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    Great story. May everyone look for Him.
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    I saw the background in the photo above and thought it was familiar. I grew up in the northwest corner of Kentucky, about an hour and a half from Santa Claus, IN. When I thought about the background, I remembered that my parents took me and my younger brother there when I was three years old. I have not seen the picture in over 30 years and asked my mother about it. She's hunting it down and it should be nice to see Jim Yellig from the 70s.
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    Done good my friend I'm leaking now I hope your happy!
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    Interesting, Had no Idea about these. Thanks,
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    Loved the Christmas version. Had no idea it existed. Thanks for sharing this Mike!
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    thank you for sharing this wonderful history
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    Craig Imboden makes them. You can find him on Facebook if you use that social media site. He is no longer an active member here but still has an account. Any permission to use the text of it would need to come from him.
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    Ģreat thoughts. Thank you, sir.
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    I am self-employed in other adventures of life - attending 1st Santa School this summer. This is very helpful. Thanks!
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    Santa School, the mileage and travel expenses to get there is deductible. Also, the conventions. I deduct any local community college night classes that are beneficial to my business, i.e., Public Speaking, Acting, Voice Over, Magic, Dale Carnegie and the like.
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    Every year two or three or maybe four children come up and don't want anything for Christmas, no matter how much I prod. They are thankful for all they already have. A few will even bring in the contents of their piggy banks or some bills they have saved up to give to Santa for those children who would not otherwise be getting anything. Out of the thousands of children I see every year, there is never more than a handful and the spirit of Christmas fully rests on them! When I am able, I pull the Mom or Dad aside and ask them if I can meet them and their child at the local police precinct on a certain evening. Most communities police departments host toy drives. And on various evenings, different members of the community and many of the officers gather together to hand wrap all those presents. These drives raise thousands of toys through the community. Then police officers take those toys to homes on Christmas Eve they know that need them. In this way, the child and their parents get to see where their money goes and also participate in wrapping the presents that will be given. It is very touching to watch this!!
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    God moves in mysterious ways and guides our feet to those who truly believe, and sometimes to those who simply need us the most...
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    Wow it's been a while since I wrote that one, glad it's getting shared again!
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    Beau*T*Full ........ I know, I know, that's not how you spell it, I .... 2 ....... just wanted 2 B different.
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    That is so true. I wish more people would believe in this. And the picture above is great.
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    A great reminder that Christmas Joys can be so much more than pretty boxes filled with toys! P.S. Rhyming intentional
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    Excellent article Michael

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