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    It wasn’t a deliberate decision, but for the past two years I’ve been on Santa sabbatical. It’s felt a little weird, especially this year; kind of like the feeling an active church-goer gets when they’ve missed worship for a few Sundays. It’s like the rest of the week feels a little off when you’ve missed church. Stress has been a factor, along with my wife’s health struggles, and a recent transition from care center chaplaincy to serving a new church in a new town. I did some of my best “Santa-ing” at the care center, but also felt the biggest push-back I’ve ever experienced, from people whose strongly-held religious beliefs had convinced them that Santa was an inappropriate person to appear there (and that a pastor-type person had no business portraying him). There’s a lot more tolerance at my new setting, and health concerns aren’t nearly as big as they’ve been. So let’s raise a toast to the New Year, 2019, with the hope that it’s going to be a great year for all us Jolly Old Elves, Mrs. Clauses, elves and reindeer! Peace! Health! Love! Santa Dan
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    Name: The Christmas Chronicles | Yule Log | Netflix Category: Movies and Television Date Added: 2019-01-22 Submitter: Drosselmeyer good old Yule log with a CGI sitting room - music from Christmas Chronicles - and an occasional elf flying in on coal dust..... The Christmas Chronicles | Yule Log | Netflix
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    I am glad to get to know you and look forward to learning from you I still have a lot to learn about balancing the Santa - Chaplain dynamic . . . but I can sure relate to the push back ! We shall talk soon !!
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    I feel like going strictly hohoho-less would disappoint some believers--and lead others to skepticism--so I'm in favour of a "rounded chuckle" in lieu of a hyper-articulated "HO-HO-HO." In my case, the training for my couple years spent as a lyric baritone mean my voice and laugh tend to be very diaphragm-driven, so my natural chuckle would be transcribed as "Hohoho" without being as artificial as a stereotypical "HO-HO-HO" exclamation.
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    Glad to hear your situation has improved. Hope your 2019 will be a wonderfully blessed season.
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    Glad to have you back my brother in red
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    When I use it, my Ho Ho Ho is part of a genuine laugh. (I like the Ed McMahon reference) I don't use it a lot and I NEVER use the commercial Ho Ho Ho or the commercial Santa voice for that matter. I have been fussed at by TV directors before for not using the stereotypical, over the top Ho Ho Ho and deep fake Santa voice that sounds like Jerry Seinfeld in 'The Voice' episode. It is just not part of my portrayal. My dog also doesn't say Bow Wow in case anyone was curious.
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    As a fellow Santa Dan, I am real happy to have you here. Here is to an amazing 2019 for all of us including Santas with names other than Dan attached.
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    Hardly ever. The ONLY place I ever do it is outdoor events where I am on a parade float or on a stage. Mostly, its just a gutteral chuckle that I let develop into something under the loud "Ho, Ho, Ho!" due to the giggles and laughter happening around me.
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    Coincidentally, Edmund Gwenn does not "Ho Ho Ho" in the original Miracle on 34th Street. Me? I do. People expect it and often wait for it. I copy mine from Ed McMahon from the original Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. He had a very hardy Ho Ho Ho and it was his natural laugh, which is why it makes it so good.
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    kind of a double edged question - of course Santa laughs - he is, after all, a jolly old fellow - but a flat "ho - ho - ho" can quickly get kind of weird I have no problem "ho ho ho - ing" but I usually do it within the context of laughing with or at something: "O - Ho - Ho I am so happy to see you again !" or "You have reindeer antlers on your head ! are you one of my reindeer ? (hold belly laughing) Ho Ho Ho. How did you get antlers to grow up there?" I am pretty sure this has been previously discussed in other forums on this page - your laugh needs to be authentic to you and your portrayal - not every situation calls for a laugh or a strict "ho ho ho" I don't think it is wrong to let that be part of your character. Even Kurt Russell did it as part of his "farewell flyby" in the movie - so he added to it and didn't just "ho ho ho" Good question - you know kids are going to ask about that after they see the movie . . .
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    Check out this Christmas video on YouTube where Santa arrives by steam train. In YouTube search, type in Maria Fumaca Iluminada. There are more videos of this Santa train. Now this looks like fun!!!
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    Was there a particular video you wanted to include with your post? I searched it and saw a lot of videos, as you said.
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    I was surfing YouTube last week and found this as well. I think it's neat. Thanks for sharing.
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    I use the ho ho ho as part of a natural laugh, not forced, just a little laugh and just lightly. I haven't had a situation needing a big HO HO HO.
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    For home visits I use a low ho ho ho in my laugh. The loud version is for outside use.
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    I might also add that the Hobo from Polar Express played on the boys doubts about Santa by mocking the robotic fake Santa with a sterile "Ho Ho Ho" during their train top ride....
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    My ho ho ho is deep chuckle of a laugh. Too loud of a ho ho ho can scare the little ones. I ho ho ho when I am amused, just as in real life.
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    Shaved the beard yesterday down to half an inch and got my hair cut short. The last tree and the outside lights and decorations all got put away and the cut tree has gone to the grinding of the greens. It is always a little sad, but then I remember two things. Once when I was a teenager and I was touring France, on the last day our tour guide asked us if we were ready to go home or if we wanted to stay an extra day. We all replied that we wanted to stay, and she replied that means it is truly time to go, because if we wait until we are anxious to go, then we have stayed too long. The 2nd is a short story from many years ago about a little girl who wished it was Christmas every day. She got her wish and it didn't turn out how she hoped. The link to that story is below... Christmas Every Day
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    Though my avocation is storyteller, as many of you know, in "real life" I am a Financial Advisor. Recently I had opportunity to talk with some storytellers about the business aspects of what they do. Most of it is easily transferable to all of us as Santas. this is the first of several. I would ask if you comment, try to stick to the topics here. Other topics I will mention and we can discuss later. First all, determine if this is a business or hobby. If this is all you do, that is easy to determine. If like me you do several types of "entertainment", it can be either. In my case, I do not track Santa income and expense separately, but as line items in my overall "business". Therefore, if I have income from Santa or from doing a gig as a storyteller or even as a motivational speaker, it is still income from my business I categorize as "entertainer" on my tax forms. The easiest way to make a good determination is to talk to your tax man. Unless you are pretty good at tax law and changes, obtain the help of someone who actually deals with entertainers. It is really worth it because they know all the things to look for. Several things to remember; if you are going to claim it is a business, you can't claim to lose money every year. It can be helpful to your tax situation, but you do not want the IRS to view it as a planned loss each year. If you do plan to claim it - KEEP EVERYTHING!!! More on this later. Office: Do you have a specific room set aside for your Santa business? I do have an office in my home for my real job. I alsoou use that room for my storytelling business, so there is not an issue for me. If you do claim a portion of your home for your business it must be dedicated. This is NOT a bedroom with a closet for suits and "stuff" and maybe a desk in a corner. It can be a bedroom dedicated to your business... no bed, no dresser, unless it is for storing Santa stuff. Keep it honest. If you have a 2,000 square foot home - traditional space, and you use a room that is 10'x20', then that 200 square feet would be 1/10th of your home. Then it would follow that 1/10th of the mortgage, property taxes, insurance, electric and other utilities. Remember that cable TV really is not a utility you should count. Telephone is different and I'll mention it later. Again, KEEP records to prove your deductions. What usually does not fly is counting space all over your home... a little in the basement, a little in the garage, a little in the bedroom. Count one space as your business space.
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    I really didn’t Ho,Ho,Ho much my first season mostly because it felt weird and forced and I was very conscious about it but I have been practicing daily because it seems people light up when they hear a great Santa chuckle. My biggest problem with the Christmas Chronicles movies was the questions about the elves and how their portrayed as minions.
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    Glass is raised! Glad to hear that everything is going better for you
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    I was not keen on watching this movie, yet I ended up enjoying it. Too modern? In some ways. Hip? Yes. However, in a pure entertainment sense, it was entertaining. It seemed to stimulate my fantasies about Santa and all he stands for. When I was 12, Santa Claus the Movie came out. Although it would have been better had it not focused on the kids and Dudley Moore, the beginning stimulated the fantasy side of the viewer. Kurt Russell's movie seemed to do the same. The kids trying to catch Santa reminded me of my son's desire at 3 to catch one of Santa's reindeer. The car chase was entertaining, the elves were just plain odd, and as a firefighter I could relate to the anger a child feels when a parent is killed in the line of duty. Occasionally people and/or Hollywood seeks to bring a new aspect to Santa and all he stands for. The Santa Clause changed how kids think of Santa's workshop and Tim Allen's life upon becoming Santa. Edmund Gwenn taught my mother's generation that one must believe in Santa. My generation had Santa Claus the Movie and was a little disappointed but at least could see how Santa got his start. My 20 year old and 13 year old thought it was "Cool". My wife loved it and thought Goldie Hawn's appearance was fantastic. Of course she and I grew up watching Overboard. As in everything, there was good, there was bad, and at least it was a movie that a family could watch without a load of immoral things trotting across the screen.
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    For this topic, I have verbiage that cannot be posted here. The short answer is NO to their PC BS.
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    I didn't know anything about this, so I of course had to see how the world just might be going crazy. And in fact it is doing just that. How would they rearrange the past?! I guess Hollywood would be pushing this change though it didn't say that yet. But they try to push everything else down our throats. World is going crazy here is the proof Does anyone remember on a Monday night football broadcast, one of the men bringing the game said something LIKE "You can take me now Lord I've seen enough" I forget who said it, when it was said, but I do remember it. I feel the same way after so much of the things seem to be going sideways in LIFE. Everybody in the media as well as people who say we need to think of everybody else, yet the rules that started this country, the laws to protect this country, the traditions that help form this country, ALL SEEM TO HAVE BEEN OR ARE TRYING TO BE REMOVED from this country from the inside out?! If this happens, the Santa thing, I truly do feel, it's time to kindly ask for a ride home. Where I hope things will make more or better sense, instead of the way this crazy world is heading.
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