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    The Miracle League Statement is "Every Child Deserves a Chance to Play Baseball" Children and their families actually come from as far as N.Y. to bring their children to this baseball field to play baseball. But tonight Oct 20th was a totally different experience. It was their Halloween Party for those same children and their families. I was asked to be their Santa Claus two years ago and because of weather as well as my health, I missed this event two years in a row. 2018 was a different story and WE HAD A BALL! I was the last one in the line of trick or treat candy line. Reminding the children and sometimes the parents, 66 days until Christmas!!!! ........... It was a BLAST! TONS of fun and not enough time to take all the photos! But here are some.
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    Pictures from my appearances this year.
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    My favorite pics form 2019
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    Here are a few pictures from Santa Bill Reiller. Facebook Santa on the Gulf
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    I like Santa. I like Chiropractic. Santa should go to the Chiropractor - he works hard !
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    Some shots from various events this Season so far.
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    I love Christmas, but I grew up in Texas watching classic movie cowboys. You just gotta love Cowboy Christmas !!!
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    Some of the pics I got in exchange for 3 hours of my time to be in photo shoots with children. What a great deal.
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    Some pics of 2016 and really looking forward to another exciting season 2017, 2018 and beyond! Hey, if you are free and in the area, come incognito and say "HO HO HO", I mean "HI HI HI"!
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    Photos from the 2018 Christmas Season
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    Went to a restaurant opening today with some friends and made some new ones!!!!!
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    This album is about what i do in the little country Denmark.. There are some pictures frome The Worldcongress for Santa´s 2016 in Copenhagen..
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    Some of Santa TJ's favorite pictures
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    UPDATE: I HAVE 2 TIM ALLEN BUCKLES LEFT! CALL 843-251-7512 I have over 60 different SANTA belts on my website: www.newcreationleathercraft.com You can choose from those or create your on personalize style from the many stamps I have. I also have casual Santa/Mrs. Claus belts, The ULTIMATE Santa Bag and more....check it out!
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