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    I am not a fan of colorized movies that were originally shot in B&W, but some of these colorized vintage Christmas time photos are quite interesting. There is a LINK HERE and I pasted a few examples below...Enjoy!
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    The community of Globeville was settled in the late 1880s around the Globe Smelting and Refining Company in north Denver. Many of the early workers were Eastern European immigrants, including a diverse mix of Austrians, Croatians, Germans, Poles, Russians, Scandinavians, Slovenians, and other Slavic peoples. The railroad and packing plant industries also offered low-income employment opportunities within the neighborhood for unskilled and semi-skilled people. A majority of the people who worked in Globeville also lived in the neighborhood. Immigrant populations thrived as churches and social organizations grew up around the various nationalities. Globeville's history as a peaceful home for immigrants continues to this day, and over the past few decades, an increasing Hispanic population has moved into the community. Toys for kids were not easy to come by in Globeville, as most resident’s income went first for basic necessities like food, rent and clothing. Christmas giving consisted mostly of home-baked food, music and dancing. A new toy was a rarity. Children often had only one toy, and many had none at all. When a toy was given, it was expected to last for a long, long time, possibly handed down to younger siblings. In the early 1900s, one immigrant from Russia began to make a small name for himself, repairing children’s toys. Max had a few tools in a little workshop in back of his home, and a lot of ingenuity. He never charged for his services. Folks all over Globeville began to hear about him and brought their broken children’s toys, and often their children, to see him. Max had a large soft spot for children. By the 1940s, everyone in the community knew Max Rabinoff as the “Santa of Globeville,” as he was described in 1950 during a weekly show on KLZ radio called “The Biggest Heart,” sponsored by the local Hudson car dealer. A small cheerful man, more of an elf than a Santa really, his little workshop was filled with toys in various states of repair. Santa Max was born Mordecai Joseph Rabinowitz in 1881 in Babruysk, Belarus, Russia to orthodox Jewish parents. They were very poor. One of his prize possessions was a coat that his mother had cut down from one of his father’s old coats. He was very proud of it. But there was another day much later when he was even more proud, as he stood in a court room in New York City in 1913 and was granted U.S. citizenship. That day meant a lot to him, as the end of a long, hard struggle. Max used to say that most people didn’t know what it meant to be an American, that one had to live through not being one to fully appreciate being one. His family left Russia to escape religious persecution and economic hardship. He started several businesses after coming to the U.S., but apparently was too busy helping folks out to be much of a business man. The longer Max was in the U.S. , the less orthodox he became. Often he paid for things he sold to others out of his own pocket, or out of his cash register. He did better working for others than for himself. Employed for many years by the Globeville Mercantile Store, Max eventually seemed to find his true calling repairing toys for children, after suffering from coronary thrombosis and being told he should retire. Retire he did…sort of. After two years of retirement Max was bored. It was difficult for him because he had worked hard for many years and liked to work. Eventually he found a way to keep busy. It started when Max began fixing the broken toys of children who lived in the low-income Lincoln Park Housing Project in Globeville, where he lived on the outskirts of Denver. At that time there were over 1,000 children under 15 years old in the Project. Most were little ones, and Max began replacing lost bolts and screws, and tinkering with the trikes and skates. At first his only tools were a pair of pliers and a screwdriver. It wasn’t long before Max noticed many of the children didn’t have any playthings. This made him very unhappy, because Max couldn’t afford to buy toys for all of them. Then one day a wonderful idea came to him: a way to get toys for all. Max began tirelessly calling on department stores, doll shops, hardware stores, bicycle shops, and sporting goods stores. If a store sold anything for children, they were treated to Max’s pleasant, persuasive brand of salesmanship, asking them to donate toys that arrived broken during shipping. Max covered the city. And it worked! Soon there was a steady stream of broken and unsaleable toys flowing toward the little workshop at Lincoln Park. Max bought new tools, a band saw, and a drill press to make his job easier and faster, and before long, it was necessary to move to larger quarters: a big basement room beneath the housing project recreation hall. In short order, it looked exactly like the real Santa’s workshop must look at the North Pole. As one stood there amidst the neat rows of toys and shelves of wheels and spare parts and bolts, and smelled the wood shavings and paint, one could almost see little elves busy with their hammers and brushes at their benches, that is, if one believed in Santa Claus… Most likely they worked at night when nobody was there. Not all of Max’s time was spent in his workshop. Santa Max loved children (his own having grown and flown), but he was especially fond of those confined to their beds with diseases like rheumatic fever or polio. He had ways of finding out where they lived and what they needed to shorten the long days and nights. It didn’t make any difference whether he knew them, or what their race, creed or color was. Max would show up at the door where they lived unannounced, and introduce himself saying something like “I heard your little boy is sick, so I brought him a few little things to play with…” avoiding questions about who told him, and explaining the playthings. When asked who a mother should say brought the toys, Max would simply reply “Just tell him Santa…he’ll like that…just tell him Santa.” Year round, Santa Max made it his responsibility to see that children had a reason to smile. He was especially adept at repairing dolls for little girsl. He couldn’t get to every child, but he put a light in thousands of young eyes each year. For him, Christmas wasn’t about religion or nationality or wealth, it was about the children, helping children smile under the most difficult circumstances. But it couldn’t go on forever. Unfortunately, Santa Max died in 1950. He was mourned by several generations of Globeville residents, descended from many nationalities. Thousands of older adults still fondly remember the immigrant Santa from Jewish origins who lit up their eyes when they were children. His descendants have scattered to the four winds, but several of them still live in the Denver area. True story.
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    Daisy releases adult-sized red rider BB gun for Christmas! November 4, 2019 Stephen Ziegler For a limited time, Daisy is releasing an adult version of their classic red rider BB gun. It is almost identical to the version many of us had as kids, just bigger. Source: https://thehuntingnews.com/daisy-releases-adult-sized-red-rider-bb-gun-for-christmas/?fbclid=IwAR3hVRimulOxHC5b0BnqlotcaD_SMjmTs3DIPnD9FqrOilvvmwwfUAlPGoI
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    they have a couple others - but I really like the one of Nicholas the Sweep and The Christmas Truce of WW1
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    These are great. I've never heard of this company before. Thanks for sharing, Doug!
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    Patrick: Very cool, and a great find! Thanks brother! Love ya!
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    Love this !! Thanks for sharing !! @Elizabeth Rose an idea for your Christmas 'do . . .
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    Never had a Red Ryder when I was a kid but my wife did by me one a few Christmases ago. My first BB Gun (age 9) was the Daisy "Buffalo Bill. Special."
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    As I shared in a previous topic, I love Christmas music - I legitimately listen to it all year long. There are very few pieces I just do not like. What Christmas songs grate on your brain when they come on ?? What songs make you change the channel ? For me: Santa Baby - I just hate this song. I find it selfish and obnoxious. The fact that it is often sung in a sultry way - suggesting that she is trying to seduce Santa into giving her what she wants - makes the song all that much more offensive to me. "The New Young Messiah - A Soulful Celebration" - as much as I love the Messiah, and as much as I loved the "new" Young Messiah of 1990 - this version rewrote the score and produced this travesty. I will not listen to this. Christmas Wrapping - by the Waitresses -- no real reason - just don't like it
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    Dominic The Donkey Marshmallow World and anything by the chipmunks.
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    Name: John Lewis Christmas Ad 2011 Category: Commercials Date Added: 11/15/2019 Submitter: Drosselmeyer John Lewis Christmas Ad 2011
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    From the album: Santa Family Pictures

    'Jellybean' is a 130 pound 8 year old former fighting pit bull that we rescued and transported to his forever home. Despite all he has been through...he was a real gentle giant.
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    Playing this at my desk right now . . . The Past Perfect Channel expertly remasters music from the 1920s, 30s, 40s and 50s. French Music, Retro Music, Saxophone Music, Italian Music, Jazz Music, Swing Band Music, Morning Music, Piano and Guitar Music, Music while Cooking, Christmas Music, Background Music, Holiday Music, Big Bands, Dance Bands, Love Songs, Tea Dances, Vintage Parties, Murder Mystery Events, Ballroom Dancing, War Re-enactment Events, Nostalgic Songs. Master Rights Copyright: Past Perfect Limited Various Artists - Vintage Christmas Released 2006-12-01 on Past Perfect Download on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0039U3T6K... Download on Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/search?... Buy CD on Amazon: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B0... Buy CD from Past Perfect: http://www.pastperfect.com/Detail.asp... 1. 00:00:00 Bing Crosby Santa Claus Is Comin' To Town 2. 00:02:44 Frank Sinatra White Christmas 3. 00:06:06 Connie Boswell Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow! 4. 00:08:54 Nat King Cole The Christmas Song 5. 00:12:07 Doris Day Here Comes Santa Claus 6. 00:14:48 Perry Como Winter Wonderland 7. 00:17:21 Judy Garland Merry Christmas 8. 00:20:07 Leroy Anderson Sleigh Ride 9. 00:22:56 Harry Babbitt Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer 10. 00:25:24 Spike Jones All I Want For Christmas Is My Two Front Teeth 11. 00:28:35 Margaret Whiting The Mistletoe Kiss Poka 12. 00:31:12 Perry Como There Is No Christmas Like A Home Christmas 13. 00:34:30 Paul Whiteman Christmas Night In Harlem 14. 00:37:58 Gracie Fields The Fairy On The Christmas Tree 15. 00:41:06 Dick Robertson Don't Wait Till The Night Before Christmas 16. 00:43:47 Frank Sinatra Christmas Dreaming (A Little Early This Year) 17. 00:46:47 Fats Waller Swingin' Them Jingle Bells 18. 00:49:46 Phyllis Robins The Little Boy That Santa Claus Forgot 19. 00:52:46 Sydney Lipton I'm Going Home For Christmas 20. 00:55:40 Perry Como That Christmas Feeling 21. 00:58:55 Harry Babbitt Frosty The Snowman 22. 01:01:12 Judy Garland Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas 23. 01:04:00 Bing Crosby The Twelve Days Of Christmas 24. 01:07:24 Dinah Shore The Merry Christmas Polka © Past Perfect Limited ℗ Past Perfect Limited
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    Search YouTube for Christmas Adverts. You'll see some wonderful, creative and sometimes heart breaking short videos done with the quality of a well produced Hollywood movie.
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    You can keepit n a gun rack in the rear window of your pickup and everybody will think you are either a cowboy or a hunter!
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    @Drosselmeyer You're gonna be in trouble!!!!! BIG TROUBLE When she see this! So can I have your RR BB Gun? No use in letting it go to waste is what I'm thinking!
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    As a kid NEVER allowed to have anything that looked like a gun and the WIFE NOW HATES GUNS ....... Well I just might have too go and order one JUST SO I CAN HAVE MY FIRST! And it will hang in the window for ALL TO ADMIRE! Oh wait that was the lamp! NEVER MIND, I still might get the BB GUN THOUGH!
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    The Fairy on the Christmas Tree by The Three Sisters annoys me, but Michael Buble (whose brand of contrived "cool" I only just tolerate at the best of times) did a cover of Santa Baby called "Santa Buddy" that drives me especially up the wall. It's got all the indecorousness and material esurience of the original, but also includes Buble reasserting his masculinity with every line.
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    Last Christmas by Wham (1984) - just annoys me for some reason, especially when I can't turn it off fast enough and it gets stuck in my head for half the day.
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    Something to look forward to after our "season" is over! Lone Star Santas Round Up 2020 March 6-8, 2020 Embassy Suites Hotel, Grapevine The Christmas Capital of Texas Come see the latest outfits and styles at the Friday night "Style Show"... and the not to be missed Saturday Night "Variety Show" plus so much more! --- More information will be posted here in the coming weeks--- Come, Meet and Learn with Lone Star Santas® Members from All Over Texas, and beyond! Lone Star Santas Round Up is held each year to help all of us who convey Christmas to learn, have fun, share experiences, and make friends for years to come. Folks from all over the world are invited to join us in Grapevine, The Christmas Capital of Texas at the beautiful Embassy Suites Hotel. The 2020 theme is "Conveying Christmas in a Changing World". We will be exploring how we can best adapt to the challenges change creates for all of us. A great line up of informative and educational presentations has been planned, as well as a wide variety of exhibitors. EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION We are offering a special Early Bird Registration of $157 per person, if you register before January 31, 2020. After that date, the registration will be $183 per person. So, if you can, register before January 31 and Save! Many other conferences, educational workshops and events charge much more and the Round Up committee is working hard to create a very educational and entertaining program, with some notable speakers. Click here to get your early-bird discount: https://mp.gg/90e3h HOTEL RESERVATIONS LINK Your Lone Star Santas Roundup 2020 stay at the Embassy Suites Hotel includes a spacious and comfortable suite, a hot made-to-order breakfast each day of your stay, free parking and Airport Shuttle service to nearby Dallas Fort Worth Airport. You can stay for up to three days before and after Roundup, if you would like to visit and explore the area. To reserve your rooms at the 2020 Roundup Special Rate please use this secure link: http://embassysuites.hilton.com/en/es/groups/personalized/ D/DALEMES-LSS-20200305/index.jhtml If you come to only one event this year, make it Lone Star Santas Roundup 2020.
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    Festive holiday decorations OK immediately after Halloween, say 43 percent of people surveyed By Daniel Johnson-Kim, Zoya Gervis, FOX News, October 7, 2019 A new study examined the holiday spirit and holiday habits of 2,000 Americans, and uncovered that three in 10 have no problem seeing holiday decorations displayed in stores before Halloween or Thanksgiving. With the festive spirit in full-swing no matter the time of year, the holiday season requires extensive logistical planning. It just so happens that 83 percent of those surveyed have a holiday to-do list, and over half (55 percent) admitted to starting their list before October. When it comes to procrastination, 21 percent of male respondents wait until December to start their holiday planning, compared to only 14 percent of women. But what exactly do Americans have on their holiday agenda? When it comes to holiday essentials, decorating the home topped the checklist – with 61 percent of those surveyed naming holiday decorations as a must-do. However, that wasn’t the only requirement on the docket: 59 percent listed gift research and shopping, while a further 52 percent need to plan out all the baking and cooking that comes with the festive season. When it comes to purchasing gifts for people, more men than women are getting gifts for their boss and co-workers. Around 43 percent of the men surveyed usually purchase a present for their co-workers compared to just 31 percent of women, and 31 percent of men usually get something for the boss as well. Source: https://www.foxnews.com/real-estate/holiday-decor-halloween-study
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    I much more prefer to look at her than to hear that song. 😄
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    “All I Want For Christmas Is You” That song is so over played...I really don't care for it very much but by the end of every Christmas Season I am sick to death of it. It is one of those that makes me change the station just so I don't have to listen to it.
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    it isn't one of my favorite albums - not even in the playlist - she comes across too sultry - just don't care for it . . .
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    From the album: Custom Santa Suit 2019

    © Stuart Deacon Jr.

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    I worry about political correctness chipping away at some of our cherished traditions. There are people that are so easily offended. "Baby, It's Cold Outside" was an innocent song for an innocent time. Our best memories are of the innocent times.
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    I forgot about that one but I agree totally---SO DEPRESSING
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    Okay, I'm going to say it - you may all throw stones at me if you want. But, in my own honest opinion, the worst Christmas song, EVER to be written in the whole wide wide world, is: "The Christmas Shoes" This song is just SO depressing, I cringe whenever it comes on the radio. It's not the kind of song that the family sings together when gathered around the fireplace.
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    "Having a Wonderful Chritmastime" by Paul McCartney. It sounds like someone said, "hey Paul, quick, write a Christmas song" and five minutes later this was the result.
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    "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Bruce Springstein and the E Street Band
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