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    On this day ten years ago (11/6/2010), I had the privilege of gathering with many distinguished Santa Claus portrayers in Santa Claus, IN for the Final Santa Claus Oath Ceremony. The Santa Claus Oath is a set of principles that promote brotherhood and the highest ideals for portraying Santa Claus. The oath is the brainchild of Santa portrayer and Christmas archivist, Phillip L. Wenz. During its signatory period, the oath garnered over 2,500 original signers from around the world. The final oath ceremony marked the end of the signatory period, and the book of signatures was placed in a plastic time capsule. The capsule is on display at Santa's Candy Castle (Santa Claus, IN) where it can be viewed by the public. The oath itself is viewable online at santaclausoath.webs.com. The Santa Claus Oath is held in high esteem by Santa groups everywhere.
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    Good job Dr. Drosselmeyer. I really enjoyed your interpretation. I know you had on a clever disguise but I still recognized you as Santa.
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    Wow! I remember that statue. Attending the Jim Yellig Workshop was my first "big" Santa thing. I ordered my good suit from Sam in the exhibits and fell in love with the Santa community. The oath is a meaningful part of being a responsible Santa!
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    was able to share this at my church 11/8/20 - based on the original by the UCCF
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    I wish I could have been present at that ceremony. On the 25th anniversary of its encapsulation on 11/06/2035, it will be removed. At that point, those who have participated in the Santa Claus Oath Signatory Proxy campaign since 11/06/2010 will have their signatures added to the Oath Book. So, if you embrace and believe in the tennents of the Santa Claus Oath AND you have yet to take advantage of the Signatory Proxy campaign, you still have plenty of time to do so.
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    My Mrs Claus makeup transformation Pic 1 my normal face, average day, light minimal makeup Pic 2 Contour cheeks, jowls and create dark circles and wrinkles Pic 3 Highlight Pic 4 Blend. Eyebrows. Blush. Pic 5 Blend all. Wig and accessories to complete the look.
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    One of my favorite scenes from the classic movie, Bells of St. Mary's. Actually, one of the few Christmas moments in a movie that is often categorized as a Christmas film.
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    Billie Mae Richards radio interview. She provided the voice for the Original voice of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from 1964 to 1979
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    This gives me some hope for our future generations.
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