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    Amen. Since I am a non-real bearded Santa, i keep Santa separate from my life. He only comes out when asked to appear. Santa needs only to be Santa when the call arises.
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    Totally agree! Nicely said and thanks for letting us know!
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    I'm a simple man with a simple mind, so I suppose I will simply be a simple Santa.
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    Agreed. I have too many photographers calling and asking for photo sessions starting in June. I have decided that my Santa character will enjoy the beauty of Christmas. Every day I see a new gimmick or something new that every Santa needs to purchase for the children. I guess I feel if you do Santa right, all you need is yourself and a little bit of Christmas magic which we find in ourselves.
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    Sadly it has turned from a wish to make children and adults happy during the Christmas season, as my late father and uncle did never even thinking of taking or asking for money to a Santa for profit year round thing. Sad reality,I remember as a child no sign of Santa until the Friday after Thanksgiving and he was gone from site Christmas morning.It was the magic and fantasy of the experience. Today it has diminished because of the year round exposure and all to make a buck.
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