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    Just a little poem I threw together at work today - yes, it's a slow day! I'm Old It happened the night of one cold Christmas Eve Delivering presents, she tugged on my sleeve. “I know you are busy, but still I must know, How old you are Santa, and then you can go.” “My dear,” I whispered, “I am so old. I don’t know what you think, or what you’ve been told But I knew your parents, when they were just small, And their parents before them, I knew them all.” “I’m old,” I said, “I delivered a boat To a boy named Christopher, which he loved to float. It sparked his interest, and he went to sea, Found a whole new land, whilst looking for tea.” “I’m old,” I laughed, “I once gave some paints To a boy named Leo, I got no complaints. He learned how to use them, he did it quite well And his work is now famous, or so I’ve heard tell.” “I’ve known kings and princes, presidents too, All when they were little, and young just like you. Actors and doctors, and some would agree Many a life was inspired by me.” “My gifts sparked ideas in many young minds Inventors, musicians, jobs of all kinds. There isn’t a person alive now today, Who is older than me, I can safely say.” “I was there for them, and I’m here for you, And I’ll be here for your kids and grandchildren too. Whatever you think, whatever you’re told, The best answer I have is I’m really, really old.”
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    When you go into a park, whether municipal or amusement, seeking to find children to give candy to, it is about your ego and not the children. You can say you do not approach them all you want, but when you dress like that, your intent is to be recognized as Santa and be approached. Any amusement park (Disney, Six Flags, etc.) has this policy for the protection of their patrons but, more importantly, for their own protection from litigation should something happen that offends someone.
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    Another case of some guy looking to grab the lime light ,don't go to theme parks or other Santa's events dressed as Santa looking for attention.
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    To my untrained eye, he was in costume, just as much as Thomas Tolbert was at DisneyWorld. I'm sorry, but they are doing nothing less than shouting ME! ME! ME! with their outfits and interactions. I surely don't walk around with a bag of candy canes ready to hand out on the off chance someone might walk up to me. There are hundreds of RBS that go to theme parks every year, many of them wearing a red shirt, and they get stopped and asked to pose for a picture. They don't get kicked out because they don't make a spectacle of themselves and accommodate the guests as discreetly as possible. Yes, sometimes Santa does go on vacation and he happens to enjoy some of the same places other families enjoy.
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    My Life as Santa by: Santa Laureate They called me white trash, Boomer kid I grew up following drilling rigs I came from the wrong side of the tracks Always fighting the pecking order My older sister had my back Dad worked on an oil rig Mom cleaned houses for others My sister and I were put in charge Of my other sister and my brothers. Momma did the best she could Making potatoes and beans go far While daddy spent most every night Shooting pool in a local bar. Christmas was a simple time Pop corn garland on the tree There we no Christmas stockings Or special gifts for me. If Santa found our house at all I usually got underwear Was not what I asked for At the time I wondered if HE cared One year I finally got a wagon It was dented with a scratch here and there I was so excited with Santa’s gift You know I really didn’t care One year my folks surprised us kids With a trip beyond their means We went to Santa Claus Land Indiana This exceeded all our dreams. There before my very eyes Yes, bigger than life itself Was a smiling, loving man in RED It was Santa Claus HIMSELF. We rode behind him on the train My life was filled with glee My parents even let me sit Upon this Santa’s knee I trusted him with all my heart I asked him for an electric train That Christmas He actually delivered one A miracle I could not explain Over the years my memory faded So did this Santa from my past I still have the train and treasure it I made sure that it would last Then I became a parent Christmas got all messed up I my head My kids were given everything they wanted It was about getting things instead My kids grew up and moved away Cancer took my wife I was filled with rage and anger It controlled my life. One Christmas not so long ago A gentle lady gave me a gift quit shocking Knitted out of wool and filled with gifts My very first CHRISTMAS STOCKING Like the Grinch my heart melted My eyes filled up with tears This act of selfless giving Erased the hurt from all these years The true spirit of Christmas filled my heart It really made me pause That’s when I think I started on the road Of becoming Santa Claus This lady said “we have to do this right “ So before you even start. Off to C.W.Howard School you go That’s where I found my heart One day I sat next to her In a auditorium filled with men like me Phil Wenz had put together A film of Santa History All at once my emotions welled For riding on a train Was the Santa from my past JIM YELLIG was his name I feel he planted in my heart that day The Spirit of Christmas love It was guarded and protected until needed By our father from up above It now grows and flourishes As I humbly try do my part To be the best Santa I can be And protect each child’s heart So every time I don the RED SUIT I say a little prayer “Dear God let me be like ST Nicholas Let them feel your presence there” I know I’ll never be the Perfect Santa I hope someday they will say He lived the Spirit of Christmas EACH and EVERY day. Gods Blessings and Merry Christmas
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    Today is the day! I have a gift for you, something that has been in the works for a while and I am so excited to finally share it with you! Introducing, The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast, available on many platforms and all entirely free for you. Why a podcast? You can consider a podcast like a contemporary radio show that individuals can download and listen to via a personal device or computer. The goal of this podcast is to uplift and inspire the Christmas community through our interviews. We hope that our guests share with the Christmas community the heart of Santa. There is so much focus on the business side of things with various workshops and classes, and while there is nothing wrong with learning, sometimes this focus comes ego, too much focus on money, and at times a loss of why this work is so special. The podcast will be a heart to heart; inspiring others to want to be better. The podcast is not a business, there will be no focus on creating a podcast for monetary reasons and should be considered entirely a gift to the Christmas community. Clausnet has been a wonderful place for me and I support and share often to gem that is Clausnet to the Santas that I meet. In all avenues of this community, we see the good and the bad. Sadly, the bad seems to get so much more traction way too often. I guess this project is my way of highlighting what I love about this community, in particular the gift we have to do what we do. I have been fortunate enough to focus on some individuals that have made a difference for me in some way and whom I think, or my previous guests think could add something special. There are some wonderful guests coming up that I look forward to talking with and I look forward to possibly visiting with Clausnet’s Wizard behind the curtain, Michael. Here is our starting lineup, beginning with none other than our dear, sarcastic, and deducated Marty! Subscribe to the podcast and enjoy! It’s a little rough around the edges but I truly am working hard to help give back something very special.
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    Last year, my daughter and grandson called to invite me to join them for a local Christmas parade in their town. This town really knows how to celebrate Christmas! Even though I am a real bearded Santa, I still went and we had a great time watching all the wonderful floats go by, decorated with lights and tinsel and all manner of design. But when Santa and his sleigh came by, Santa just sat there, nary a wave, barely a smile. Then recently, I was paging through a talent agency website looking at various Santas represented by that agency. I’ve got to say, there are a quite a few of us I would not hire if I was looking for someone to appear at my party. I’ve been a Santa now for 10 years and every year have worked hard to improve my appearance and talents. I was a commercial photographer for 37 years before I retired. In that job, I not only had to learn to use a camera and design a photograph, but since I also worked with models (often amateurs), I had to learn how to direct them to get the best shot. When I photographed someone in a shot that demanded a mood of ‘excitement’, I studied what other artists and photographers had done to show that. I directed and worked with the models to get gestures and moods and expressions like happiness, joy, sadness, depression, anger and so on from them. I was prepared for what looks I needed to inspire when I walked into my studio or on set. And over time, it became second nature to me to coax various expressions from my models to even get images that were not planned but still became great shots. I use those skills I learned as a photographer and director. As Santas, we too need to do this. We need to look at what photographers and models have done with expression to get such wonderful shots. And I don’t mean just Santas photos either. The best sources I have had through the years was Lucille Ball and Dick Van Dyke. These two actors had rubber faces and knew how to engage their audiences. They could instantly transform their faces and gestures from that of someone who was being sneaky to one of laughter to embarrassment. I encourage you to create a file of fabulous faces and practice them in the mirror yourself! Think through the kind of engagements you have had with children and what great expression would have made the visit for them AND the picture even greater! Of particular note, practice and learn facial expressions such as joy, surprise, a great laugh, empathy, and even sadness and compassion. Learn them and use them regularly even in the off season. It isn’t just about facial expression either. Learn to use your hands and gestures to further enhance your look! Again, watch what the great pros have done. Perhaps most important is pay close attention to your visitor and learn to give a great Santa expression that meets the situation. I’ve learned to do that even when I am in the same chair for 5 to 8 hours visiting with hundreds of children. I even tell my photographers to be ready to shoot because the interactions come fast. I want those parents to leave with a picture of Santa and their child that they will really cherish and say, “That was the best Santa we ever had!” Now I realize that facial expressions and gestures are not really the ultimate goal. The real goal is to fully engage with the child or visitor if even for just a minute. Several years ago, I had an 11 year old girl come to visit me. She was a delight in every way: beautiful and bubbly and every bit engaging. She wore an absolutely beautiful Christmas dress of red velvet and white fur. We talked for a couple minutes. I complimented her on her beauty and dress and she told me how she was doing and what she wanted for Christmas. Mom took several pictures with her camera of us just talking and my reactions to what her daughter was telling me (surprise, joy and happiness and laughter…). A few days later, Mom came back by the set to get my email so she could send me some of her pictures (she loved them!). As I gave it to her, she was telling me more about her daughter and I learned her daughter was dying of leukemia. I didn’t have to put on a expression at that point. It was truly there. A couple of days before Christmas, Mom and Dad brought their daughter to visit with me again. I recognized her immediately. We had a delightful time together that time as well. But I believe what brought her back was her first visit with Santa. I had made the first visit such a delightful time and Mom had taken so many fun pictures that this time, they wanted the whole family photographed with Santa. This past year, I have been mentoring a man who decided to become a Santa. He is a great fellow and our friendship has deepened significantly. He has a truly great chuckle and very white hair and long beard. He has spent a small fortune having a custom suit, belt, buckle, boots and such made. All well and good. The man who becomes Santa is all about giving of himself to bless those who come to him. My friend will make a great Santa! All things considered, it isn’t the suit, it’s the man!
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    To become a Santa Claus by Santa Laureate To become a Santa Claus Oh yeah is it for me? This is something that I Never aspired to be. I was growing older My hair was turning white I was in a department store It was late at night There was a young boy playing Just as most boys do His mom was becoming agitated She was in quite a stew. He was climbing under the clothes racks Knocking displays all around She scolded him several times No place to sit him down I was standing very close to them My white beard and hair in place That’s is when a large smile Started across her face. She said aloud “Mikey, Santa’s watching you I bet” “No”, Mikey said, “its summertime It isn’t Christmas yet”. That’ is when he looked around Then he caught my eye. I never spoke a word Nor did I even try I nodded and gave a wink He looked Oh so surprised That’s when He began to think That’s when he realized She mouthed a silent Thank You As they walked away from me That’s the night that portraying Santa Became reality I am aware we are not disciplinary persons Nor should we ever try No one is good all the time It is certainly not I As Santas we strive to do our best No matter what the cause We help celebrate the” reason for the Season” We are merely portraying Santa Claus
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    pretty sure there are some other strings on this topic of off-season Santa encounters - but I couldn't find them this morning . . . the lovely @Elizabeth Rose and I stopped at Olive Garden for dinner on the way home from working the show last night in the booth behind us sat a woman, her mother, and a very energetic 4 year old boy at some point he started stroking my wife's hair - she turned around to say hi and he started a conversation . . . then he noted that "that guy" next to her kinda looked like Santa - my wife smiled and said "well, that's because he is" at that point he got even more animated - why was I there (why - getting some tools at Home Depot and then heading back to my workshop after dinner of course ! ) he then proceeded to tell me he wanted a Nerf gun and some slime "to mush on his face" (little boys can be silly) I had to ask if he was being good - and he told me he was - he chewed our ear for a good 20 min - but it was a good time . . . Grandma thanked us later - the boy was being raised by his aunt (the one daughter) as his Momma (the other daughter) had OD'd 2 years ago - she was very appreciative someone took the time to engage and entertain her grandson - sometimes you never know the backstory when you get a chance to share a little Christmas with a child . . .
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    What you'll hear from me on this issue... Crickets
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    The issue with the "I don't do that" thing was just another item that this Santa was misrepresenting on purpose for these 2 children. Do you not all remember that at the end of the night when he dropped them off when he made the sleigh fly after giving Teddy his hat to keep? When Teddy asked Santa how he would be able to get around without his magic hat, Santa's reply was, "I'm Santa," and he made the sleigh fly by just holding his hands up. To me, that night was all about Teddy. I took it that the entire point of the night was to get Teddy back on the straight and narrow after his father had passed given the path he was already on. So Santa told some fibs & had an "accident" to help mold Teddy back into what he should be by Teddy & his sister thinking that Santa needed their help that night. When he took off in the sleigh and came back around down their street, he left with a loud, "Ho, Ho, Ho! Merry Christmas!" which was the ONLY time he did it that entire night with them.
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    U.S. Postal Service to Issue Classic Santa Stamps this Christmas Art Features Images from 1950s Coca-Cola Ads PRNewswie-USNewswire June 26, 2018 EXCERPT: It's beginning to look like a classic Christmas! This October, the Postal Service will ring in the 2018 holiday season with four Sparkling Holidays stamps featuring character-rich close-ups of Santa Claus. The Santa images are from Haddon Sundblom paintings created for The Coca-Cola Company holiday advertisements that ran from the 1940s through the early 1960s. Sundblom, a famed commercial artist, depicted a rosy-cheeked, smiling, grandfatherly man in a red suit that came to embody the very essence of "Santa." The Sparkling Holidays stamps will be issued as Forever stamps. Forever stamps are always equal in value to the current First-Class Mail 1-ounce price. Additional details will be announced before the stamps' release. The Postal Service receives no tax dollars for operating expenses and relies on the sale of postage, products and services to fund its operations. SOURCE: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/us-postal-service-to-issue-classic-santa-stamps-this-christmas-300672388.html
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    Gentlemen, You can look like Santa year round, you don't have to act like Santa all year. It is a choice, a choice each of us makes. And yes, this is more difficult for a naturally bearded individual. Some, not all, have just chosen to take the position... Well, I look like Santa everyday, I might as well be Santa everyday. If Santa is "seen" day in and day out, the "specialness" of Santa will be dissipated, diluted, and become ordinary. In my opinion, Santa is not ordinary, not at all, Santa is SPECIAL. I may appear to look like I might be Santa most of the year.... for children, if I am asked, I will tell them that I am NOT Santa. My engagement usually goes along the lines of "no, I am not Santa but, wouldn't having a job like Santa's be great?" Personally, I don't mind it one bit if I happen to be in a department store or any other store for that matter, and a child having "one of those moments" (tantrum or semi tantrum / I want this or that) and just my appearance.... not saying a word... I observe a distinct behavioral modification. I happen to enjoy the smile I receive from a parent or guardian once I am noticed. If I am hired to be Santa off season, I portray myself as Santa. I don't walk around day after day in Santa Casual, but I will for Santa related events, meetings etc. Again, this is just my opinion and merely an expression of my thoughts, I have not been appointed, nor elected to be the Santa Sheriff.
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    There are moments we who are storytellers, we who don the Red Suit are touched by. There are moments we never forget. Standing in front of hundreds of children, dozens of children or just around a campfire and tell stories to make kids laugh or making them jump with a sort of scary story is great fun. to have boys and girls say, "that was so cool, Mr. Storyteller" is rewarding enough. But donning the Red Suit, that is different. All storytellers have magic moments. Moments when the audience breathes as one. Moments where time is suspended and not one sound is heard other than the storyteller's voice. There are other moments that are more than magic. Moments when you are humbled. Moments when tears well up in the corners of your eyes, to be wiped away by the white gloves you wear with your Red Suit. Moments like this one in the photo from Storytelling Santa's friend Jenny Daws. A hushed moment as a Mama and Daddy push a wheelchair up and gently lift a frail little angel out and carefully place her in Santa's arms. Santa moves around in his chair so his shoulder supports the head of the little angel, her eyes closed, not moving at all. She is aware something, someone is different and her face shows concern, but Santa whispers to her and she relaxes. He continues to talk with her in whispers the whole time, lost in that place, just Santa and the angel. He forgets the photographer, forgets to look at the camera. He pushes his beard back so it doesn't tickle her face and he whispers and softly sings a Christmas carol. The photographer takes their photo and the parents thank Santa. He thanks them for sharing that moment with him... a beggar in a red suit. There are more kids, some hurting, some barely aware, some smiling and excited. They are all someone's baby, someone's promise. A treasure in a little package. Oh my, they break your heart when the only thing they ask for is "just one more Christmas with my whole family". Or the little girl who asked, "Can you bring my Daddy home from Afghanistan?" "I miss my Grandma in Heaven. Can you tell her I love her?" "Santa, I wish my Mommy and Daddy would stop hollering at each other." They don't always ask for toys, you see. They Believe. They are filled with hope and joy and wonderment. And then, Santa's mind is drawn back a year or two, an evening visit in a community building, sponsored by a local church. Dozens and dozens of little ones have sat on Santa's lap. He recited "The Night Before Christmas" and many of them joined in as he spoke those magical words. Just before Santa is to leave a disheveled mother comes in, hair a mess, clothes not clean, disoriented (someone whispers she smokes crack all the time). She asks if there is still time for her three little children to see Santa. All are under 10. Of course there is time. This night Santa has all the time in the world. The children don't ask for I-pads, cell phones, Transformers, baby dolls or even Legos. They ask for socks, a robe, a new shirt no one has ever worn. Did you hear me? A new shirt no one has ever worn. That is his Christmas wish. And the last of the three, a little girl about 6 or 7 sits on Santa's lap as Church Folks find food, bags of cookies and hot chocolate for the other two. This little sweetheart in clothes that don't fit is so happy to sit on Santa's lap.(and her clothes have not been washed, which angers and saddens at the same time). She just sits there and leans in to his chest for a minute. Santa's lap is a "safe place", you see. She leans against the Red Suit, content and safe. Finally she gets down to business... "Now, what would you like for Christmas?" Santa asks. "I don't know, Santa. (she pauses) Maybe, if it would be alright, a Toy? Just a Toy?" Her ask is a question, a plea, a dream that her crack ridden mother will not, cannot fulfill. Unless someone else finds the way to their door all the extra money will go up in the smoke of a crack pipe. Her eyes plead as she looks into Santa's eyes and asks for a toy, a single toy. Santa wonders how long it has been since she had a toy? What do you say? What would you say? Santa never promises anything, of course. He listens, hugs and gives them candy canes. He has no real magic. He has no toys to hand out. He has only peppermint candy canes. He is just a beggar in a red suit. A myth brought to life for a moment in time. Nobody important. Just a pretend. Oh, that his red toy sack was everlastingly full of toys. If only he could fly with his reindeer to a workshop at the North Pole and bring a toy to every little one, food for hungry bellies of children everywhere. Buy, you see... he depends on me, on you. There weren't any toys in Santa's vehicle that night. From that day till this Santa always has Teddy Bears hidden in his truck, ready for occasions where he knows a little one needs a bear to hug. He, like others, tries, not always successfully, to wear the mantle of Saint Nicholas of Myra (in modern day Turkey), the first Santa. As he leaves Storytelling Santa often lifts families, children that sat on his lap in prayer. For that is the only gift he can truly give.
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    An International Group with members in the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. We are a Brotherhood of like minded men that feel truly called to spread the joy of Christmas to children and adults alike. Our Mission Statement: The primary objective and purpose of this Association is to provide opportunities for its members to enjoy social interaction, to promote the positive image of Santa and to serve the community by providing Santas for as many community service groups and organizations as possible. We seek to enhance the spirit of Christmas and the joy of being Santa by fostering the spirit of fellowship among our members with social gatherings throughout the year. www.IBRBS.com
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    It's A Wonderful Life (It's A Wonderful Movie) has behind the scenes stills, and the gallery and some backstory are available HERE for your viewing/reading pleasure. Hope it distracts you a bit from all of the chaos the world has to offer lately...
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    Can you tell I feel strongly about this? It sickens me that we care that little for the legend. I will not mince words on this. I totally agree that there are times when a RBS slips into Santa mode no matter the time of the year. Its the ones who approach children or call out to them or just plain seek them out that I have an issue with. Its creepy...regardless of your intentions. You are correct in that there is no ruling arbiter for Santa. We are all our own arbiter. And if we all were to want to keep the mystery of the legend alive and approach our interactions with that in mind, then I would have absolutely NO issue at all. Don't seek them out. If you are approached as an RBS, do what you want at that point. But no. We get caught up in our feelings...the feelings that we experience. We also get caught up in what we hope those that we serve feel. But, we should be more concerned with only their feelings and not our own. This legend...this character...it has a history and we should not go changing the history of who he is, how he behaves, and when he appears. I can say this to prove my point. I would say 99.9999% of all of us who do this, when we were children, seldom (if ever) saw Santa Claus outside of the Christmas holiday unless it was at a themed event or park. Why do we feel the need to change that except for our own benefit? We can say its for the children, but its not. It all comes down to ego. And that will be the downfall of this legend. And if you cannot even begin to see it from that standpoint, then you are the problem.
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    There will be around 250 Santas and Mrs. Clauses plus the event is open to the public. From our contacts in Albion there will be around 300-400 from the public attending as well. It is a Santa conference but with a "celebrating Charles W. Howard" and his family. friends, and Albion. I have secured some rare film footage that has not be seen in over 50 years.
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    I've written another poem. Let me know what you think. I rather enjoy this! Santa’s Magic Pocket Watch A crack of the whip, and we take to the sky, “Up, up and away!” as the brisk snowflakes fly. A check of the pocket watch, plenty of time To deliver the presents ‘fore the last morning chime. We daintily land on the first little roof. The snow is quite slippery, no room for a goof. To the chimney, straight down to the dwelling below, Leave presents, eat cookies, and then time to go. Up the chimney again, my visit’s been proved. I look at the watch, the hands haven’t moved! From rooftop to rooftop, the whole town at last. Again, check my watch, one minute has passed! Away to the next town we fly and we land. I glance at the timepiece that lies in my hand. It still shows me only one minute expired, The magic of Christmas! I’m not even tired! From city to city, across mountain and sea The hands of my magic watch keep time with me. Slowing down when I need it, speeding up when it must, All the time that I need, in my watch I can trust. No matter how big this old world seems to be There always is plenty of time left for me To circle the globe, leaving gifts for each one, And be home before daybreak, my long journey done. The watch will wind down, and go back in its sleeve Until I will need it for next Christmas Eve. For magical watches, like Santa, work best When given a year to catch up on their rest!
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    Folks, I would be remiss if I didn't ask this question. What are we, a community of Santas, doing to protect the image of Santa? How are we collectively creating awareness and truly keeping alive the magic of Santa? How are we helping the community and combatting these issues? A picture and a candy cane at Christmas goes only so far. An off-season appearance to a child only goes so far. I am in no way trying to sound sarcastic or trying to offend anyone. But we are supposed to be the professionals. Why are we not doing more to stop or speak out against this sort of thing? Too, we should realize as well that we have in some ways not been the best guardians of the image of Santa either. Sometimes I think we are too busy trying to "be Santa" than to BE Santa - to give of ourselves in love (1) to the children and (2) to our brotherhood and sisterhood. We forget that in order to uphold the wonderful image of Santa that we must first adopt it within us, recognizing what that image is all about. If you think that that image is just a red suit and beard you aren't even close! That image represents something greater - the giving of a gift that began with the giving of the Gift! That is where the Spirit of Christmas came from and for Saint Nicholas or Santa Claus is where the mission began. The image of Santa is truly a reflection of that. I think in a good many ways we need to truly sit down and look at what is going on. We need to all truly look at how we serve the children, first, laying aside all of the things that have come into play (fraternal groups and factions, beard preference, envy over opportunities, and so much more) so that we can self examine our hearts. We need to each, individually, look at how we are helping or hindering the brotherhood and sisterhood of Santa Claus. Are we helping to educate and to cultivate one another to become that image of Santa? Or are we hindering it by allowing ego, agenda, jealousy, and greed to enter our workshop? Stop! Think of what could be accomplished for good. Man oh man! When I think of how much good we could do for the children of this world if we could work together as a true loving and supporting brotherhood. Let's work on the inside of the community and then go out and show the world who Santa is! I would truly like to see our community really explore these principles and be that impact that our World needs. I firmly believe that the World needs what Santa stands for. I hope you will all join me in sharing it!
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    Does anyone else long for the days when the phone was attached to the wall, NASA was the only one with a computer, and we had one T.V. in the house and four channels and the news was only on 3 times a day?
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    I can appreciate that in studying my bearded-ness they used monkeys as a control group - that is probably reasonable. and my wife too - HATES the beard - but I am stuck with it . . . . . do you understand what I would look like if I shaved ????? or even......
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    I absolutely loved the movie. Maybe not my all-time favorite Christmas movie, but definitely near the top. I loved Kurt Russell's take on Santa. The coat was very close to what I originally planned (attempted & so far failed) to make for my outfit. As far as "I don't HO HO HO, that is a myth!" I just took that as the writer's way of saying: get ready-- this is NOT the Santa you think you know! I also may steal the line - I agree - HO HO HO never sounds genuine. But seeing Santa as a man of action, with style and attitude, and more than a little mischievous...HECK YEAH! The movie certainly wasn't perfect. I, too, hated the elves...but, I get it. It's a family movie. They had adult dialogue; stuff for the teens, tweens, and YA crowd, and hey - it's about Santa! They had to get something in there for the little ones. Familiar enough, yet different enough, to hold their attention (and probably market some toys, too). I don't have any little ones in my household right now, so I don't know if it worked; but I get it. The "big fight scene" in the chop-shop was ridiculous as well - that scene flopped, IMO. But there was so much that did work! The characters were relateable (ok - in a Hallmark movie kind of way). The chase scene, restaurant, police interrogation scene, etc. were genuinely fun. And the unexpected musical in the holding cell? That is now one of my all-time fave scenes in any movie, ever! Was the plot sappy, predictable, hackneyed; and did it over-do the pulling at the heart-strings? Sure - but isn't that de rigueur for Christmas movies, anyway? The big question though - did it work? And I gotta say: Yeah, it worked. It managed to warm this crusty ol' cynics heart a little and wake the Christmas spirit up. Can't wait for it to come out on disc - this one is going in my collection
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    I'm naturally white bearded all year long. Off season I'm just John. I never deliberately approach someone as Santa off season. The only exception is a Christmas related event such as Christmas in July, where I've been hired as Santa. During Season I never go to the mall. If I am ever in a situation where there is another Santa and some one asks "If the is Santa who are you?" My favorite response in "North Pole Security, we look after the big guy". With that said. If I'm approached and called Santa, I become Santa and keep my visit very brief. If asked what am I doing in Florida in the summer time. I just sat I'm on vacation or Just checking my nice list. Then I quickly move on. I always keep any off season encounters as brief a possible. Often as I'm walking away I hear parents say to their children"See he's always watching".
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    Self stimulation of ego? An ego junky getting one more fix? One more high? Sure Christmas is an adrenaline filled time of the year, exciting, Santa is the center of attention. The end of December rolls along, and theres the let down, an actual depressive state where you feel like you just went from HERO to ZERO in one day. I suffer from this after Christmas blue feeling, I have found that as soon as I can, I need to make a drastic change to my appearance. It is shaving or trimming my beard way back, or cutting my hair, or both. Another thing is to get my Santa gear stowed away as soon as possible. Something to make that break.. stepping away.. I personally never have seen the need to carry around a pocket full of "I got caught being good" coins, or peppermint candies to pass out in the off season. You never see a traditional bearded Santa with this problem (well, not never, but seldom) if you did see a traditionally bearded guy walking around off season, as Santa at a non Santa/Christmas themed event.... you would think him NUTZ.. Truthfully, when you see a Naturally bearded guy going around in similar situation you should be thinking NUTZ too, but for some reason RBS guys have a real problem with this. Its amusingly sad that you find these same individuals touting "Its All For The Children".... A nice saying, but really who is this for? I think that its far from the children. When I was a child, I never looked at Santa and thought... thats not a real beard, in fact I don't even know if I say a Santa that was a naturally bearded Santa. Heck, everyone... and it was usually ONE that I saw was Santa. You never saw Santa on Christmas Eve... cause Santa wouldn't come unless you were asleep! Santa completely disappeared, back to the North Pole, to rest up, and to begin building the toys for next season... Of which, I was already hoping for the something that I wanted and didn't get, to get it next year, MAYBE. Back then, there was never the worry about seeing two Santas, there was only one department store in town that had a Santa, no one else did, no one else expected to have Santa. Having a Santa was the role that the best department store had... and no one else had one. If you wanted to see Santa, there was only one place you could go. If part of the role we strive for is to make children "Believe", why then do we confuse them by having so many? Why would it be that parents have to tell their children... "He is the REAL Santa", or Which one is the real Santa, There's Santas Helper. Back then, back in my childhood there was no need for comments I've listed. The Santa that you saw... the only one that you saw was Santa, no doubt it. Life was simpler then, we were more innocent as children. We didn't walk through a mall and see several different Santas (when I was a child, there were no malls, there was Main Street). We didn't see a few more on the way home either, if we had, I can think of no quicker Believe Killer than that. We were innocent but not dumb. Kids to day are smart, they know somethings fishy... But perhaps, there is a bit of fear in their hearts, that if they don't believe, they might NOT get something they want. Of course there are you young whipper snappers out there that have no idea what I'm trying to relate to. But Felix, you are (in my mind) spot on in your statement which I quoted above. Spot ON! Edit: This is yet another great discussion here on ClausNet, lets keep it great by not lining up and throwing snowballs at each other. We are not going to drastically change each other's minds, but hopefully, we will see the topic from a different perspective. After all, if everyone thought exactly the same way we do... then how can one of us be better than the other? Sarcasm of course, but we wont always agree on everything and we can still be friends, and remain respectful, and cordial. Thanks
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    Santa and politics, jokes or not, are not appropriate conversation, especially for children. I don't view their actions as harsh, at all. Just my 2¢.
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    LEGO Creator holiday set 10245 Santa’s Workshop unveiled at Bricks by the Bay Santa’s Workshop includes 883 pieces and 6 minifigs, and will retail for $70 in the US. The set features the workshop itself, Santa and Mrs. Claus, elves, a sleigh with brick-built reindeer, and toy-making machinery. 10245 Santa’s Workshop will be out this October. SOURCE: Brothers Brick
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