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    Mom whispers to Santa that son is ‘blind and autistic,’ and his response is amazing Inspired June 24, 2019 Excerpt: Santa Claus is the embodiment of Christmas cheer for many a young boy or girl. One eve each year, they willfully part with cookies and milk to pay tribute to him, whist dreaming of presents appearing magically under the tree while they sleep. Those children, if they are lucky, might even get a chance to sit on Santa’s lap while Christmas shopping with Mom or Dad in a shopping mall. Of course, there’s no better time to deliver one’s Christmas wish list in person, ensuring no crisscrossed lines of communications when the big night finally comes. Mathew was one such boy whose interest in Santa brought him face to face with jolly Old Saint Nick while out with his mom one day. This would be no ordinary lap-sitting for Santa, though, as Mathew was somewhat different from other young boys: he was blind, and he was also autistic. Mathew’s blindness, of course, meant that he could not see the world or other people around him. Meanwhile, his autism meant that he had difficulty communicating or interacting socially with others—and this required some special treatment during his meeting with Santa. **** “I whispered to Santa, ‘He is blind and autistic and is very interested in Santa,’” Misty recalled afterward. “He said, ‘Say no more,’ and immediately got down on the floor to greet my little man.” Santa knew that rather than asking Mathew to join him on his lap, the jolly, bearded man would have to join Mathew where he was comfortable, even if it meant sitting on the floor with him, and communicate in a way that he understood—not just with his voice but also through touch. Not only did Santa talk to Mathew for a long time, but he also let him feel his beard, hat, and soft red suit. [Santa] asked Matthew if he wanted to feel anything and Matthew said, ‘Your eyes that twinkle,’ (from the poem ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas.) So, Santa let him touch all over his eyes for as long as Matthew wanted. Santa treated Mathew like someone truly special. He also brought him over to pet a life-size reindeer prop surrounded by fake snow and other Christmas decorations. “It was great,” Misty wrote. “My heart was full seeing Matthew so interested. Best Santa ever!” SOURCE
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    When my youngest daughter was 9, she wanted to videotape Santa delivering gifts. She set her little camera up and the old man made sure she got her video. Kept the magic alive for 4 more years.
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    looks like the old man done good !!!
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    Version 1.0.1


    Now in high-res PDF. Defaults to Letter-size, easily scaleable to A4 without much distortion, though. Prints 2 per page. Kids can sign on the "signature" line, Santa can sign on the "Merry Christmas!" line, and send it off with the kid as a souvenir/keepsake. (All elements used in this design are either public-domain, self-generated, or copyright-free)
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    I remember my grandfather putting his tree into a bucket of wet sand. Add a tree skirt and you're done. Loved that guy. Ex Navy. Had been on the Arizona, not December 7th, but before that.
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    Yesterday we had a young family come into the Santa Claus Christmas Store. Dad , Mom, Son, Daughter, and Grandma. They were heading my direction and the son was singing the 12 days of Christmas I think think he was about six years old and he remembered all 12 with such a beautiful voice. they came into my cottage we visited and took photos. While I was visiting with the parents Dad said he had written a song titled Santa have you met Jesus, I said that sounds real interesting then Grandma suggest that he bring it up on his telephone and he said it would take too long to listen to it but he said he could e-mail the link to me from u-tube. I said that would be great and I would be looking forward to listening to it. We completed our visit and later I checked my e-mail to find he had indeed sent me the link. After watching and listening I thought it was Great and a perfect fit for Santa. I sent him an e-mail and told him what happened with me listening to his song, then asked if I could share it with others and he agreed. So here is the link https://youtu.be/ajhp4WzxoW0 Please listen and comment on how you feel about this song. He gave me permission to share this with my Santa friends here on Clausnet my reaction to the song was one of tears I thought it was beautiful and would like to know how others Santas reactions are.
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    She told everyone and showed them the tape. It was quite a stir.
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    That is super cool! I can hear her nervous breathing and heartbeat - what an impression it must have made!
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    From the album: Arbitrary Santaing

    New belt, new buckle, new suit! I've been a busy boy.
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    After many decades of putting up live Christmas trees and using various supplemental means of additional support such as wiring the tree to a hook in the ceiling. I found a tree stand that really works and I will be handing it down to my daughter. It's called a Krinner Tree Genie. It's expensive but it works. All I had to do is trim the trunk put the tree in the stand and step down on the pedal, the cables tighten, the claws dig in and the tree stands up. It has a large water reservoir and a gauge to show when the water is low. Best tree stand I ever used.
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    In my part of Northern California. Santa better not eat any cookies or you will find him sitting on your couch drinking all the egg nog and watch the yule log burn.
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    my company carries the Hemp from BlueBird - but I am sure there are other good brands out there - we did a lot of research and consulted with several nutritionists before we went with that brand - you can get cheaper, but I know this is pure and doesn't have the THC in it.....
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    There is a lot of research that is showing incredible benefit with use of the CBD oil - helping children with epileptic seizures and adults with Parkinsons tremors - but sadly too many are claiming need of those benefits and going for the cannabis (CBD and THC) to get the psychadellic effect - it creates a whole other level of issue - people end up feeling they need the "high" to get the benefit of the CBD and it gets abused very quickly now the issue is that the cheaper brands of CBD are not filtered and they are not purging the THC so you still have the issue of the psychadelic - without good regulation (which there is not) I fear you are going to see a lot of "legitimized" abuse very quickly . . .
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    Santa's going to have to be careful which cookies he eats when he's making deliveries to Canada on Christmas Eve.
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    At 102, Nikkila has seen a century of history By Nicole Bales, The Astorian June 17,2019 Excerpt: Norma Nikkila doesn’t like to fuss. But she does have one wish for her 102nd birthday: Santa Claus. “I feel pretty good,” she said as she prepared to celebrate this week. Nikkila, who has lived at Clatsop Care since 2015, spends most of her time in her reclining chair. She still enjoys activities like the morning readings and bingo, her favorite. **** Nikkila credits her longevity to a life of hard work. Her youngest son, Norm, said she has the ability to adjust to life’s changes and get along with everybody. She also comes from a long line of centennials. “She’s very impressive,” said Rosetta Hurley, a life enrichment coordinator at Clatsop Care. “She is beloved here. She is inspirational to everyone. She has a high level of awareness and has kept it for all these years, and she is very gracious with people.” Although Nikkila is not physically independent, Hurley said, “she has an independence of spirit.” Her friends and family are planning a birthday party. Even though it’s June, they are confident Santa will make an appearance. Source
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    Great song and an important message for everyone! Do you know Jesus? He is the only way.
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    Saturday August 3, 2019 Santa Ernie’s house 8 Creekwood Ln SW Lakewood, WA 98499 12:00 noon There will be a gas grill available for you to cook hamburgers and hot dogs that you bring. Please bring your own meat, bread and a dish to share. The following items will be provided: paper plates, cups, plastic ware, ketchup, mustard, relish, lettuce, tomatoes, salt, pepper, water, soda and unsweetened ice tea. Please bring your own lawn chairs and if you like wading…we have a creek for you. You will need water shoes and towels. Santa Ernie will be out front helping to park cars. We can get quite a few in the driveway and the overflow in a neighbor's (#12) driveway. We will be in the back yard and side yard (behind the garage). Come through the house or walk around when you get here. Shopping is available in Lakewood at: The Lakewood Costume Shop 5932 Lake Grove St SW Lakewood, 98499 and The B & I Shopping Center 8012 S Tacoma Way Lakewood, 98499 Directions: from I-5 take the Gravelly Lake Drive exit #124 and head west Take the second right turn at Nyanza Rd. Turn right at 116th St SW (last turn before traffic signal) Take the first right at Woodbine Ln SW Take the first left at 118th St SW This street becomes Creekwood Ln SW We are at the end at #8 on the left. The number is on the mailbox and post and front door.
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    Outstanding connection Santa! THAT is the true spirit of Santa.
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    The company formerly known as Toys R Us is reportedly opening stores in time for Christmas by Dennis Green - Business Insider June 21, 2019 Excerpt: Toys R Us is coming back from the dead — sort of. Tru Kids, the company that holds the majority assets of the defunct Toys R Us chain of toy stores, will open about a half dozen new physical locations in time for the holiday season, according to a new report by Bloomberg. Measuring about 10,000 square feet, the new stores would reportedly be smaller than Toy R Us' old stores but would be more experience-oriented. The brand will also launch a new e-commerce shop. **** Toys R Us filed for bankruptcy in 2017 and liquidated its hundreds of stores in the US in 2018, leaving the US without a dedicated nationwide toy retailer. To fill the gap, big-box stores like Walmart and Target made more space for toys. Some of the changes lasted even after the holidays, as the American retail landscape moves to cover the sinkhole left by the evaporation of Toys R Us. It remains to be seen how US consumers and competitors would react to a revival of a nationwide toy-focused brand. SOURCE
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    Obsessed with Hallmark Christmas Movies? Now You Can Go to a Real-Life Christmas Camp for Grown-Ups by Megan Elliott - Showbiz Cheatsheet June 21, 2019 Excerpt: Do you live for Christmas? If you’re the type of person who puts up your tree before Thanksgiving and DVRs every single Hallmark Christmas movie, then you’re going to want to book a flight to Phoenix this December. That’s because screenwriter and author Karen Schaler is bringing her Christmas Camp story to life for two weekends at The Phoenician in Scottsdale. Even if you don’t know Schaler’s name, there’s a good chance you’re familiar with her work. She’s a three-time Emmy winner who penned the script for Netflix’s 2017 holiday movie A Christmas Prince. She also wrote the novel Christmas Camp and upcoming Hallmark movie of the same name. Now, she’s invited Christmas lovers to join her at a real-life Christmas Camp. “This Christmas Camp is for grown-ups,” Schaler said. “From culinary classes, Christmas crafts, charitable activities, cocktail mixology, signature spa treatments, holiday movie watching and so much more, it’s all about taking time before the hectic holiday season to relax, reset and rejuvenate, so you can embrace the true meaning and magic of Christmas.” **** Not only will Christmas Camp attendees get to experience all kinds of fun holiday activities, but they’ll also get to stay at the Phoenician, a luxury resort that just completed a three-year renovation and now features a three-story spa, state-of-the-art athletic club, multiple dining options, and an updated pool complex. “It is truly a wonderful time of year to be partnering with Karen, sharing the joy from her Christmas Camp Hallmark movie and books with our guests, while showcasing our premier resort and talented staff,” said Denise Seomin, the director of public relations for The Phoenician. “Karen’s passion for Christmas is truly inspiring, and we are thrilled that she will be hosting all of our Christmas Camp events. We look forward to bringing her Christmas Camp to life as a one-of-a-kind Phoenician holiday tradition.” SOURCE
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    Thanks for sharing that. It tugs at at your heart.
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    It's truly unfortunate the lack of creativity in Hollywood in the past few years. "If they liked it once, they'll love it twice" appears to be the thinking anymore. The recent remakes of movies has produced sub par copies of the originals. Sure, the audience they are after probably has not seen the originals to compare to, but hoping to make major bucks for imitation is ridiculous. Look at Disney, the most recent Star Wars movies are based upon the theme from years ago, but are new movies. Yet they attempt to resurrect older productions, albeit "live action", and so far have not found the block buster they are looking for. Someone probably thought " hey, I loved that movie when I was younger. I bet I could do a better job." Well, special effects can't make up for talent from the actors. Let's see how this one makes out. I don't want to condemn it before it launches. I'm just agreeing that the is a MAJOR lack in creativity out there.
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    Congratulations, Santa Bill, on a well deserved honor!
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    I do desire to be a life long learner. Thank you for your encouragement!
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    Another winning podcast!!!! Thanks so much for putting these together! I have learned something new with each interview I've listened to!!! Really like the section "What advice would you give to a new Santa?"
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    Christmas Trees by Robert Frost, 1916 A Christmas circular letter The city had withdrawn into itself And left at last the country to the country; When between whirls of snow not come to lie And whirls of foliage not yet laid, there drove A stranger to our yard, who looked the city, Yet did in country fashion in that there He sat and waited till he drew us out, A-buttoning coats, to ask him who he was. He proved to be the city come again To look for something it had left behind And could not do without and keep its Christmas. He asked if I would sell my Christmas trees; My woods—the young fir balsams like a place Where houses all are churches and have spires. I hadn’t thought of them as Christmas trees. I doubt if I was tempted for a moment To sell them off their feet to go in cars And leave the slope behind the house all bare, Where the sun shines now no warmer than the moon. I’d hate to have them know it if I was. Yet more I’d hate to hold my trees, except As others hold theirs or refuse for them, Beyond the time of profitable growth— The trial by market everything must come to. I dallied so much with the thought of selling. Then whether from mistaken courtesy And fear of seeming short of speech, or whether From hope of hearing good of what was mine, I said, “There aren’t enough to be worth while.” “I could soon tell how many they would cut, You let me look them over.” “You could look. But don’t expect I’m going to let you have them.” Pasture they spring in, some in clumps too close That lop each other of boughs, but not a few Quite solitary and having equal boughs All round and round. The latter he nodded “Yes” to, Or paused to say beneath some lovelier one, With a buyer’s moderation, “That would do.” I thought so too, but wasn’t there to say so. We climbed the pasture on the south, crossed over, And came down on the north. He said, “A thousand.” “A thousand Christmas trees!—at what apiece?” He felt some need of softening that to me: “A thousand trees would come to thirty dollars.” Then I was certain I had never meant To let him have them. Never show surprise! But thirty dollars seemed so small beside The extent of pasture I should strip, three cents (For that was all they figured out apiece)— Three cents so small beside the dollar friends I should be writing to within the hour Would pay in cities for good trees like those, Regular vestry-trees whole Sunday Schools Could hang enough on to pick off enough. A thousand Christmas trees I didn’t know I had! Worth three cents more to give away than sell, As may be shown by a simple calculation. Too bad I couldn’t lay one in a letter. I can’t help wishing I could send you one, In wishing you herewith a Merry Christmas.
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    From the album: Santa Felix out & about in 2009

    Santa and his elves...at the Noble Custom & Rare Jewels Christmas Party in Dallas

    © © ClausNET.com

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