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    What a freaking shame! Some sicko devises this nonsense and now there is further ruination of the image of Santa. Is anything sacred anymore? Heck, I know the answer: No. Disgusting sickos, full of evil intent, do anything they can to destroy, not bring up! I understand news agencies informing parents, but the bad thing is that everybody and their brother will bring it up to those of us who never, in our wildest dreams, would do anything to besmirch the image of Santa. Oy gevalt!
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    Sick. I'm so tired of this and the people that promote this activity.
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    If you click the link at the top where Mike posted the news story, you can watch it where it does show the actual text that it is about.
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    Another sad reflection about some individuals in our society. All about $$$ and self, Christmas is about giving for others, and too many individuals just see its a time to take advantage of others. Get as much as they can at any cost. At least if in person, not as much change of things being "Misunderstood" as they can online.
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    Looks like the chat business will take a breather until this blows over. Was thinking about it but now not too sure.
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    Yes I remember you mentioning this in the documentary.
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    Yep, you could see this coming down the pike. Just pitiful.
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    I'm not interested at all in doing video chats or texts or anything like that as Santa. A good old fashioned down to earth back to the basics Santa is fine with me!
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    Scary 'Santa' app sends inappropriate message to young girl, family says Fox News July 22, 2019 EXCERPT: A North Carolina family is sounding the alarm about a creepy "Santa" app that reportedly sent an inappropriate message to their young daughter. The app, called Santa Call & Text You, features images of the bearded gift-giver and apparently allows users to receive a phone call or text message from Santa Claus. "I was just in complete shock," Adams told Fox & Friends on Monday. "It made me sick to my stomach." The child's father took the phone from the young girl and asked several heated questions, according to the Gaston Gazette. "I feel like my daughter was violated," Adams added. SOURCE: https://www.foxnews.com/tech/scary-santa-app-inappropriate-message
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    Yes - good observation - also note that the chat shown is not the one discussed in the article - it looks like the person messaging Santa is claiming to be naughty - I don't doubt this happened - but in this age of fake news and misinformation how much of this story is legitimate vs. how much the author of the news article took liberties and filled in the blanks to make a good story - either way it is sad and it reflects poorly on all the rest of us . . . .
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    Got to wonder who the Santa images are, more than likely screen grabs and the ones portrayed don't even know they have been used, as there are two distinct images here.
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