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    When my youngest daughter was 9, she wanted to videotape Santa delivering gifts. She set her little camera up and the old man made sure she got her video. Kept the magic alive for 4 more years.
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    looks like the old man done good !!!
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    She told everyone and showed them the tape. It was quite a stir.
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    That is super cool! I can hear her nervous breathing and heartbeat - what an impression it must have made!
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    I love the podcast and thank you for all sharing your experiences!
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    We have another great interview ready for you to enjoy! Introducing another special guest to the podcast, Howard Graham! For the best experience, download the podcast via iTunes, Stitcher for Podcasts App., or Google Play Music App. on your personal device. Don’t forget to subscribe and leave a review.      Listening on the computer? Follow the link below The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast: Episode 23 - Santa Claus and the Desire to Always Improve SANTACLAUSPODCAST.COM The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast host, Johnathan Burton visits with friend and Santa's Helper, Howie Graham to discuss Christmases past, the beginning of his journey to the red suit, his charitable work, his time as the Santa for the Christmas Spectacular starring the Radio City Rockettes, travels around the world visiting with the Christmas community, his Santa Claus work, his advice for future helpers, experiences as Santa's Helper, and so much more!
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    I do desire to be a life long learner. Thank you for your encouragement!
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    Commercial I did for a small Christmas Market that I will be appearing at organized by college students.
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    I enjoyed listening to all of your Podcasts. Well done! I also love the fact that I can get to know the other Santa's so much better and deeper hearing in their own words, the stories that helped form them. Thank you!
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    Another winning podcast!!!! Thanks so much for putting these together! I have learned something new with each interview I've listened to!!! Really like the section "What advice would you give to a new Santa?"
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    From the album: Santa Felix out & about in 2009

    Santa and his elves...at the Noble Custom & Rare Jewels Christmas Party in Dallas

    © © ClausNET.com

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    From the album: Santa Felix out & about in 2009

    Santa and a couple of elves at the Noble boutique Christmas party

    © © ClausNET.com

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    But isn't it such a slap in the face when this individual presents themselves as being such a "Santa" supporter, admirer and friend?
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