coronary thrombosis and being told he should retire. Retire he did…sort of. After two years of retirement Max was bored. It was difficult for him because he had worked hard for many years and liked to work. Eventually he found a way to keep busy. It started when Max began fixing the broken toys of children who lived in the low-income Lincoln Park Housing Project in Globeville, where he lived on the outskirts of Denver. At that time there were over 1,000 children under 15 years old in the Project. Most were little ones, and Max began replacing lost bolts and screws, and tinkering with the trikes and skates. At first his only tools were a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. It wasn’t long before Max noticed many of the children didn’t have any playthings. This made him very unhappy, because Max couldn’t afford to buy toys for all of them. Then one day a wonderful idea came to him: a way to get toys for all. Max began tirelessly calling on department stores, doll shops, hardware stores, bicycle shops, and sporting goods stores. If a store sold anything for children, they were treated to Max’s pleasant, persuasive brand of salesmanship, asking them to donate toys that arrived broken during shipping. Max covered the city. And it worked! Soon there was a steady stream of broken and unsaleable toys flowing toward the little workshop at Lincoln Park. Max bought new tools, a band saw, and a drill press to make his job easier and faster, and before long, it was necessary to move to larger quarters: a big basement room beneath the housing project recreation hall. In short order, it looked exactly like the real Santa’s workshop must look at the North Pole. As one stood there amidst the neat rows of toys and shelves of wheels and spare parts and bolts, and smelled the wood shavings and paint, one could almost see little elves busy with their hammers and brushes at their benches, that is, if one believed in Santa Claus… Most likely they worked at night when nobody was there. Not all of Max’s time was spent in his workshop. Santa Max loved children (his own having grown and flown), but he was especially fond of those confined to their beds with diseases like rheumatic fever or polio. He had ways of finding out where they lived and what they needed to shorten the long days and nights. It didn’t make any difference whether he knew them, or what their race, creed or color was. Max would show up at the door where they lived unannounced, and introduce himself saying something like “I heard your little boy is sick, so I brought him a few little things to play with…” avoiding questions about who told him, and explaining the playthings. When asked who a mother should say brought the toys, Max would simply reply “Just tell him Santa…he’ll like that…just tell him Santa.” Year round, Santa Max made it his responsibility to see that children had a reason to smile. He was especially adept at repairing dolls for little girsl. He couldn’t get to every child, but he put a light in thousands of young eyes each year. For him, Christmas wasn’t about religion or nationality or wealth, it was about the children, helping children smile under the most difficult circumstances. But it couldn’t go on forever. Unfortunately, Santa Max died in 1950. He was mourned by several generations of Globeville residents, descended from many nationalities. Thousands of older adults still fondly remember the immigrant Santa from Jewish origins who lit up their eyes when they were children. His descendants have scattered to the four winds, but several of them still live in the Denver area. True story.
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    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Advice - Be the role and have fun with it, ENJOY.
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    Kurt Russell's portrayal in The Christmas Chronicles certainly made a statement regarding the issue but I'm not sure if it will catch on. I will be a skinnier Santa this year due to doctor's orders but still dress out at around 260, so definitely not a slim version yet.
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    I haven't lifted a kid onto my lap in ages, not for any #metoo movement, but to save my back! "Hey Dad, can you boost him up?"
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    Daisy releases adult-sized red rider BB gun for Christmas! November 4, 2019 Stephen Ziegler For a limited time, Daisy is releasing an adult version of their classic red rider BB gun. It is almost identical to the version many of us had as kids, just bigger. Source: https://thehuntingnews.com/daisy-releases-adult-sized-red-rider-bb-gun-for-christmas/?fbclid=IwAR3hVRimulOxHC5b0BnqlotcaD_SMjmTs3DIPnD9FqrOilvvmwwfUAlPGoI
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    Each month, our Featured Member section profiles a ClausNet member. Members are chosen totally at random by me and the staff. Once selected as Featured Member of the Month, we interview the candidate and post the interview here. This is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow ClausNet members! We are happy to announce our ClausNet Featured Member for November 2019 is MagicalMrsClaus! MagicalMrsClaus Featured ClausNet Member – November 2019 Profile: MagicalMrsClaus Real Name: Melody Location: Syracuse, New York USA ClausNet member since: August 28, 2019 Community Reputation (as of today): 100 – Excellent! Website: www.nyfacepaintlady.com www.misslizziedeville.com www.therockabetties.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/melody.wilkinson.148 www.facebook.com/TheFacePaintLady www.facebook.com/therockabetties www.facebook.com/misslizziedeville Our Featured Member of the Month for November 2019 joined the ClausNet Santa Claus Network only a few months ago. But since then, she has been a regular contributor to the community. The very talented and versatile MagicalMrsClaus aka Melody has been portraying Santas's better hand for the past six years. We caught up with Melody a few days ago, and here is what he had to say... ClausNet: How long have you been portraying Mrs. Claus and how did you get started? MagicalMrsClaus: "I am going on my 6th glorious season as Mrs. Claus. I would love to say that I started as a Claus out of love, kindness and wonder, but the fact is, it was a business decision. I own a popular children's entertainment company and after frequent requests for a Santa, I finally took a bite and bought my hubby a suit, he already had a beard and I'm a makeup artist, I can make this happen. Winter is our slow season and we needed the money. I figured since I'm a crazy Christmas nut anyway, this should come relatively easy. He wasn't entirely keen on the idea, but Mrs. Claus wears the pants, and I made him put on the suit. Knowing he wasn't trained as a children's entertainer, I elected to accompany him for his first season as Mrs. Claus so I could observe/train him and help him figure out his methods and find his way. My clients went wild for both Santa and myself, and we were both immediately re-booked for the following year. New bookings or not, once I felt the magic of being a Claus, the deal was sealed for me. I was in it for the long haul. Same went for him. Never seen that man cry so many times in my entire life with him! We were both in it 100%, hook, line and sinker." ClausNet: What or who are your influences on your portrayal of Mrs. Claus? MagicalMrsClaus: "My imagination. I am a crazy Christmas nut, seriously obsessed, and have all kinds of ideas and visions of what the North Pole actually looks like; what Santa smells like, what Mrs. Claus wears, what the elves actually look like. I get so emotionally wrapped up in this that I once actually shed a tear that I can't go to the actual-for-real North Pole." ClausNet: What do you enjoy most about being Mrs. Claus? MagicalMrsClaus: "This is a very loaded question. So many things. Being a Claus means a lot to me on many different levels. First and foremost, definitely being able to touch a heart or make a change. The opportunity to explain the true meaning of Christmas to a cynical 12-year-old, and they really GET IT. The opportunity to, for just a moment, carry some of a child's pain so they don't have to. The opportunity to keep the magic alive. It's also a wonderful opportunity for just me and my husband to do something together that is strictly the two of us, and we are working together on a massive project that is so worldly and universal and important! Christmas magic has always meant so much to me. I always cry at Christmas; not from sadness but from the sheer magic and the feeling of the spirit. But also it makes me feel close to my father. My dad was big, loud, grumpy and crass - on the outside, he hated people - but he was also smart, passionate and man oh man did he LOVE Christmas. Heck! At Christmas, he was Santa himself. The sparkle in the eye, the smile from the heart, he became a different man. A jolly man. He was an expert at those crane machine games, and he would win toys and have us kids find a smaller child to give them to. He instilled the spirit of giving in me as a very young child, year-round. He went to painstaking lengths my entire childhood to make sure we kept believing in Santa. When I was about 12, I figured out that that Santa is something so much more and so much bigger than a human entity, and I wasn't in the slightest bit upset. I was even more in awe and I never stopped believing in Santa. What "Santa" means to me actually shaped the framework for who I am as a human. My dad passed away two years ago from adult leukemia, and I don't think I will ever be the same... but my Claus game got even stronger feeling that I was somehow connecting with Dad, my own personal Santa, by being a Claus." ClausNet: Do you make appearances without Santa? MagicalMrsClaus: "I have surprisingly never done an event as Mrs. Claus without Santa. I certainly COULD, but I just never have. I already struggle to not steal Santa's thunder when we do our visits." ClausNet: What is your most memorable visit? MagicalMrsClaus: "Definitely Blake. I will never ever, as long as I live, forget my sweet Blake. Santa and I were hired in to do a small indoor public event. As usual, I requested a quiet room away from the rest of the event so the children could have a peaceful, private moment with Santa and myself because no one likes to be on display when they are sharing their most heartfelt wishes. Enter Blake. Blake was 16 but had some form of handicap that made him mentally about age 8. Blake was accompanied by his little sister and his grandmother. He had cupcake icing on his face and was easily 175 lbs and nearly 6 feet tall, but inside he was a tiny, hurting child. While he was sitting on poor Santa's little knee, Blake's grandmother informed me that his mother had just passed away that week of a drug overdose. I looked at Santa. He looked at me. I knew this one was gonna be on me. I looked at Blake and for the life of me, I don't remember what it was I said. Something along the lines of that his mother had been hurting very badly and now she wouldn't hurt anymore and that she loves him very much and will be watching down on him from Heaven for always.... Blake cried out "Oh, Mrs. Claus!!!" collapsed into my arms and sobbed. I'm crying just writing this. I sent an elf to hold the line and close the door. I got on the floor with Blake, held him, rocked him, sang softly to him, and cried with him. I sang him the chorus to Dream a Little Dream - and I don't know why. It's just what came into my head. Blake offered me his cell phone number, and I still have it. I keep it in my Mrs. Claus apron pocket. I called him that night, and again on Christmas Eve (with his grandmother's permission of course)... and then I called him again the next Christmas. I love calling him! I always make sure there is lots of Christmas-y noise in the background and I always act like I am having a hard time connecting. "Blake? Blake is that you? It's me, Mrs. Claus!" Ohhhh how I love the excitement in his voice and how he tells me all the good news in his life, and how he tells me he loves me. His grandmother told me I really helped change his Christmas for the better the year he lost his mom. Isn't that why we do what we do?" ClausNet: Do you have a favorite gig? MagicalMrsClaus: "I have favorite families that we appear for, regulars that I have watched grow up as The Face Paint Lady and as a Claus. They are the most fun because I really do know a lot about them and their families. We don't have to "act" as much or make as many "educated guesses" plus they are happy to see us and it's like being with old (little) friends. It's especially fun when they follow up on things, we told them from the year before. (Hey, Mrs. Claus I meant to ask you. "Did you get your kitchen fixed after that reindeer got loose in there last year and messed it all up?" "Santa, did you get the bacon I left you? You said you loved bacon." Great times!)" ClausNet: What is your dream gig? MagicalMrsClaus: "Something extravagant maybe? Like a huge parade in a big city or something that would require a glorious fancy costume. I don't know. I guess I never really thought about that because I am pretty happy just being a hometown Claus." ClausNet: What keeps you busy when you are not being Mrs. Claus? MagicalMrsClaus: " I am easily the busiest person I know. When I am not Mrs. Claus I still own and run my entertainment company, manage my employees, deal with clients and bookings, go out on gigs to face paint, twist balloons, etc. Occasional body painting for adult events and promotions, or private photo shoots. At Halloween I do makeup and special FX for private appointments, zombie runs, and occasionally throughout the year for independent films and local commercials. I'm a monster maker. I am also very proud of my volunteer group, The RockaBetties. We dress in post WWII era fashion to emulate the positive and patriotic feeling that was fostered during that time. In two summers, my group collectively did about 15,000 hours of charity fundraising and helped raise over 24,000 dollars for various veterans and children's charities. Please take a moment to check out that website (linked above) and especially the About and What We Do sections. Last but certainly not least, I have a family of 6 humans large and small, plus 3 dogs and 3 cats, gotta chauffeur the kids around and go to the recitals and the plays and chorus concerts, fencing practice, band practice, competitions, performances. I have a child with a rare incurable and frankly, horrible disease so there is a lot of doctors, specialists, hospitals, playing home care nurse, etc. Like I said, literally... the busiest person I know." ClausNet: What are your hobbies / interests? MagicalMrsClaus: "All things vintage! On the rare times that I am free on a weekend, I am up early scouring estate sales and flea markets for new finds for my vintage home, or to flip for extra cash. Everything in my house, except the kitchen appliances and bathroom fixtures, was made in either the 1950's/early 60's or before, with each room having a specific decor theme (atomic, primitive, french provincial, tiki, etc). It looks like a museum in here! I also dress in era fashion almost every day, with authentic hair and makeup to match. I also like making things, and fixing things. I love fabricating and creating. If it's creative, I can do it and do it well. From painting to sewing and textile arts, stained glass and pottery... if it can be made, I can make it. I get that from my mom! I can even weld a little! Fixing things... my hubby and I often joke about role reversal because he is a fabulous cook and good at housework, while I fix the plumbing, repair the ice maker, lay the carpet and nail up the trim.... If I haven't done it, I will figure it out. My old boss down south when I worked as a small engine mechanic used to say "She can fix anything but a broken heart!" though I feel as a Claus, I can sometimes help fix those too! I'm a big time music lover, all eras and genres, and can even pick a couple of tunes on my old acoustic guitar. I love to sing, karaoke is totally my "thing." Fun fact: My daughter and I will spontaneously burst into song and dance at any given time, in any given place. My husband once said "I never thought I would be living inside a Broadway musical, yet here I am.." ClausNet: What is your favorite color? MagicalMrsClaus: "My favorite color? Mine, Melody's favorite color? As an artist, I can't commit to a favorite color. For a while it was yellow, then it was red for a couple years, and now I am going through a pink phase. Mrs. Claus's favorite colors are red (obviously) and gold." ClausNet: What is your favorite food? MagicalMrsClaus: "Real authentic Mexican, which I can't find here in NY. Luckily, I spent a lot of time in Mexico (and all over the continent) in my 20s and I can make a Tampiquena like it's no one’s business!!" ClausNet: Coke or Pepsi? MagicalMrsClaus: "No soda for me, except an occasional ginger ale, though I am a fan of vintage Coca Cola bottles and vintage soda advertising." ClausNet: What is your favorite cookie? MagicalMrsClaus: " My favorite cookies are the ugly, sloppily decorated ones proudly given to me by children ." ClausNet: What is your favorite movie? MagicalMrsClaus: "Of all time ever? Probably The Princess Bride." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? MagicalMrsClaus: "That is so hard! I, of course, cherish the classic Miracle on 34th Street, and I can't leave out my beloved Ralphie in A Christmas Story (watching this movie is a strict tradition in my family), but Tim Allen's Santa Clause is so charming and I LOVE the sets, scenery and costumes in that film. It's a visual delight." ClausNet: What is your favorite Christmas song? MagicalMrsClaus: "Oh Holy Night. Hands down, no question... but it has to be John Denver's version. Or Aspenglow. Also by John Denver. That's the song I play once the tree is all decorated, the kids are in bed, its snowing outside and I want to sit quietly and feel the magic of the season. OH and Carol of the Bells." ClausNet: What was the last book that you read? MagicalMrsClaus: "Maybe (Maybe Not) by Robert Fulghum. I am a HUGE Fulghum fan, I have read everything he has ever written. I don't read a lot of fiction." ClausNet: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? MagicalMrsClaus: "I wouldn't give up my profession for the world. I make kids happy for a living!" ClausNet: What profession would you not like to attempt? MagicalMrsClaus: "Politics. I am too emotional, too passionate... too "me".... to be in politics." ClausNet: What were some of your favorite toys as a child? MagicalMrsClaus: " I'm not sure. Probably dolls and cooking toys and other "playing house" kinds of things. We has some blocks of time when we were pretty poor growing up, and we didn't actually have a ton of toys all the time. I didn't know we were struggling back then, I realized it later when I had kids of my own. My parents did it right. Time is more important than things and they spent that time well, teaching us all sorts of wonderful skills and life lessons. Just being together. They always made miracles happen on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I remember when we got bikes for Christmas though and that was the coolest Christmas ever, even though we couldn't ride them until Spring." ClausNet: What is your most memorable experience of Santa while growing up? MagicalMrsClaus: " I don't know off hand, but I do still have a small stuffed animal frog named Fribby that was given to me by a Santa in a hardware store when I was very small. He lives with my massive stuffed animal collection all crin a big ol vintage baby pram. See? I never grew up. That is some weird typo, maybe I leaned on the keyboard or something. That sentence should read "He lives with my massive stuffed animal collection all crammed in a big ol vintage baby pram." ." ClausNet: What is the hardest question you have gotten as Santa Claus and what was your response? MagicalMrsClaus: " It's always hard when they ask for the impossible for Christmas - their dad back from overseas, their mom to stop having depression, their dog to not need surgery.... but the hardest stuff is never a question. It's always a statement. "My grandma went to heaven this week" "My baby sister died yesterday" I'm not even kidding this actually happened just last year. 4 kids total, mom and dad. Mom was crying before they even got to us. Looked like you would expect a mother to look when she just lost a child. I couldn't believe she was even out of the house. I'm not sure if I did the right thing or not but I left the kids with Santa and went to hold the mom." ClausNet: What is the strangest request you have gotten as Santa Claus? MagicalMrsClaus: "One that would not be appropriate to share in polite company!" ClausNet: How did you find ClausNet? MagicalMrsClaus: "I actually had no idea there was an entire underground network of Clauses. I mean obviously other people portray Santa besides myself, but I had no idea there was a whole big community. I actually found ClausNet just a few weeks ago when looking at inspiration photos to upgrade my suits on Pinterest. Someone had pinned an image from ClausNet and here I am." ClausNet: And what do you like most about ClausNet? MagicalMrsClaus: " While ClausNet is a plethora of valuable information that I appreciate greatly, I would have to say I am even more impressed with the kindness and welcoming atmosphere " ClausNet: What advice can you give to a first time Santa or Mrs. Claus? MagicalMrsClaus: " This is a high pressure job and it's not as easy as you think. It is mentally challenging and emotionally exhausting. Don't do this if you're the kind of person who is afraid to cry or afraid to FEEL. Also, do your homework. Take notes. Think. Take more notes. One wrong move could destroy a child's belief in Christmas magic FOREVER. Don't screw it up!" ClausNet: Anything else you would like to add? MagicalMrsClaus: " Sorry I talked so much, but I felt these answers were important!" Thank you Melody! Everyone, please join me in congratulating MagicalMrsClaus, our ClausNet Featured Member of the Month for November 2019!
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    20 gifts kids will want from the 2019 Amazon Toy List CNN November 1, 2019 EXCERPT: Bowls of leftover Halloween candy tempt us at home and at work, so that can only mean one thing. The holidays are unofficially here, and it's time to start thinking gifts. Thankfully, that much-anticipated treasure trove, Amazon's 2019 Holiday Shopping Guide just landed. You'll find prezzies to win you brownie points with everyone on your list, including the toughest of giftees...the kids in your life. Back in September, we got a sneak peek of what this season's hottest toys would be with the online retail giant's Top 100 Toys. Now...drumroll, please...the whole list is unveiled. It highlights just a few more options that you likely need-—1,700 new and exclusive toys and games, making the 2019 Amazon Holiday Toy List their biggest curation ever. But don't be intimidated by the vast bounty. You can shop the list by age Birth-24 months; 2-4 years; 4-5 years; 6-8 years; 8-11 years; and 12 and up, and then break it out by type of toy and price. We already dove in. Here are 20 of our very favorites (which we suggest grabbing now, as we're betting in December they'll be sold out.) And don't miss our other favorites in Electronics, Home, and Fashion, plus Mariah Carey's Must-Haves List.) Oh, and consider signing on to AmazonSmile. Those amazing gifts you buy can benefit your choice of charity, at no cost to you. 'Tis the season of giving, after all. Oh, and consider signing on to AmazonSmile. Those amazing gifts you buy can benefit your choice of charity, at no cost to you. 'Tis the season of giving, after all. Birth - 24 months Babies are about the busiest humans, exploring their new world and learning -- to their glee -- all the things they can do. Toys that boost all that burgeoning development top the list. Older toddlers start to fawn over animals, the more snuggly and colorful, the better. Learning Resources Spike the Hedgehog ($13.49; Amazon.com The vivid quills on this quirky fellow are sized and shaped to be perfect for toddler hands to grasp. The games he plays help build color recognition, counting, and sorting skills. Fisher-Price Linkimals Smooth Moves Sloth ($22.88; Amazon.com) This dancing dude will have your tot moving and grooving (aka brushing up gross motor skills) along with him as he claps and bobs to music. Also, your little one can activate a variety of musical learning games by pressing buttons on the Linkamals' feet. Gund Cotton Candy Llamacorn ($16.99; Amazon.com) This magical hybrid of a llama and a unicorn sports different textures: curly-soft fur, a smoothy, twisty horn, and a fluffy tail. We think she's the supreme cuddle buddy for a toddler. 2- 4 years This category is big on pretend play toys, and for good reason. Preschoolers adore using their blossoming imaginations during playtime. Melissa & Doug Christmas Cookie Set ($16.99; Amazon.com) This brand is a perennial favorite for quality wood pretend play toys. This season's newest entry will have them slicing and baking right alongside you. Animoodles Odin Dragon ($17.49; Amazon.com) A clever critter that will keep preschoolers giggling, Odin falls apart the seams....for real. Kids can use that big imagination to take apart and reassemble his magnetic parts any way they like. Ten other animals make up the collection, all of which can be swapped in and out to create funny new creatures. Hape Workbench ($82.89; Amazon.com) Mini master builders can hammer, drill, and saw the day away. The vice turns just like a real one, and the work surface is height adjustable to grow with your kid. 4 - 5 years This is the age of extreme fandom. Older preschoolers and kindergartners fall hard for their favorite movie and series characters. And this year, that's Baby Shark, Woody and the gang of "Toy Story 4," and Paw Patrol's Might Pups. Baby Alive Pinkfong Baby Shark ($24.99; amazon.com) This sweet doll is actually a water toy, able to share in tub time with your child. Her Baby Shark outfit is removable, so she can wear other Baby Alive duds too. Disney Pixar Slinky Dog ($18.39; amazon.com) This plushy dachshund straight off the big screen is soft enough to cuddle. Expect him to be your "Toy Story" fan's constant companion. Paw Patrol Marshall Deluxe Vehicle ($14.99; amazon.com) Young heroes-in-training can race to the next rescue with this firetruck that's exactly like the one in the series. Translucent accents light up as authentic fire truck sounds add to the excitement. 6 - 8 years By the time kids reach first grade, their understanding of how things happen in the world -- cause and effect -- has grown exponentially. The most popular toys for this age bracket reflect that giddy sense of discovery. Educational Insights Artie 3000 ($62.99; amazon.com) Artie is a perfect introduction to coding. Kids come up with the code, using Blockly, Python, and more, and Artie does the drawing. Hot Wheels Track Builder ($39.10; amazon.com) Racing fans will get a thrill out of constructing their own track for their cars to do new stunts. Plus this track can merge with others in the collection for even more customized action. Klutz Make Your Own Soap ($17.49; amazon.com) They'll soon to be rushing to wash their hands. This set teaches kids the why and hows of how soap cleans, then they can see the science in action first hand (literally). 8 - 11 years The big trend in this category is toys with the element of surprise. Tweens are drawn in by mystery, not knowing what, exactly, they'll unbox, hatch, or magically reveal. L.O.L. Surprise! House, ($154.99; amazon.com) This modern take on a doll house hides 85 surprises for your child to discover. It's made of wood, the perfect hangout for her L.O.L or other small dolls. Thames & Kosmos Magic Hat, ($29.69; amazon.com) Magic is, well, magic to a kid. This set is a great starter collection of tricks for a kid this age. She may surprise herself with what she's able to conjure up! Dreamworks Hatching Dragon, ($48.88; amazon.com) As this baby reptile slows breaks out of his shell, your child will discover its unique personality. The more care and attention the dragon gets, the more dramatically he'll grow and engage with his new "mom" or "dad." Poopsie Rainbow Surprise Dolls, ($49.99; amazon.com) Snag this fun doll for the fashionista on your list. The doll's wardrobe components are customizable, but you don't know which outfits you get until you open the box. It features 20 different surprise elements inside. 12 years and up STEAM toys loom large here. The best "toys" for older tweens and teens are actually kits, where they can design, create, and make things happen. LEGO Ideas Ship in a Bottle ($55.99; amazon.com) This cool kit is proof you never really grow out of LEGO. Kids who are already pros at building with the iconic bricks can test their skills at a new, creative level. Art 101 142-Piece Wood Art Set ($23.90; amazon.com) Here's a can't-fail present for any teen who is a creative type. This classic art set comes in a sturdy wood case with a drawer, so it will last throughout high school. The versatile components include paint, pastels, pencils, and more. National Geographic Rock Tumbler ($59.99; amazon.com) How does a ugly rock turn into a beautiful gemstone? Curious teens find out with this simple but fascinating device. It comes with jewelry-making supplies so the finished product can be shown off. Ravensburger GraviTrax ($59.95; amazon.com) It's like a marble run on steroids! This top STEM toy will have teens designing and building tracks that work with gravity and kinetics to maximize a ball's motion. SOURCE: https://www.cnn.com/2019/11/01/cnn-underscored/amazon-toys-sales-deals-gifts/index.html
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    Have fun. Always draw upon the love in your heart that made you want to portray Santa. And thank God for the opportunity. I know you are going to be a wonderful Santa - you have the true spirit!
  19. 3 points
    Santa Randall - what a great story! The calling is amazing and I believe we were all "called". My best advice: Keep a journal. Every night, after your shift, write down the details of your day, What worked, what didn't work. Was there a question you could have answered better? What would make the visits better? How was the flow in busy times and how could that get better? Did you do any public speaking? Any interviews for local news or media? Was there a particular child's story that touched your heart? How was your reaction? How would you react differently? Is there a piece of equipment or Santa gear that would make your job better? Write down the names of your helpers, elves, photographers and mall management team. Write down the name of a kid that really made a good impression on you - you might see them again next year! When the season is over, and you've had a time to relax a bit, look over your journal. It's a letter to your future self and will help keep the many (and there will be many) memories of the experiences of your time in the Big Chair alive. Before next season starts, review your journal to see ways that you could improve, what classes you need to take, and how to be better prepared.
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    Me, too, Bobby. Me. Too.
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    Looking good Santa! I was a power lifter in the old days, mostly local gym bench press competitions. Could bench 4 and squat 5 in my late 20s'. Still hit the iron a few times a week but nothing as intense as my younger years. Keep it up - strength training is getting more respect these days as a key to longevity... and I always pictured Santa as a burly guy.
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    Mark: My friend, I agree with your comments but I'd like to add this to your point. If one was the total opposite end of the spectrum. The lighter side; taking your 4'6" but lets go 5' frame and then only have 120 lbs on that frame and that man doesn't pad up. I'd be very curious to see how much "work" he gets. There are some here who are lighter and do a really great job padding out and up. I think it does help with one when they portray. Yes when you walk out the door ONE MUST BE SANTA, but in the question asked to us "Should Santa Claus still be fat?" I believe with this question we could be walking down the road of political correctness and I hate P. C. when I think there are too many props out there to help us all portray Santa Claus, and do it well. I feel being or looking a little over weight is as important as not wearing the plastic boot covers to cover up ones pair of white sneakers because they just haven't gone out and tried to get any kind of pair of boots yet? Or they just didn't pay attention to details is what I'd think if I saw this. SO no, it's NOT killer important to be heavy, but to the many who portray Santa Claus ..... The Heart, the Love and the Joy MUST BE FIRST and foremost; Then it's time to work on all the other things to "help" with that portrayal. Just my opinion and I hope you're hearing me and NOT THINKING I'M ripping your answer, just adding to it to how I see it. As you know because I sent you the email, I'm not playing this year because I believe I won't LOOK THE PART because of my clothing and it no longer fitting me, as well as my health issues. I could still go out, I could easily sit for photos with Santa and the pets. I could even do the at home visits and just keep pulling up the pants, tighten up the shirt and vest. But I choose not to worry this year because I feel I won't look the part and THAT'S me talking so if I feel I won't look the part, I probably won't sell the part either.
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    Santa is not suit, hat, beard, belly, but what is in the heart. It's not whether you weigh 120lb or 420. Either 4'6" tall or 6'8" tall or anywhere in between. What is attitude, heart, sorry for soap box, but a caustic Santa NO ONE needs. It's for the children at heart, whether 2 or 92 year old kids
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    In my short 4 years, children have never said anything about Santa being fat or thin. I'm 5'11 and 230 pounds. I have had a few, and it is only a few, adults comment that Santa is a little thin. My response has always been, "Well, Mrs. Claus wants me to take better care of myself." That seems to end it on a positive note and usually gets a grin.
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    Well, coming from a new Santa, most of the comments are referring to a poem. The writer states "little round belly". He did say little. But, in a popular cartoon, Mrs. Claus says "Who ever heard of a skinny Santa?" "EAT!" And then there many movies that show a heavy Santa but not all of them did. We are going by other's ideas of what they think Santa should look like. Look at how Haddon Sundblom depicted Santa in the Coke ads. These all are images that have evolved since the days of Saint Nicholas. The thing is, everyone else has been subjected to the same poem, movies, cartoons, advertising, etc. Now, take a good hard look at the hundreds, no wait, thousands of Santa portrayals. There's every shape and size you could ever imagine. And, many are very, very successful Santas. So, should Santa be fat? What is fat? How big is fat? What is fat enough? I don't want to be any "bigger", okay, fatter than I am now (5' 10" 250), and I'm not going to tell anyone else that they are too fat or not fat enough. I was told by veterans on this forum that I need to portray the image of Santa that I feel is right in my mind. That may change as things develop along my journey. We'll see. But let's face it, this is one of those questions that can be debated until it has been beaten to death, and there won't be one accepted answer.
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    Plus, these seem more like common sense (or at least cautious decorum) than they are "militant Do's and Dont's". (Anything that The Sun publishes is drivel at best and malicious gossip at worst.)
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    they have a couple others - but I really like the one of Nicholas the Sweep and The Christmas Truce of WW1
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    These are great. I've never heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing, Doug!
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    Patrick: Very cool, and a great find! Thanks brother! Love ya!
  32. 2 points
    Love this !! Thanks for sharing !! @Elizabeth Rose an idea for your Christmas 'do . . .
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    Never had a Red Ryder when I was a kid but my wife did by me one a few Christmases ago. My first BB Gun (age 9) was the Daisy "Buffalo Bill. Special."
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    Come, Meet and Learn with Lone Star Santas® from All Over Texas, and beyond At Lone Star Santas Roundup 2020 Lone Star Santas Annual Round Up is held each year to help all of us who convey Christmas to learn, have fun, share experiences, and make friends for years to come. Folks from all over the world are invited to join us in Grapevine, The Christmas Capital of Texas at the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel from March 6 - 8, 2020. The 2020 theme is "Conveying Christmas in a Changing World". We will be exploring how we can best adapt to the challenges change creates for all of us. A great line up of informative and educational presentations is being planned, as well as a wide variety of exhibitors. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION We are offering a special Early Bird Registration of $157 per person, if you register before January 31, 2020. After that date, the registration will be $183 per person. So, if you can, register before January 31, 2020 and Save! Use this link to register safely and securely: https://mp.gg/90e3h Many other conferences, educational workshops and events charge much more and this years Lone Star Santas Round Up committee is working hard to create a very educational and entertaining program, with some notable speakers. HOTEL RESERVATIONS SPECIAL LINK Your Lone Star Santas Roundup 2020 stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel includes a spacious and comfortable suite, a hot made-to-order breakfast each day of your stay, free parking and Airport Shuttle service to nearby Dallas Fort Worth Airport. You can stay for up to three days before and after Roundup, if you would like to visit and explore the area. To reserve your hotel rooms at the 2020 Roundup Special Rate please use this secure link: http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/D/DALEMES-LSS-20200305/index.jhtml If you come to only one event on 2020, make it Lone Star Santas Roundup!. If you have questions, please email Santa George Campbell at NorthTexasSanta@gmail.com
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    Name: Friends of Cape Henlopen 2019 Category: Member Videos Date Added: 11/10/2019 Submitter: Drosselmeyer Santa showed up the the annual Christmas Bazaar and book sale at the Officers Club at Cape Henlopen State Park news link: http://www.wboc.com/story/41298000/christmas-came-early-to-lewes Friends of Cape Henlopen 2019
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    silly people - waiting until November is like waiting until the last minute . . .
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    Never to early to shop. Never know when you find a deal.
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    Found these adorable and funny gems in a 1967 book, Children’s Letters to Santa Claus, complied by Bill Adler and published by Essandess Special Editions, a division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. According to the Penguin Random House website, “Bill Adler is a literary agent and the author of numerous books, including several New York Times bestsellers. He created the Kids’ Letters series of books, including Kids’ Letters to President Kennedy and Letters from Camp, which have sold more than one million copies. He lives in New York City.” The preface by Bill Adler reads: “These letters were selected from the thousands of letters, postcards, scribbled notes and Christmas cards sent each December 25th to Santa Claus by young boys and girls who still believe that without Santa there isn’t any Christmas.” I have excerpted a few here: Dear Santa Claus, I want one of everything you got. Morris Dear Santa, Once upon a time there was a little girl. She was 7 years old and she was very good. The little girl always helped her mommy with the dishes and every night after supper she always took out the garbage. The little girl brushed her teeth every day and washed her face before she went to bed and every night she said her prayers. She was the best little girl. I hope you take care of the good little girl. Love, Suzy P.S. Guess who the girl is. Dear Santa, You don’t have to give me anything for Christmas Just leave me something for all the other days Love George Dear Santa, Don’t leave any presents for my brother Stewart. Stewart is a rat fink and rat finks should get a big 0 for Xmas. Love, Harold Dear Santa, Here is what I need. (1) a left mitten (2) a right rubber shoe (3) a left sneaker (4) a right slipper I lost the others. Love and kisses, Jennifer Dear Santa, I went to a lot of stores and I saw a lot of Santas. I think there are a lot of fake Santas around using your name. Love, Marlene Dear Santa: How can you tell who are the good children and who are the bad children? Please tell me as quick as you can. Ira Dear Santa, My grandmother says to my brother and me that the best Xmas present is good health. I have good health already so I would like a doll instead. Love, Gertrude Dear Santa Claus, My name is Robert. I am 6 years old. I want a rifle, a pistol, a machine gun, bullets, a hand grenade, dynamite, and tear gas. I am planning a surprise for my big brother. Your friend, Robert Dear Santa, If you wake me up I will sing some Xmas songs for you. I know Jingle Bells and White Christmas. I am not a great singer but I am loud. Love, Alex Dear Mr. Santa Claus, My name is Perry. I think you better bring two aspirins for the President of the U.S.A. for Xmas. He has lots of headaches. Love, Perry Dear Santa Claus, I would like to get on your good boy list. I have been on plenty of bad boy lists already. Your friend, Horace Dear Santa Claus, I love you but you don’t dress so good. Why do you always wear the same suit? Love, Diane Dear Santa Claus: I think you should leave a big present for my grandma. She knew you when you were a kid. Love Jordan Dear Santa, Last year you didn’t leave me anything so good. The year before last you didn’t leave me anything so good. This year is your last chance. Your friend. Alfred Dear Santa, Why do you always say ho ho ho ? Don’t you have anything else to say? Harold Dear Santa, This year don’t bring me any shirts, pants, underwear, socks or shoes. I have enough clothes for 100 years. Love, Sandy Dear Santa, The best thing for me is a cowboy suit. My baby brother would like one too. Do you have cowboy suits with diapers? Love, Andy Dear Santa Claus, For Christmas I would like very much to have a real doctor’s bag. I want to try some operations on my friends. Love, Milton Dear Santa: I think it is too bad that you only work at Christmas time. I hope soon you will get a full time job like other people. Love, Bobby
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    Love ya BROTHER & thanks for getting ME AND WHAT I'M TRYING TO SAY!
  44. 2 points
    No offense, no issues with what you have said. Agree with wanting to do our best. Thanks for explaining further. Just didn't explain myself as well as I might have.
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    About 200lbs if I remember right. I have started seeing more Santas advertise not just as a real bearded Santa but also real bellied. "Hire a real Santa with a real beard and a real belly." Hate to say it, but those usually also have no lap when sitting down.
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    I have had enough of the chest beating like a gorilla in the wild trying to intimidate their perceived competition. I am posting text from a website. To me, this text is profound. It is what we who portray the legend and spirit of Christmas (Santa Claus, St. Nicholas, or whatever name you choose to give the legend) should embrace every single day. I am fairly certain I know who owns the site. From the text below, you can tell you they do not want to be identified. And that (being unidentified) is the purpose. "The real Santa Claus worked in secret. And he worked to remain anonymous, too. His interest was in giving — not taking. He had nothing to sell. Money was the furthest thing from his mind. Many people have tried to change that over the years. But Santa — the REAL Santa — has not forgotten where he comes from." - Anonymous When you dress as Santa for every day public view and it is not as a contracted/scheduled appearance, you do this for yourself. You may say that you do it for the children, but that is a passive aggressive way to boost your own ego. We are ruining the legend when we do this. Seeing Santa everywhere in every possible location makes him so much less than special. It dilutes the mystery tremendously. And hundreds if not thousands of men are doing it daily with no respect or regard for that legend. Its all about them. And it does nothing more than drive people away from the real reason for the season, too. And He is why we have this celebration. The sacrifice of His Son is also disrespected when we push ourselves on others. The ego in men's hearts and minds is killing the legend. What a shameful lot we have become. I am to the point where I know where Jesus came from when he drove the money changers out of the temple. I feel like I should pick up a stick at get to clearing out the temple myself.
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    why - that would be Ernest Saves Christmas - the best Christmas movie ever !!!
  49. 2 points
    One of my wife's favorites... "Deck the Halls"
  50. 2 points
    Sadly it has turned from a wish to make children and adults happy during the Christmas season, as my late father and uncle did never even thinking of taking or asking for money to a Santa for profit year round thing. Sad reality,I remember as a child no sign of Santa until the Friday after Thanksgiving and he was gone from site Christmas morning.It was the magic and fantasy of the experience. Today it has diminished because of the year round exposure and all to make a buck.
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