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    Marty -- I am sorry this has happened. I will check our logs and respond in an email to you. Everyone -- Let me be perfectly clear on this... Any attempt to hack into this site will be taken very seriously and violators will be blocked from ClausNet.com and reported to authorities. When we first launched ClausNet, we had a few instances where members were logging in using someone else’s credentials for nefarious reasons. Ten years ago, our back-end server tools for detecting this activity were not as sophisticated as they are now. Today, our server records every single device, operating system, browser, IP address, and other information when someone (or something) attempts to access this site. This includes successful and unsuccessful logins. Even with all the tools at our disposal here, I still recommend that you change your password often. I change my passwords about once a month. When creating your password, be sure to make it difficult to crack yet, easy to remember. And be sure to use different passwords for different sites. If you feel like someone may be accessing your ClausNet account, please contact me or Felix immediately. We are here to help. We can block IP address, change your password, and even your username if necessary. I have never understood why people do this. Maybe it’s because they have too much time on their hands. Or perhaps they have a poor self-image and spoofing accounts makes them feel better about themselves. I don’t know. But if a person's life revolves around hacking, spamming, or trolling, I feel sorry for them. Obviously, there is something going on in their lives that drives them to this behavior. In my opinion, anyone who does this, does not deserve the title of Santa or Mrs. Claus. As I mentioned we have taken steps to greatly reduce this crap here on ClausNet. Sadly, a lot of this is still happening on Facebook. I think you would be surprised to learn how many “Santas” and “Mrs. Clauses” you may be interacting with in the various Facebook groups are not who they appear to be. This is one of the reasons why I have stepped away from most of these groups on Facebook. With all the recent news about Facebook, it should be obvious that Facebook Group admins do not have the same level of control or the tools to monitor this activity – nor will they ever. Facebook Groups are the property of Facebook, not you. As always, if you have any issues, concerns, questions, comments, or complaints, please do not hesitate to contact me.
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    I saw the FB group posting some new guy gets himself a new suit and is attacked rather than helped. Then some guy calls him a fake Santa because he did not have a real beard. This happens all the time on Facebook. When do they realize we are portraying a fictional Character. No one is Santa and just because you grow a beard does not make you real. Work on your best image when portraying Santa, If you can't grow a reasonable real beard then look for the best designer beard yo can afford. Give the best portrayal you can leave those who see you with a memorable experience seeing the character of Santa Claus.
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    As the gatekeeper here on who gains access to ClausNet, I get a lot of emails from folks who want to be members. As part of the screening process I ask why they want to join. I can't tell you how many times people say that they are finally a real Santa because they are growing a beard. Not a great first impression -- especially for this "fake" Santa. I think part of the problem is there are too many Santas now. And too many are doing this for, in my opinion, the wrong reasons. In the past 10 years there has been an "explosion" of new Santas on the scene. Everyone thinks they are going to get rich -- or famous. That's why you see all the sniping and negativity. They are all competing with one another.
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    Crazy to hear that things like this happen! The Bible says to "guard your heart". For me, I love everybody but I don't trust anybody. There's a Santa in my business area who is trying to lead people into thinking that I'm him, trying to lead customers his way. It actually worked in reverse, and his efforts led to more people finding me, some of who were his longtime customers. Who would want to hack into Marty's Clausnet account? Probably someone who wanted to take him down a notch, even try to curtail his involvement. Hey! Wait a minute...
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    Met a guy the other day, he asked me if I played Santa. I said "yes" and he told me that he was interested in doing just that. His kids got him a Santa suit for Christmas and he showed me pictures. We talked for a little bit and I gave him my contact info. I told him I would mentor him. He got excited and asked me how much money could he make at this? I looked at him, and with my tongue in my cheek, said, "On no, you won't make much money playing Santa. It's a hobby at best." He never contacted me!
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    Facebook is becoming a cesspool and for the first time they are seeing a decrease in members. Their recent decision to "control" the content you see on your timeline has caused many to leave the platform for alternative up and coming social networking site. And the amount of personal information both Facebook and Google are collecting on all of us is frightening.
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    Well written. Thanks for posting this food for thought.
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    These "workshops" remind me of the real estate flipping scams where they offer a free seminar and then pitch you a how to be rich hard sale. At the end of the seminar you end up with having paid for more. The people running the seminar get rich, a few very few that pay make a dime and the rest, well they are just the people P. T. Barnum talked about.
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    Clausnet is a gem and I point all I know to come here and learn. There will always be those that gripe and complain but we need just to ignore that. I think when offering criticism, it’s fairly clear when it’s coming from a place of caring and support. If you are opening your mouth without really caring about that individual getting better, just keep your mouth shut and move along.
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    I am glad to get to know you and look forward to learning from you I still have a lot to learn about balancing the Santa - Chaplain dynamic . . . but I can sure relate to the push back ! We shall talk soon !!
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    Glad to hear your situation has improved. Hope your 2019 will be a wonderfully blessed season.
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    Glad to have you back my brother in red
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    As a fellow Santa Dan, I am real happy to have you here. Here is to an amazing 2019 for all of us including Santas with names other than Dan attached.
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    Sometimes a little rest can really open us up to what we need to do and where we are supposed to be. Glad to hear that things are going well for you.
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    Glass is raised! Glad to hear that everything is going better for you
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    haven't pulled the plug yet but don't get on nearly as much as I used to gotta say ClausNet is a lot more interesting and uplifting....
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    It doesn’t help that there are “Santas” giving workshops and classes on how to be rich and famous...while lining their own pockets. It is only going to get worse as the “cosplay generation” steps in and putting on a suit becomes more about making a point and grabbing some attention.
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    I've been met by families of all faiths, including Jewish and Muslim. Even casual Christians. It is not up to me to preach a sermon or try to convert them, but to just show them the love and joy that I represent. But, to the Christian family that approaches me, and specifically mentions Jesus, then I will share my faith. I will tell the children, "If there had never been Jesus, there would never be a Santa Claus." I will show them the embroidered right hand sleeve of my coat, which has baby Jesus, being guarded by a huge angel, with a shinning star above. Christian children like to know that Santa is a believer, and that the word "Believe", that is thrown around so much at Christmas time, now has a much deeper meaning. And often, (and I'm sure this has happened to many of you) a family will approach me with all kinds of requests: "Hey Santa, I lost my job four months ago - got anything in your magic bag for me?" "Santa, my mom is going for cancer treatments. I really want her to be well." "Santa, I want daddy home for Christmas - that's all I really want." Children and adults will both view Santa as some sort of miracle worker, maybe as a last chance request, maybe just out of hope. My reply is always the same. " I am but a humble maker of toys. I have no power to create miracles on my own. But, would you like me to pray for you?" I have never received, "no" for an answer. I will get up from my chair, join hands with the family, and there, right in Santa's House, often with onlookers present, will pray out loud whatever prayer the Holy Spirit puts in my heart. I will hug each family member before they leave, and let them know that they will be constantly in my prayers. Then, I 'll go right back to the business of posing for photos, hearing requests, ho ho hoing and creating the best Santa Claus experience for all to have.
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    I have that book wonderfully imaginative what a fantastic gift to share with your children so happy the family shared it with the world - they could have kept it a secret . . .
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    I had no idea that J.R.R. Tolkien had made this wonderful memory for his family. I will most certainly be on the lookout for this information. Huge thank you for sharing this!
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    First, let me correct Santa Drosselmeyer on the above quote. While I wish I would have said it, but Felix Estridge wrote it in his original post to this subject. It is a perfect quote relating to the message of this thread and Felix hit it with, "Do no harm to the legend." On a related note, I am actually discipling a man to be a Santa. He has become a dear friend to me and we get together about once a week for coffee or lunch. He totally looks the part and has spent his career caring for children. So being a Santa will fit him like lambs wool gloves. I was a commercial photographer during my career. Photographers are notorious for purchasing the latest gizmo and if you look into most of the camera bags of a pro, you will find all manner of gadgets that look new but that the photographer has used but once or never. We Santas are a lot like that ourselves. We see a Santa with a compass or set of gold keys or something and we have to rush out and purchase it for our own ensemble. I think it is a man's thing. However, Looking our best is important as a Santa. My friend kind of resembles this behavior. Thankfully for him, I believe he is well off and can afford all the capes and staffs and custom boots and customized suits. Often when we get together, he will tell me of a source for belt buckles or shirts or whatever else. And I keep telling him to just, "Be the man." But this man is going to make a great Santa! Some of us have spent small fortunes on our ensembles with customized this or that. I have seen many stunningly beautiful suits of different Santas. I myself have continued to improve my own look from year to year. But the first priority for us is to "Be the man!" Felix is the first Santa I met when I was considering this role 10 years ago. Even in the off season, he looked the part, but his demeanor was what really impressed me. And as I studied about who St Nicholas was and the legends and history of the man, I found I could easily identify because I myself had spent my adult life serving and loving children. And besides reading up on who St. Nicholas was, get involved in local Santa gatherings and organizations. We all learn a lot from each other that can make us better Santas. Look for opportunities to ply the character all through the year. Volunteer at children's hospitals. When someone stops you on the street as a Santa, 'Be the man!" Thankfully, among the Santas I know, they are already doing this in many ways. So if for nothing else, let this be a reminder and an encouragement for all of us toward becoming better at this. Through our efforts at improving our portrayals, we will "Do no harm to the legend."
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    Yepper just like Mom and Dad taught us, better to say nothing at all then to say something bad. ..... YES EVEN THOUGH THEY STARTED IT! GOOD for you Pop because I can't say I could do the same thing. I'd rather show up (if there close) and try to talk it out. BUT that being said has lead to a few worst decisions after showing up. (Obviously not talking Santa here.) BNo one would ever pretend to be me in a Santa suit! LOL!
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    I found that it is important to resist the urge to speak negative things back about them. Let God fight that battle. If someone questions me about the other guy I'll respond, "I don't know much about that guy - he hasn't been in business that long." And then I let it go.
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    Thank you wise words and sound advice I have certainly found the day after Christmas to be one of the most uncomfortable and bleak days of the year - it is good to know I am not alone in that feeling.
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    This has been an ongoing problem for me on FaceBook. I can NOT count the number of times I have been cloned and or hacked. Its even hard to get FB to close down your own account, especially when you've been cloned.... cause they don't believe its you! LOL It has nothing to do with the fact that they want to have BILLIONS of accounts for AD revenues. I have been lucky to tour much of FB corp offices in CA, and everywhere you look, there are posters..... "The Next Billion" as motivational materials for their employees.... Its a Corp Culture! With the shear numbers of members, and many Christmas Community people on FB, it has become a necessary EVIL way to attempt to keep in touch.
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    What's Facebook?!? (never did it, never will...welcome back from the dark side)
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    I could not agree more. At some point, we need to fit the character, not the other way around. All of the Santas trying to outdo each other with over-the-top gaudy and showy suits, they are missing a great opportunity. When we can help bring out an adults inner child, especially in front of their children...that can be a magical moment. When we force the character to conform to and stretch the character and traditional look of Santa, we pull further and further away from those adult’s childhood memories.
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    Never been on Facebook myself, but from what I've heard, I'm not missing much. Clausnet has been around much longer than Facebook, having come on the scene when the old Santas Across the Globe was fading away. And hopefully Clausnet will never fade away, as it is the longest running Santa site in existence. Facebook might just fade away, whenever the new "it" site comes about. But Clausnet, with it's kindness and gentleness, I hope to see it last ten times ten thousand years!
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    I don't go near Facebook, but my wife commented just this morning that she noticed the same thing on the FB Santa postings she has seen. A shame really...
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    I am coming into this late, but Felix, I completely agree! I keep my beard and much of my persona year around as it brings opportunities everywhere you go to speak into people's lives. I encourage them in their faith in God, in their keeping their eyes open to look for ways to help and bless others and to be quick to be secret givers themselves. I came to see many years ago that St. Nicholas was the dynamic person he was simply because he early learned how to put other peoples interests above his own, a very Christ like life. We Santas have a very important and blessed role to fulfill. And though I am not in easy access to working with Lone Star Santas right now, it is a very important role fulfilled in bringing hope to others devastated by some disaster. Yet I continue to associate myself with it and promote it wherever I can. God bless you my friend! I am sorry I was not able to get together with you this past season... Santa Kevin
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    I expect we'll learn a few things from one another. Glad to have the company!
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    I dint know there was more to just putting the suit on to be a good Santa, thank you for the information.
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    As a HAM myself....loved it🎅 W1PSC
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    E-i-i-i-y! The seasonal ups-and-downs are possible every year. I still grieve for having lost my mother when she passed away (2002) just before Christmas day that year. What I do to spring / Push myself up is to focus on ALL THE BLESSINGS that I am given. Even though I also lost my (32-year-long) Girlfriend the Spring season after having lost Mom,^ I make-it-a-point to always look at my glass as 1/2 FULL, as corny as this analogy might sound. FORCE A SMILE every day! This action alone exercises the muscles in your face to increase the melatonin to help you Cope with all that is laid on your plate. "It may not be your fault if you fall into a hole. It is your fault if you stay there!"
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    I ended my FB as well. Not worth the continual drama of their...drama
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    I do not want to inject into the debate - i did not see the post discussed but the above quote I think sums the discussion - "do no harm" - we have such a special opportunity to affect folks in a positive way - that must always be on our radar - we can not forget that - in or out of the red suit....
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    I can understand this. I have had 2 other Santas in my area that have said negative things about me and to some of my clients. I lost one gig to another Santa that i ask to fill in for me due to him making negative comments. I do not appreciate that at all. But, I will continue to do what I do with the best of my ability and with a good heart. God knows and they will answer to him.
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    Sorry to hear of all this, brother. Holler if you need something.
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    Judi: I agree, as I heard one man say: "We MUST go through the cross to experience ever lasting LIFE". Though MANY are afraid of death, and who isn't, I understand. But by his death we all get to live. LOVE YOUR POST, and part of me can't wait until it's time to go home, I just hope and pray it's quick! Ha ha listen to me, adding a request to go home.
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    Was actually quoting, "Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" but maybe I got a little over enthused...
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    At first I was fearful to open your blog that I would not have an extra hour to read and digest its contents. It took far less time than I thought! Good luck with your schools, you can not go wrong with gaining more education. Ive learned much from you, seems every question I have you have “been there, done that” and your experience has kept me from loads of frustrations. If Gordon’s school comes near you and you have the time and resources.... GO!
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    Apparently, paying any attention to someone else & making observations are frowned upon.
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    Why are we so quick to judge another's portrayal? (ya, I said it)
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    Felix, Thank you for this well written and heartfelt commentary on the humility that should go hand and hand with the portrayal of Santa Claus. Having been away from CN for a bit while getting my teaching year started, this was a wonderful first read and great reminder of where we should be in our heads. DL
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    And now he has removed the text from the image.
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