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    Drosselmeyer I think you and I are the only 2 on here that know & understand Red Green. If this santa thing doesn’t work out for me maybe I’ll start doing a USA version of Red Green. I’ve seen worse shows on pbs, but what should I call it The Greene Red Show? I could show people how to build a sleigh from outhouse doors & hockey sticks.😂🤣 Merry Christmas all!
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    She told everyone and showed them the tape. It was quite a stir.
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    That is super cool! I can hear her nervous breathing and heartbeat - what an impression it must have made!
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    looks like the old man done good !!!
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    These are the types of commercials I wish I’d get to see in today’s age. Just happy and cheerful without no hidden meaning. Loved it!
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    Good job Dr. Drosselmeyer. I really enjoyed your interpretation. I know you had on a clever disguise but I still recognized you as Santa.
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    they have a couple others - but I really like the one of Nicholas the Sweep and The Christmas Truce of WW1
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    These are great. I've never heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing, Doug!
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    This is what I'm talking about! I sure hope others will take the time to share. A great off season opportunity. Dig in to your old videos and share them! Thanks Santa Jeff!
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    Love the Laugh...That's a good Ho Ho Ho!
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    Love these classic videos - keep 'em coming!
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    How cool. 120 years later people are still able to watch this.
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    Sorry to say that I never had a chance to work with Fred Rogers, but I did have several opportunities to work with My McFeely. That man taught me more about kids than anybody I know.
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    Very nice Mark! Killer tease and as they always say, ......... Leave when they're wanting MORE! For sure you did just that! Plus you said you were booked solid for C.E. GREAT FOR YOU but mostly the community your doing this FOR! ! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!
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    Great video, makes you want to see more.
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    cute. What is the sleigh affixed to? a golf cart?
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    Missing my Mrs. Claus. She was my rock.
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    Michael LOVED the quick video Just my opinion: Santa DOES have "An Archenemy" ....................... THE NON BELIEVER! Though he / she isn't trying to "GET or HARM" Santa, they are always trying to trip Santa up!
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    I grew up burning my letters to Santa, too. So that made it to America.
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    Very well done John, my good man. Ol' Santa
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    What a wonderful experience the delight must have been overwhelming. What did she say about it when she was older?
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    The UK Christmas commercials are simply awesome! Like miniature movies, so well produced, so cinematic - we don't get to see these in this country but I can't wait to start viewing this year's entries on YouTube!
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    They’re gonna love it! I was ages 3-5 when the show originally aired. Really hits home in the nostalgia department. We watched it with our boys Christmas past.
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    You don't have to wait for the reruns, go to youtube and search Red Green. Do not hold me responsible for your sleepless nights and missed appointments. They have all 300 episodes.
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    Seen Red Green, watched for years, yeah I get it, Just still ask, WHY, I might change, but then again WHY? It does end with I Guess.
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    I LOVE Red Green. Other than my wife (obviously haha) the two best parts about marrying a Canadian is two thanksgivings and being introduced to Red Green! He's my spirit Hoser. haha
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    Great job, your going to miss him when he goes back to school.
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    Remember " Keep your stick on the ice, we're all in this together"
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    He Truly is a master of his “art” I’m afraid that I don’t have what it takes to be like him the best I can do is his voice. Merry Christmas to you and your family as well!
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    Search YouTube for Christmas Adverts. You'll see some wonderful, creative and sometimes heart breaking short videos done with the quality of a well produced Hollywood movie.
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    This Santa is living my dream!
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    An excellent sentiment
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    Simple and entertaining. What a treat to watch.
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    That was very well done!! I thought it captures Mr. Rogers exactly!!
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    Jul in June in Frederikshavn 2018 was a big succes.. We will be back again 2019 Read more here https://www.facebook.com/events/629417654082007/
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    As I always imagined it would be! Plus, you can play with the up down left right icon to see different views. time to get a Sansung VR...
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    What a great laugh... er Ho! I know the feeling....
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    Ok, what did you charge for the use of your suit and accessories in the making of this video? LOL You look great, but its obvious the Costume Department did not do up your threads!
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    Thanks for sharing! The ONLY reason for the season Blessings
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    Round and Round you go...a captive audience ...hoHOho Have a Great Ride
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    The Audio to this is also an example of the introduction music that I use for appearances. This one being the shortest and the longest up to several minutes. This suit was requested by the event planner, included the rubber slippers!
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    Great Job Santa Bob!!!!!
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    My eyes have been scarred!
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    Thanks, that was great!
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    This is a copy of the Hawaiian Airlines Advertisement I appeared in during 2013.

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