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    Each month, our Featured Member section profiles a ClausNet member. Members are chosen totally at random by me and the staff. Once selected as Featured Member of the Month, we interview the candidate and post the interview here. This is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow ClausNet members! We are happy to announce our ClausNet Featured Member for April 2019 is Santa Dan! Santa Dan Featured ClausNet Member – April 2019 Profile: Santa Dan Real Name: Daniel Location: La Porte, Indiana USA ClausNet member since: December 5, 2017 Community Reputation (as of today): 199 – Excellent! Facebook: Santa Claus of New Carlisle Our Featured Member of the Month for April was chosen by our members. When we asked the community for suggestions on Member of the Month, several members contacted us and suggested Santa Dan. Dan is from the great State of Indiana. And he first put on the red suit 25 years ago. We caught up with Dan a few days ago, and here is what he had to say... ClausNet: How long have you been portraying Santa Claus and how did you get started? Santa Dan: "It has now been 25 years since I first wore my “Red Suit”. I was having a hard time dealing with some issues while in the military. I was leaving the Commander’s Office for the second time in a week when my First Sergeant turned to me and asked if I would be interested in being Santa for the base Christmas party for the children on Kadena Air Base in Japan. I told him I didn’t think it was a good idea. I have had developed anger issues I couldn’t get rid of and being around children hanging on me, it would end badly I told him. He kept asking me until he came up one day and pointed to this arm and asked how many stripes does, he has on his shoulder and how many strips do I have (a clear reference that he out ranked me). He said he would ask me one more time… I decided to volunteer. I remember being in the felt (yes, actual stiff felt for art projects) ”suit” as I was being driven to the event and thinking this was so ridiculous. Everything changed when I walked through the double doors and saw that everyone there (adults and children) had a look of excitement, happiness and a pure joy. Here I was in a stiff fabric costume with a cotton ball beard and everyone was allowing themselves to believe and enjoy the moment. After that event, I ordered a suit from Sears I believe and have used it every year. I bought two suits this year but still wore the original for part of an event because it has been like a friend to me. A friend that has shown me how to allow myself to feel more than just the grayness and anger I lived with for 3 years. Being Santa was as huge for me than it was for the people I met wearing this magical suit." ClausNet: What or who are your influences on your portrayal of Santa Claus? Santa Dan: "I was kind of thrown into this by circumstances out of my control. I didn’t really think of using someone as an influence. I just wanted to touch the people I met in the most loving way I could. I have always loved Santa from the Miracle on 34th street. He had this quality about him as playful and almost childlike but still had an inner strength that came across with the feeling you know he had everything in control, even when it didn’t look like events were controllable. I can say now that I look to many of you on this board and enjoy reading the past topics and posts. I have also enjoyed the Professional Santa Claus podcasts. It brought many of you to life as I could hear the passion and drives on the various subjects that were talked about." ClausNet: What do you enjoy most about being Santa Claus? Santa Dan: "Making a difference in this world. I don’t know any other way to affect so many lives in a positive way and to be blessed to take part in the positive memories of families is so humbling. Families will be talking about a photo, video or experience they had with Santa for years! How awesome!" ClausNet: What is your most memorable visit? Santa Dan: "So many that touched my life in various ways. It could be my first event I got volunteered and discovered this wonderful path. It could also be a visit I had at a local hospital where I saw this child of maybe 4 years old that had tubes going in and out of him. He had opened his eyes just enough to see me and reached out to hold my fingers as he fell back asleep. The mother was the one I remember to most. She was tired, stressed obviously distraught. After I gave her a hug, she looked at me and made the cross symbol over her heart and asked if I was a Christian. I told her yes and she asked, through my wife’s interpretation if I would pray for him. I told her I would pray for them both. Afterwards, she was so thankful. Being Santa gave me a chance to pray for them and give her the encouragement she needed." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite gig? Santa Dan: "LOL, shortest answer to a question here; The gig where I am wearing the red suit." ClausNet: What is your dream gig? Santa Dan: "Hmmm… That’s a good question. I just truly love being wherever I am at. Being Santa at Santa Claus Indiana… Yeah… That would be amazing." ClausNet: What keeps you busy when you are not being Santa? Santa Dan: "I am working on my North Pole, developing stories for the people and my amazing reindeer. Fixing up my suits, researching what outfits I want to add along with why I want to add them. Working on basic vocal and speech exercises, etc... I have enough for several lifetimes of work and I am happy of that." ClausNet: What are your hobbies / interests? Santa Dan: "I enjoy sandblasting/etching as an art. I have also started carving into wood. Also love to go camping with my family." ClausNet: What is your favorite color? Santa Dan: "Seems to be a battle between blue and purple. I had to look in my closet and I do seem to have a lot of blue shirts. Purple I like because of how it sounds in Japanese, Murasaki (Muda-socky). I liked that word so much, I almost named my eldest son Murasaki. Murasaki Trent has such a powerful ring to it, however I thought I would be staying in Japan while raising my children and thought better of naming my child Purple Trent… One of my better choices naming him Johnathan." ClausNet: What is your favorite food? Santa Dan: "With traveling to so many parts of the world it’s hard to come up with a short list (anyone looking at me would instantly know that this guy is a lover of food. I do love some Okinawa Soba or actual Raman noodle soup! I can do some serious damage to Tacos! BBQ, southern, Northern, Eastern, Korean, Mongolian… All good. Cooked meat = meaning of life." ClausNet: Coke or Pepsi? Santa Dan: "More of an uncola guy myself. I can take or leave either choice." ClausNet: What is your favorite cookie? Santa Dan: "The one within arm’s reach or freshly baked." ClausNet: What is your favorite movie? Santa Dan: "I do not really have a standout favorite. Most of the time, a movie I like will be due to other factors such as Lord of the Rings because of my childhood friends and I made our living room into a “Movie Theater” by turning off all the lights and placing bedsheets over all the windows and ate popcorn. All of the Harry potter movies my daughter made me watch over and over until the DVDs quit working ." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Santa Dan: "Yes." ClausNet: What is your favorite Christmas song? Santa Dan: "Another tough question to answer. I would say Silent Night or Away in a manger. I love to sing Christmas songs. I live by the Bible verse saying, “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord” So glad it says nothing about singing in tune." ClausNet: What was the last book that you read? Santa Dan: "Autobiography of Santa Claus by Jeff Guinn – I have been enjoying this interesting take on Santa." ClausNet: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Santa Dan: "Is there a profession where I can sit by a campfire near a river and or lake doing little crafts?" ClausNet: What profession would you not like to attempt? Santa Dan: "Atom Bomb drop malfunction inspector. I remember hearing about how the scientists were studying the effects of “Atom Bomb” and how they had a guy whose job it was to go out and inspect the bomb if it didn’t drop." ClausNet: What were some of your favorite toys as a child? Santa Dan: "Erector sets that let you snap together girders to frame out your building and then had plastic rectangles that had various looks to them to finish your building. Also liked the Lincoln Logs. Always enjoyed building a town or city." ClausNet: What is your most memorable experience of Santa while growing up? Santa Dan: "I don’t have any Santa memories other than what was on TV. I do remember one year where my mother was dead tired from working that she asked me to wrap and bring the presents down. I had a red robe that I was wearing and after I brought down all the presents, I was filling the stockings with candy and some pennies I had when my youngest brother half woke up and said “Hello Santa” and drifted off to sleep again. I knew that he was going to tell the other brothers that he saw Santa and they would tease him. I went out with two chairs which I used to stand on one while moving the other in from so I could make it out to the yard and eventually made sleigh and reindeer tracks. I even took chocolate morsels and warmed them in my hands until they looked like something left behind by the reindeer. I got some big boots and left one track going to the house and leaving the house. I remember making sure each step to move the boots so that it appeared to be bigger than any boot my other brothers may try to show may have been made from someone other than Santa. I even left tracks in the kitchen with the boots and some dirt. I even made sure to cover the holes made by the chairs using a broom to smooth the area. I do tend to over think things. I youngest brother did tell the others that he saw Santa and I was right in the fact that they teased him about it. He noticed the foot prints and eventually they saw the landing and takeoff area of the Sleigh as well as a knocked over trash can (I didn’t do that) that must have been knocked over during Santa’s take off. I haven’t thought of that Christmas in many. Many years. Thank you for these questions." ClausNet: What is the hardest question you have gotten as Santa Claus and what was your response? Santa Dan: "I have been lucky to not have many questions that have been hard to answer. What did I get last year would be one that I hear the most. I get excited and ask them how they like their gifts and which one the enjoyed the most. That usually gets them to tell me and I have a follow-up question on a color or some detail I wanted to make sure was the right one and they are happy." ClausNet: What is the strangest request you've gotten as Santa Claus? Santa Dan: "I was asked to break into a house when no one was home, drop off some presents, eat a sandwich, leave the sandwich on the counter and then leave. The family was gone for the weekend and when they returned, the parents found the food on the counter and yelled at the kids for leaving food out, worried about bugs and mice, how could they leave food out, etc.… When the children state that they didn’t do it, the parents ask them “Then who did?”. Eventually they see the presents and the parents talk to each other saying that the alarm was on so how anyone can get it. Then they check the video from the house cameras (it was a real high-end home) with the children and they see Santa bringing in presents, trying to get the TV to work (my idea. LOL), make and eat a sandwich and then leave. The family loved the video and said it will be special for many years. I did enjoy this visit with no one to visit." ClausNet: How did you find ClausNet? Santa Dan: "I was looking at possibly buying another suit and found this amazing site during my web search. Didn’t buy a suit but gained many new friends and an endless supply of useful knowledge." ClausNet: And what do you like most about ClausNet? Santa Dan: "Seeing so many different ways to share joy, love and magic of Santa and his gang with others." ClausNet: Is there a Santa or Mrs. Claus over the years that you admire or has inspired you? Can you tell us a little bit about him/her? Santa Dan: "As of right now it is a Santa Co-Op type of inspiration. All of you who have posted, commented or otherwise given of themselves on this board have been incredibly helpful to my growth and development as Santa." ClausNet: What advice can you give to a first time Santa or Mrs. Claus? Santa Dan: "It would be nice to have the best suit, the best beard and all the props you could possibly dream of. All these things will do nothing without having the heart and mindset of Santa. I have been Santa in a suit that a nice lady made from felt in that Military Arts and Craft center with cotton balls as a beard. Some could say that this was an insult to Santa and broke the realness of the great man in red. All I can say is that first, I saw Santa touch the loves of children and adults in a positive way and second, most likely it saved me from going down a dark path I may not have made it out of. You be Santa in the best way you can with all of your heart, and you will make the difference." ClausNet: Anything else you would like to add? Santa Dan: "I just want all of you to know that you are appreciated. I appreciate every thumbs up, every word of advice and every post made. All of you make this board alive. Without the interaction off all of you, this site would not be here, and I would of missed a huge chance to be a better Santa. Thank you from the bottom of my heart and know that all of you are loved! Also, Michael Rielly for President! You are amazing and truly are an inspiration to me." Thank you Dan. I'll settle for benevolent dictator. Everyone, please join me in congratulating Santa Dan, our ClausNet Featured Member of the Month for April 2019!
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    Bethlehem aims to upgrade Christmas decorations WFMZ News By Josh Rultenberg March 26, 2019 EXCERPT: The city of Bethlehem prides itself on being the Christmas City, but some are worried the decorations may be out of touch. The city is hosting a public meeting next week along with a consultant they've hired in preparation for a multi-year plan to reinvigorate the holiday spirit. City of Bethlehem officials say the holiday season is "a major economic driver of the city's economy." Even though they anticipate expensive renovations, they say it's worth it. "Christkindlmarkt had 89,000 people in 2017 alone," Allyson Lehr, Bethlehem's Housing & Community Development Planner, said. "We're welcoming that amount of people into the city each year. We need to make a really good first impression," she said. Officials are looking to upgrade to the overall decor and lighting over the next five years. "Which could be everything from the trees that you see on the poles to the trees that you see, the static trees around on Payrow Plaza," Lehr said. The city has contracted David Weiner Design to create a proposal. Weiner typically works with music festivals, but has experience with Christmas and large-scale installation. He's got already got some ideas on how to beautify Bethlehem. "There is something about nostalgia and something about the history of Bethlehem and its history with Christmas and Christmas decor and the way it draws people to the city that's something that we want to explore," Weiner said in a phone interview. Lehr is impressed with the designer's direction so far. "He's found historical postcards from Bethlehem, actually in a Boston library, watercolor postcards and it depicts the city at Christmas," Lehr said. "He's looking at those and seeing what elements were used and trying to draw on that." Officials are hoping Weiner can find a theme to tie in the entire city while accentuating its uniqueness. "We have very different feels on both sides of the river. This is the very traditional historic Moravian District and the south side's a little arts district, a little funkier and interesting so there's a way to have a cohesive identity through the city but yet bring out the two distinct feels," Lehr said. Lehr says the city paid for the planning study with a grant from Northampton County along with private donation and money from the general fund. The city hopes to pay for the installation of these modifications in a similar fashion.
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    I can appreciate that in studying my bearded-ness they used monkeys as a control group - that is probably reasonable. and my wife too - HATES the beard - but I am stuck with it . . . . . do you understand what I would look like if I shaved ????? or even......
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    I don't know if this topic has been done before. I"m not asking about Christmas specials like "The Grinch..." or "A Charlie Brown Christmas," I mean episodes of favorite television series. I have so many but right up at the top has to be the Andy Griffith holiday episode titled, "Christmas Story," which aired on December 19, 1960. This is the one where Scrooge-ish store owner, Ben Weaver, demands that Andy lock-up moonshiner, Sam Muggins, on Christmas Eve. Andy then hatches a plan to arrest Sam's wife and kids on conspiracy charges so they can spend Christmas with him in the jail. Then he brings Aunt Bee, Opie, Ellie, and Barney (who plays Santa) into the courthouse for a Christmas party. Ben’s heart is finally melted and he wants to be part of the festivities, so he tries to get himself arrested too… I won’t be a spoiler and tell the end, just in case someone hasn’t seen it.
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    Calgary Herald Christmas Fund 2018 campaign raises close to $750,000 March 15, 2019 Yolanda Cole - Calgary Herald Excerpt: Twelve local charities are receiving more than $60,000 each as a result of the 2018 Calgary Herald Christmas Fund campaign, the agencies learned at an announcement Friday. The total raised through the campaign launched in November was $746,465, translating to $62,205.41 for each of the organizations. The 12 charities also received support from the Calgary Firefighters Charitable Foundation through a New Year’s Eve event that raised $15,516 for the Christmas Fund campaign. *** In the 28 years that the Calgary Herald Christmas Fund has been operating, it has raised more than $27 million for local charities. SOURCE
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    My mother’s father was a wiry old cuss, more elf than Santa but for one thing: he was a story teller. I guess he had to be, raising ten kids on an old dairy farm in the rocky hillsides of middle upstate New York during the Great Depression. He had an amazing ability to sit down with children and spin a bedtime story out of thin air on the spur of the moment, sometimes starting with something mundane that had happened the same day, but never telling the same story twice. We kids were spellbound as we listened quietly—probably the only quiet time during the day—to Granddad tell his bedtime tales. Ah, what I would give for a book of those stories today! This was no sentimental softy charming the children. He had a grip of iron when he squeezed your knee, and his word was law when settling squabbles. He had been a lumberjack, a plumber, a furniture re-upholsterer, and eventually a dairy farmer to feed his kids while others stood in bread lines. Skinny as a rail and tough as nails, none of my larger uncles would stand up to him. But he had a soft spot for kids, and an imagination to rival Mother Goose. He also had an old red dog named Fritz. Nobody knew what kind of dog Fritz was, but he was about the size of a border collie, covered head to toe with long rusty red hair, and his tail held up like a flag. This was a farm dog: twice a day Granddad would make a small hand motion telling Fritz to go get the cows. That sleepy red dog would suddenly tear out of the yard like a tornado, streaking down the hill, across the creek and up through a distant pasture. A half hour later, he’d bring 60 dairy cows slowly into the barn for milking. Fritz was an amazing dog, quick to find the cows, but never rushing them to the barn, so they never lost their milk. And he never left one out to pasture, bringing in every stray. One cold, stormy Christmas Eve, Granddad told a bedtime story about his forgetting the cows had been shut in the barn all day due to the weather, and sending Fritz out to bring them in for milking by mistake. Fritz was off like a flash, skidding around the corner of the barn to find the cows. He was gone an unusually long time. After awhile, Granddad remembered the cows were still in the barn. He began to wonder what was taking Fritz so long to figure it out and started milking, when suddenly there was a loud commotion at the barn door, which remained open about a foot. Granddad looked up to find a mob of every goose, chicken and barn cat on the farm squeezing through the door opening, carefully herded by that red dog Fritz. Not finding any cows in the pasture, Fritz had done the best he could, bringing everything else he could find into the barn. Apparently Fritz had a rather strong herding instinct, and wanted everyone to be included. We kids all laughed and marveled at this story of the red dog with a determined but gentle Christmas spirit. Then we went quietly to bed.
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    Patrick! LOVED IT as I watched it for a second or third time ...... maybe even four or five now. BUT most recently absolutely NOT ....... Not in today's crazy times & Days. They'd (Hollywood) or so it seems ......... They would never allow such things to be said! So very nice to have seen it again and NOT @ Christmas time! And I'm surprised they ended it that way instead of a "Nicely said Arthur!" Because though simple, so right on the button!
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    Happy Days..."Guess Who's Coming to Christmas" I particularly like Fonzie's very simple version of saying grace at the final scene...
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    While I'll be a monkey's uncle... Not so sure about this one - my wife hates the beard! Would be great at my age though, if people looked at me and thought "hipster" instead of "hip replacement."
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    When I was a kid, Granddad, whose name was Guy, was one of many dairy farmers in hilly middle upstate New York where milk was transported every day, or at most every second day, over dirt roads to a creamery. No farmer in the area had a cooler with storage capacity for more than one day’s worth of milk. Granddad had a large stake-back truck in which his and his neighbors 10-gallon milk cans were transported by my uncles to the creamery. Winters then were harder than today, often with a few feet of snow drifting across the hilly dirt roads, sometimes making them impassable. When this happened, the milk couldn’t get to the creamery, it spoiled and farmers suffered loss of income. For many years there was talk of the need to pave these roads, so milk could be gotten safely to the creamery. Funds were collected and budgeted for this purpose. Plans were drawn up identifying roads that needed paving. There was general agreement this should be done, but when it came to deciding which roads would get paved first, agreement was lacking. Everybody wanted their road to get paved first, nothing got done, and the milk continued to spoil in bad weather. Finally, Granddad got impatient and stood for election to the County Board of Road Supervisors. Well known in the county as a dairyman, he was easily elected. After determining how many miles of road could be paved with budgeted funds, at the last meeting before Christmas of the Road Supervisors, Grandad moved that one mile of each road be paved each year until they were all paved. This amounted to about 20 miles per year of new pavement, one mile at a time, on 20 dirt roads used to transport goods farm-to-market. It quickly became evident at the meeting that nobody who wanted the roads paved could oppose this proposal without opposing paving the road they most wanted paved. After lengthy discussion, the motion passed unanimously. Over the next six years, all the farm-to-market roads in the county were paved, one mile per road per year, and Granddad retired from the County Board of Road Supervisors after earning the title “Santa Guy” for bringing paved roads to the farmers that Christmas.
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    as you wisely stated my friend - note in the opening of the video he kicks the globe and spins it around - we have the answer !!!
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    Wow - don't think I have seen this - thank you - I sure miss the days when good family values and prayer were not so controversial and were allowed to be a part of regular TV - like you shared Fonzie's simple prayer is pretty dramatic and powerful - that in itself is a great message !!
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    Hallmark Airing 40 New Christmas Movies This Year WCBS April 6, 2019 EXCERPT: It’s already beginning to look a lot like Christmas! While it’s only April, holiday cheer is in full effect as the Hallmark Channel has announced they will be airing a record 40 Christmas films this year. The impressive amount tops last year’s previous record of 38 movies.. Fans of the feel-good romcoms won’t have to wait too long to get in the holiday mood as the first, Keepsake Christmas, is set to premiere in July. Nothing says Independence Day like Santa Claus! Twenty-four of the movies will air on The Hallmark Channel and 16 are set for the Hallmark Movies & Mysteries network. The network previously released information on three of the 40 films on their holiday slate: The Christmas Song, starring Kristin Chenoweth and Party of Five’s Scott Wolf; Holiday for Heroes, with Melissa Claire Egan and Marc Blucas; and an as-yet-untitled Blake Shelton-executive produced film similar to 2018’s Time for Me to Come Home for Christmas. One star who won’t be returning to spread Hallmark’s holiday cheer is Lori Loughlin. The network severed all ties with the Full House after her arrest for the college admissions bribery scandal. On October 25, Hallmark will also celebrate the 10th anniversary of their Countdown to Christmas campaign, which is set to break records. "The tenth year will be the biggest, boldest Christmas in Hallmark Channel history," Executive VP of programming Michelle Vicary said. "Over the ten years, we have endeavored to be the no. 1 holiday destination, and achieved that over the last several years. "What was different about last year — and what’s going to be really big about this year — is just how culturally relevant this has become in people’s minds beyond the programming, where we have towns asking if they can decorate themselves like a Hallmark Channel Christmas movie, and people having watch parties." In addition to all the Christmas fare, the channel will also air two new Hanukkah-themed films this year. Hallmark is making it a Happy Holiday all around! SOURCE: https://wcbs880.radio.com/articles/tis-season-hallmark-airing-40-new-christmas-movies-year
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    I found this untitled and undated picture of John Wayne as Santa Claus on Pinterest. I believe it was taken in the late 40s or 50s at a charity event, but apparently this isn't the only time "the Duke" donned the big red suit - or is it? According to a 2013 article by Lindsay Knake, on Michigan’s, mlive.com, The Duke called Wally Bronner at what is now Bronner's Christmas Wonderland, in Frankenmuth, Michigan, on December 15, 1976, and ordered “…the biggest suit you got.” Wayne said he needed the suit for a film but his final film was "The Shootist," which was released that year and definitely didn’t have Santa in it. Another theory is he bought the Santa suit to wear on "The Tonight Show," starring Johnny Carson, but there is no record of him appearing on the show in 1976. According to the article, even Wayne’s family has no idea why he ordered the suit and it is still a mystery to this day.
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    For some reason I feel like I'm at the right place here.
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    This adds another whole dimension to the discussion - if the changing geomagnetic forces cause whiplash - and we are studying them - does that make us Crash Test Dummies ?? Heading to Florida to do research . . .
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    don't worry @TamaleClaus and @bllwnkl you can certainly join me and @Schwindy and @Santa D as we study and explore the wonders of creation !
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    You can't remove Christ from the Christmas story or Santa, for that matter. He is based on a religious figure and arrives on Christmas Eve for a reason - it is the reason for the season. I understand (barely) that it's the age we are living in but even if you want to take the faith aspect out of the picture, it is not unreasonable to expect that at least the historical context for the holiday be understood.
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    Bearded men look angrier than clean-shaven types when they are angry but happier when they are jolly say scientists DailyMail.com March 20, 2019 EXCERPT: Actor Leonardo DiCaprio won an Oscar for his dramatic transformation into rugged explorer Hugh Glass in The Revenant, but first won hearts as clean cut Jack Dawson in Titanic. Now an Australian research team have come up with a convincing reason why Leo's performance as the fierce frontiersman may have sparked stronger audience reactions than his outing as a doomed passenger on the 1912 cruise liner. Dr Belinda Craig, from the University of New England in Australia, lead the study into the effect of a bushier chin on men communicating their emotions and masculinity. She and her team found that people were quicker to recognise a bearded man's display of anger than that of an angry clean shaven man. They surveyed 700 people, asking them to rate the emotions and the intensity displayed on a range of male faces - bearded and not bearded. The team's results, in a recently published paper in Psychological Science, suggests that a beard changed the way a man's facial structure is seen and help people make a judgement about a man's anger and masculinity. 'Beards emphasise the jaw... leading to faster recognition of anger,' she to The Times. But Dr Craig noted that it was harder to explain why men with beards appeared happier. David Dade, honorary president of the British Beard Club, told the The Times a bearded man has appear 'reliable' and 'trustworthy'. 'Many people [accept] that a bearded man seems kinder and more amenable and maybe more reliable and trustworthy.' 'This may be because a bearded man appears comfortable with himself,' he added. SOURCE: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6867435/Australian-scientists-say-bearded-men-look-angrier-clean-shaven-types.html
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    I guess that makes me a hipster...
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    The average time a visitor spends on a website depends on a number of factors. The average session duration on most websites is 2 minutes, but that varies greatly on whether the website is B2B or B2C. ClausNet.com is neither a B2B or B2C website. We are not selling products or services. We are not funneling visitors towards a call to action -- which is why the first two minutes are so critical when it comes to the design and layout of those types of websites. ClausNet is an online community. Visitors to these types of websites consume information very differently. The content is served up to the user in a variety of methods and the user has the ability to customize his/her experience any way they like. The average session time on ClausNet.com is currently 43 minutes. In addition, members visit ClausNet multiple times a day. Again, very different than B2B/B2C sites.
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    Congratulations, Santa Dan, on a well deserved honor!
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    Congratulation !! thanks for sharing - I enjoyed reading more about you !
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    If these scientists were any "good" they'd be out curing diseases...
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    And remember, if the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy!
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    this topic got me thinking - had to go on YouTube and find the Red Green Christmas special - uploaded it to the video library This show was so ridiculous - the characters were all so unique and absurd - this was the first Christmas show of the series - including how to make a sleigh out of a K-car, how Santa is an average normal guy, what Harold hates more than fruitcake, and Edgar Montrose demonstrates using his Holiday Howitzer Special to decorate a tree - if that doesn't scream Merry Christmas, what does??
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    I put the thingamabob inside the whatchamacallit, turned the doohickey on the whateveritis and that didn't work. I'm out of ideas.
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    Where did they find these guys? How many men with beards do you know that use an MRI in a vets office anyway? And how many dog-borne diseases can humans catch? Not many, according to my biologist spouse, who is grossed out by the study.
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    If it was on the internet then it must be true, right?
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    My wife would totally agree. Maybe this why the dogs get more lovin'.
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    Amazing how sometimes the basic simple prayer or message is the most affective. Another example of this is the song Silent Night. Instead of an big elaborate Christmas cantata, the organ was broken and the music director was lost. The only instrument was a guitar and thus Silent Night was born. I may have some of the facts slightly off, but we are supposed to have a child like faith, so simple.
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    I still get excited every time I hear the William Tell Overture!
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    gotta love Barney and Andy Griffith ! But I tend to be partial to the Lone Ranger - so if I gotta choose I will go with the Christmas episode where Clayton Moore dresses up as his old prospector character to find Ben Talbot and reunite him with his family on Christmas. "All they want is you Ben, did ya ever think of that? By the time you find what you are lookin' for that boy of yours will be all growed up. Best part of having kids is watching them grow - develop into something you can be proud of. Too bad if you miss that."
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    OK PEOPLE ....... Let us be "REAL" or REALLY CLEAR I should say If .... by fates allowed Me & @Drosselmeyer make it to Fl (anywhere in Fl) YES one could bet that the migration further South WOULD NEVER HAPPEN. EVER. DID YOU NOT SEE ELF?! Nothing but Angry South Elves are down there WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE ANGRY is. Is that clear? NO WHERE NEAR ANGRY AKA South POLE Forget A BOUT IT! NOPE, staying in FL seeing what MORE trouble we can take on the road! LASTLY, NOT TRYING TO LEAVE ANYONE OUT The opening is there for all to join us IF AND WHEN ...... OR maybe plausible theory class day April 1 2020 🤣
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    In studying the "It's Schwindy's Fault" theory, I got to pondering, would the earth actually shift it's axis point with the changing of the magnetic north? As magnetic north has never been true north. So what would cause earth to tilt from it's current axis to the example displayed in the "It's Schwindy's Fault" theory? And after multiple minutes of intense thought and exhausting moments of nonscientific research, I have come to the conclusion that we need to sent all of the fat people to Antarctica if we are going to stop this global catastrophe from becoming reality. Wow now I am so fatigued that I need a cookie and some ice cream. And then I will be applying for a government grant to further my study into this dilemma.
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    You posted this 6 hours ago, I'm in the same time zone as you! No wonder this ALMOST MAKES SENSES! After showing this to the guy on TV who says "I TAKE EVERY CASE, no matter how big or small" Attorney Vinny told me to and I quote "GET OFF MY PORCH AND LEAVE ME ALONE" Guess it was TOO SMALL A CASE so I'm back to square one and just enjoying your non sense!
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    I just saw this link on Drudge gonna go with "bearded men seems kinder and more amenable and maybe more reliable and trustworthy.'
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    Congratulations on making it to our MOTM Club!!!!! Thanks for sharing!!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the MOTM club! And do tell us what your favorite Christmas movie is.
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    Congratulations and Welcome to the MOtM Club! I enjoyed reading more about you!
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    Thomas Nast at Maculloch Hall Historical Museum By Black River Santa Where can you find Santa Claus, the GOP Elephant, the Tammany Tiger, Uncle Sam, Ulysses S Grant, and a host of other historical and political icons all under one roof? The Thomas Nast Collection at Macculloch Hall Historical Museum. My wife and I were taken on a festive private tour of Macculloch Hall Historical Museum, in Morristown, NJ, this past Christmas season. This gorgeous federal, Georgian style mansion was built by George Perrott Macculloch (1775-1858), the scion of a wealthy Scottish family and a prosperous businessman, who came to New Jersey with his wife, Louisa, in 1810. The historic home has three floors of period rooms meticulously appointed and adorned with a fabulous selection of European and American furniture, decorative art, porcelain (Including an incredible array of White House China), and a famous antique carpet collection from the Middle East and China dating from the sixteenth through the early twentieth centuries. Almost everything at Macculloch Hall, from the primitive kitchen utensils to the opulent chandeliers, were collected by the museum’s founder, W. Parsons Todd (1877-1976), a mining executive, philanthropist, collector, and former two-time Morristown mayor, who established the museum in 1950. Todd was also responsible for assembling the core of the Museum’s most well-known holding – the Thomas Nast Collection, the largest single collection of American political cartoonist Thomas Nast’s original works in the world. Dubbed “the father of American Political Cartoonists,” Nast was one of the country’s most influential and celebrated illustrators. A German immigrant, Nast came to America when he was five years old. Unable to speak English, he struggled in his classes and spent most of his time drawing with the waxy stubs of reject crayons that were given to him by a neighbor who manufactured crayons and candles. Largely uneducated and with limited artistic training, Nast was nonetheless determined to find a job doing the only thing he thought he was good at – drawing. At 15, he landed a job at Frank Leslie’s Illustrated News, but it was his work at Harper’s Illustrated during the Civil War that made him a household name. Nast and his crusading pencil brought readers stirring, heart-felt, and patriotic sketches so persuasive, that Lincoln referred to Nast as his best recruiting sergeant. Nast also turned his wrath on political corruption in New York, taking on William “Boss” Tweed and his Tammany Hall cronies. It was his feud with Tweed that led Nast to leave New York with his family and settle in Morristown, NJ, in his own stately manor directly across the street from Macculloch Hall, dubbed “Villa Fontana.” Capable of bringing down hard-nosed kingpins or turning public opinion against a political candidate with his venomous caricatures, Nast could also tug at the heartstrings of Harper’s readers with his melodramatic engravings of “Columbia” or tear-jerking visions of Emancipation, and none were more endearing than his “annual gift to the readers of Harper’s Weekly,” published each year at Christmas time. During his tenure at Harper’s Nast produced 76, signed published Christmas engravings including his famous images of Santa Claus. Inspired by Clement Clarke Moore’s poem, “A Visit from St. Nicholas,” more commonly known as “Twas the Night Before Christmas,” Nast’s early engravings stayed true to Moore’s description and thrilled readers with their first look at Santa, his sleigh, and his “eight tiny reindeer.” Over the years, Nast introduced modern twists to Moore’s conception that have endured as part of the Santa Claus story, such as placing St. Nick’s home at the North Pole; giving him a workshop and elves; having children mail letters to Santa; and the dreaded “naughty or nice” list. Since 1870, many popular American illustrators such as Norman Rockwell, have sketched out their own visions of Santa Claus but they have all been based on Nast’s original depiction. Yuletide is a tough time for Santas to find the time to visit Macculloch Hall, but for anyone dedicated to the Santa Claus tradition, it’s definitely a pilgrimage worth taking any time of year. The museum is open year-round and Morristown offers a myriad of entertainment options and great dining, including museums, music, Revolutionary War sites like the Jockey Hollow encampment and Washington’s Headquarters, as well as great parks and recreation. If you’re interested, you can find more information at maccullochall.org and morristourism.org.
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    One Way to Avoid the Naughty List By Black River Santa A few years after my daughter was born, we converted our dining room into a play room. We removed the china cabinet and the Hepplewhite-style table and chairs but left the room painted its original color – a piney hue from the Benjamin Moore Historical Collection called “Cushing Green.” When she was around five or six years old, I came downstairs one morning during the December countdown to Christmas and found her standing motionless against the wall covered in green construction paper, which she had taped onto her clothing in a haphazard but thorough pattern. “Why are you covered in green construction paper?” I asked. “It’s camouflage,” she replied. “I’m hiding.” “Hiding from whom?” I pressed. “Santa Claus,” she said. “I can’t be good all the time, so I’m just going to stand here until Christmas.” Of course, she became bored with her subterfuge five minutes later and decided to come back out into the open and taker her chances. Sadly, most children eventually outgrow the idea that Santa is watching and prepared to check the appropriate column on his naughty or nice list. But my daughter, who is now 14, discovered several years ago that she is actually living with Santa and can never escape his all-seeing eye (at least until she heads off to college).
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    My mother’s Dad lived on a small dairy farm in the hilly country of southern upstate New York, and there was an old one-room schoolhouse on the farm where kids of all ages from nearby farm families were taught by my Grandma. Over the years, the schoolhouse fell into disrepair, and the local school board met repeatedly to try and figure out how to fix it. As usual, the principal issue was money. Nobody wanted to spend any more than they had to, so when one of them proposed to build a new schoolhouse, that idea came in the front door and went out the window, as Grandma used to say. This happened repeatedly, until a vote was taken by the school board turning down the proposal to build a new schoolhouse. Eventually, the school board had a showdown. Meeting in the schoolhouse on Christmas day, discussion among school board members was opened by one of them complaining that the roof leaked, saying it needed repairs. Arguing if they couldn’t have a new schoolhouse, at least they should keep the kids dry, Granddad made a motion to repair the roof. After lengthy discussion of the least expensive way to do this, a vote was taken and they agreed to shingle the roof. Spying a glimmer of opportunity, Granddad noted many of the windows were cracked or broken, causing heat loss in winter and making it difficult to keep the kids warm. A motion was made to repair or replace all the cracked or broken windows. After lengthy discussion, a vote was taken and they agreed to repair the windows. This lead to discussion of the inadequacy of the old wood stove used to heat the one-room schoolhouse. Noting the hinges on the door to the stove were broken, Granddad moved to replace the old wood stove with a new coal burning stove. After some discussion, a vote approved this proposal. Looking down at the old, worn wooden floor of the schoolhouse, one board member noted the cracks between the boards were getting large enough to let bugs and mice in, and a lot of heat out in winter. A motion was made to replace the floor of the schoolhouse, and a majority voted in favor of it. Next the wooden board and batten walls came under scrutiny, because the old newspapers that had been pasted across the gaps between the boards were peeling off as the wood shrank and the gaps got wider, allowing cold winter air in. A motion was made to insulate the walls and cover the insulation with drywall on the inside. After lengthy discussion, a vote of the school board approved this motion. The entryway to the schoolhouse was through a small mudroom with an old, cracked wooden door hanging from one hinge so it was hard for kids to open and close securely. With kids coming and going, the door was often partly open, letting heat out and cold air in. Granddad moved the entryway be enlarged and a coat room added with a new double door, and the motion was passed. The hour was getting late when Granddad reviewed what the schoolboard had done during the meeting, totaled up the estimated costs, and suggested all the repairs might cost more than building a new schoolhouse. Then he made a motion to build a new schoolhouse, saying it would be less expensive to build a new one than to repair the old one. The motion was passed unanimously. Eventually, a new schoolhouse was built. My grandparents and most of their kids are long deceased, but the little one-room Christmas schoolhouse where my Grandma taught my Granddad to read still stands.
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