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    I purchased several copies of this book last year. I applaud this book, it is true to the Gospel message. As a Christian and a minister, I appreciate books which give a simple, yet clear Gospel explanation. For those of us who portray Santa and want to include an element of faith into our visits, this book would be a good tool. I understand everyone has thoughts on this matter and that's okay!!! I could see a problem arise if you were asked questions about Santa's beginnings and started with St. Nicholas. Using this book afterwards would create a contradiction that someone will surely notice. Of course, you may not get a question asking you to tell where Santa Claus comes from, but I have on many different visits and this opened the door to talk about St. Nicholas' faith. If you begin with St. Nicholas as a devoted follower of Christ from an early age and move into this book which pictures and tells of Santa becoming a follower of Christ much later in life, then which is it? I'm not saying don't use this book, I am saying just be ready with an explanation which reconciles the history with the story in the book. One possible explanation to consider might be this. My conversation with the child asking the question might go something like this. After a brief explanation beginning with St. Nicholas, I'd ask this. Have you seen the movie "The Santa Clause"? (I've yet to meet a child who hasn't seen this movie.) You know something? The movie got it right. Now you know that being Santa Claus has been passed down to several different men through these many years. Now, guess what? There was a time when I became Santa Claus. The story I want to share with you from this book happened to me. Okay, my post has taken over an hour to write as I've rewritten it several time to try to explain my thoughts. I always want to do my best to keep the magic of Santa alive for a child, but I also want to be as truthful as possible. I've had parents tell me how much they appreciate my Santa and how much it has meant to their family. So, I feel I'm on the right path here. What are your thoughts?
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    Name: When Santa Learned the Gospel Category: Movies and Television Date Added: 07/08/2020 Submitter: Drosselmeyer Saw a post on this and looked it up - a very simple story - but very well done the book is on Amazon Robot Check WWW.AMAZON.COM When Santa Learned the Gospel
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