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    Thank you for all of the very kind comments. This has been on my mind and heart for a while. I am going to try hard to maintain a weekly episode upload. I’m working now to bank quite a few episodes for when my schedule just gets too busy. Between the artwork, contact, interview, cleanup, edit, upload, and sharing, these episodes equal about 7-8 hours of work each. I’ve been blessed to work on this and I’m motivated by the response. We have many guests lined up in the coming months. Today we have the first interview after the initial announcement, Clausnet’s own Tom Sheerin! Quite a few of the interviewees have mentioned the gem that is Clausnet. I hope we all get to hear from Michael on the podcast! http://santaclauspodcast.com/episode-7-santas-beard-stylist
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    perhaps BILL MURRAY in SCROOGED ???
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    A Lesson in Storytelling: I have long collected history and story books on Christmas and Santa Claus. While this collection started out just for pure enjoyment, I now find these books a great resource to me in my portrayal. I was reminded on a recent family road trip of a very special book, after enjoying the audio version with the family. “Letters From Father Christmas” This is a collection of illustrated letters from “Father Christmas” recapping the activities of the preceding year at the North Pole. The letters were written by the author J.R.R. Tolkien (yes THAT J.R.R. Tolkien) to his children from 1920-1942. These letters, precious and creative gifts from a master storyteller, were shared with the world after his death and published in 1976. How lucky we are as a community, to have been gifted with a look at these special and person family treasures. Many historians believe that these letters and stories were some of the building blocks to The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It’s even said that Gandalf had his early beginnings as Tolkien’s Father Christmas. I highly recommend you purchase a copy of these letters and even pick up the audio version. While I am not saying to copy the stories in your portrayal, it has always been clear that Tolkien created his worlds...he fleshed them out. From the battle of the goblins and elves, to the troubles of the polar bears, to the Arctic language and more, Tolkien helped make the North Pole and Father Christmas REAL for his own children. From his drawing to even the shakiness of his handwriting, he created layers of story. I believe this is what can be done, in our mind, at the ready, create your layers and depth of your character. It has been said, looking the part just is not enough. When I am portraying Santa Claus, it is my hope that my ramblings and details could only mean one thing to those I visit...that perhaps, just maybe... I really am Santa Claus. 🎅🏻
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    I have that book wonderfully imaginative what a fantastic gift to share with your children so happy the family shared it with the world - they could have kept it a secret . . .
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    I had no idea that J.R.R. Tolkien had made this wonderful memory for his family. I will most certainly be on the lookout for this information. Huge thank you for sharing this!
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    That would be from The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
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    Santa Claus - The Movie
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    Another line that is hard to guess is from a Christmas movie when you hear it by itself... "I've never liked a girl enough to give her 12 sharp knives."
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    Today is the day! I have a gift for you, something that has been in the works for a while and I am so excited to finally share it with you! Introducing, The Professional Santa Claus' Podcast, available on many platforms and all entirely free for you. Why a podcast? You can consider a podcast like a contemporary radio show that individuals can download and listen to via a personal device or computer. The goal of this podcast is to uplift and inspire the Christmas community through our interviews. We hope that our guests share with the Christmas community the heart of Santa. There is so much focus on the business side of things with various workshops and classes, and while there is nothing wrong with learning, sometimes this focus comes ego, too much focus on money, and at times a loss of why this work is so special. The podcast will be a heart to heart; inspiring others to want to be better. The podcast is not a business, there will be no focus on creating a podcast for monetary reasons and should be considered entirely a gift to the Christmas community. Clausnet has been a wonderful place for me and I support and share often to gem that is Clausnet to the Santas that I meet. In all avenues of this community, we see the good and the bad. Sadly, the bad seems to get so much more traction way too often. I guess this project is my way of highlighting what I love about this community, in particular the gift we have to do what we do. I have been fortunate enough to focus on some individuals that have made a difference for me in some way and whom I think, or my previous guests think could add something special. There are some wonderful guests coming up that I look forward to talking with and I look forward to possibly visiting with Clausnet’s Wizard behind the curtain, Michael. Here is our starting lineup, beginning with none other than our dear, sarcastic, and deducated Marty! Subscribe to the podcast and enjoy! It’s a little rough around the edges but I truly am working hard to help give back something very special.
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    Wow these are great. I have only recently been back on ClausNet consistently for a few weeks now and stumbled upon these. Impressive undertaking Santa Johnathan, thank you.
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    try again. . . . . "You know what I think that is . . . I think those are Latvian goats."
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    OK @Felix Estridge - I asked for help - how about this one . . . . "You mean they tied Him up and put him in a feed box?! Where was child welfare?!"
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    Oh...you are going for very recent. Its from The Nutcracker and the Four Realms.
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    Oh, come on. Everyone knows that it was Bing in White Christmas.
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    Mother Nature in The Santa Clause 2
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    I have to give you SOME grief. Nobody else does, I'm sure.
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    your ninja-like reflexes appear to even beat my browser !!! I tried - but you are just too quick.... I concede to your first response
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    That would be Mother Nature from The Santa Clause 2
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    Everyone has an idea what it takes to be Santa. They then go forward to follow that idea into reality. Where the fantasy meets reality is where some problems occur. No matter how you conduct your Santa performance service, you are conducting one of two different things in the eyes of the IRS. You are either spending your money on an expensive hobby which you are not allowed to write off OR you are operating a business Which has to show a profit 1 out of 3 years or as my accountant says 2 out of 5. In the eyes of the local city and county tax offices, if you advertise you are operating a business and need proper permits and licenses. Some think starting an LLC will protect them and their property but as has been shown, that does not exactly work the way some folks think it will. Everything used under the LLC is up for grabs. Vehicle, Equipment down to the lap top and cell phone used in the business is up for grabs when you rely on a LLC to protect you. If your actions go beyond the coverage of a LLC it can be pierced and all your personal assets are then up for grabs as well. In many states personal liability insurance is a better protection for the cost all the way around. Your presentation will determine your market and your abilities will determine your share of that market. As Santa we are portraying a fictional character the image of which is fixed in much of the public's mind and shown in movies and pictures and books dating back to 1822. Currently for the last 12 years there has been a push to alter that image by including/merging the image of Father Christmas from the "Old World". Nothing wrong with that but you are now competing with an established image that is being exported to those "Old World" countries that are importing the traditional Santa image and the folks at home that want the "Rankin Bass" image. I have strongly suspected this used as a way to "separate" one presentation from the crowd of "Clones" in order to breakout and win market share based upon a "New and Fresh" look or gimmick such as any new "Bling" that will set your Santa image apart from the crowd. This is the easy path to being different or individual as a performer. I advocate a better and stronger way to separate yourself from the herd. Be a better performer. Unfortunately that takes study, effort and work on your part over and above putting on a different looking suit or belt or accessory. It takes personal development in order to stand out.as a performer portraying the role of "Santa". You need to actually develop and expand the basic character and bring it to life right in the venue you are performing in be it a corporate party, a mall set or a living room. You have to step into that role when recognized on the street or in a store or at the gas station even if not in the Suit. How do you do this? By studying the traditions and history of the character. It is all there and several schools can help you with this but essentially it happens when you decide to take this activity seriously, like a business. Some use this as a path to spread their personal religious beliefs and sense of moral behavior which is not counter to the role we portray. It is when we begin to use the role and our religion and or our political beliefs to beat on others that is not acceptable. A Santa is a Santa first keeping in mind we are there for the children and keeping the fantasy of the fictional character alive during their short years of believing in that wonderful fantasy. The message we bring is for all ages but the sector of the public that is our most important demographic is children. if not for them, we would be a footnote and nice story made into movies. Remember that the next time you are tempted to beat on some other "Santa" that does not eet up with your personal expectation of how he should act or look or conduct his business. Instead of beating on him (or her) for their presentation as a Christmas performer, let this become an open door for you to help another learning how to be better. Make the effort to instill an idea, educate someone that has a poor image in their mind of what we do by educating the people in the public about what it is we do. Make this a better performance and world one person at a time. In the process you will become Outstanding in how you portray and perform the role of Santa, Mrs Claus, Elf or any of the many various roles that are Christmas Season venues. Strive to be the best and help those you come in contact become better as well. In this fashion you will become an Amazing Santa. A Mentor to others and someone that has made the industry better for it. May your season be Joyous! Yours, Gordon Bailey SatBobS.com
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    Version 1.0.0


    Santa's Naught Nice List in Microsoft Word format (DOCX)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a sample liability release form you can use for your clients. Feel free to download and modify for your own use.
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    What makes a Santa? It’s not whether you have a real beard or a designer beard. It’s not whether you’re plump or a skinny right jolly old elf. It’s not whether you have the suit that cost hundreds of dollars or the economical suit right out of the box. It’s not based on how many appearances you make each year. It’s not based on how much money you make or charity organizations you help. It’s not based on how many Santa groups or organizations you belong to or if you can sing and carry a tune. The true making of a Santa, Mrs. Claus or an Elf is in the heart. That’s right it comes from the heart. It does not matter when it happened, whether just this year or many many sleigh rides ago. At some time we all got the calling to become a Santa helper. For those of you that have the true gift in your heart you understand what I am talking about when I say you got the calling. I still have the very first letter given to me as Santa from a child. Still remember the smiles and the twinkle in the children’s eye’s the first time I portrayed Santa. And I still remember the first heart tugging request that was made by a little girl that I knew could not be fulfilled by a mere mortal in my Santa outfit. There is a reason why we do what we do. From playing Santa Claus or the supporting roles of Mrs. Claus and elves all the way to even reindeer costumes. And that my reader is simply what comes to each of us in sharing and giving the simple gift we bring of joy. As the season approaches I say a prayer for each and every one of you. For a safe trip if your traveling away from family to support a mall or just a few miles to do some smaller visits. I pray for your safe travels and that the true meaning of Christmas been seen through you in each and every child from 1 to 92 and beyond. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas! Santa Brian Voyles
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    Just got back from a lovely trip, travelling from my home in Saint Albans, West Virginia, across the state of Kentucky and to Santa Claus, Indiana. To me, this town is the cradle for most of what we as "modern" Santas do today. A good part of the protocols of being Santa began in that wonderful place. As he has told me before in conversation, Phil Wenz reiterrated what could be referred to as "Yellig's Rules of Being Claus" to the attendees. For the sake of this entry I want to dwell on the first rule which is research. Santa Jim (as does Santa Phil now) believed in researching the character to know who you were portraying and why. You might call that mechanics. And indeed this does make sense. Think of yourself, what do you know about yourself? Hopefully, a whole lot. You should be able to tell everyone all about yourself. Well, as we "become" Santa we should be able to do the same thing with him. In doing so we invite the children both young and old into the world of Santa, into a world that they will either believe in or will reject. I have witnessed too many Santas that have failed to bring realism to their role because of a lack of knowledge about Santa. Ultimately, as ambassadors to childhood and childlike faith we need to do the very best we can to instill belief and overall hope. Maybe it was the atmosphere, maybe it was the presentation, or maybe it was the spirit of Santa Jim whispering in my ear the other day. The question kept coming to me, even though I have spent and continue to spend much of my free time learning about this person I become. Who is "my" Santa? How does my portrayal relate to that of Saint Nicholas? How does my portrayal relate to that of even Santa Jim or Charlie Howard? How does my portrayal connect with that of Santa Jay Long, my mentor Santa? I have thought hard about this, and I want to share with you what I have come up with so far. The bond that connects my portrayal to theirs is first and foremost a love for others. A Santa has to first and foremost love others, children and adults. At the same time, my character portrayal is a mixture of the facts. I portray Santa in a spiritual way, honoring not only Nicholas but also Christ. I portray him as a humble toymaker, which is also something that does go back to Nicholas and other traditions. I picture and relate to him as a man who has travelled the world bringing joy and love, migrating from his home to the remote North where he can find solitude and peace. Are there really elves? Well, I like to call them helpers. What about reindeer? Not always does Santa use them. Do I know about where both of these come from? Yes, because I am Santa and I need to know. But in all things, I do my best to make him a living and breathing person for those who visit with me. And in all that I do or show, I make sure they feel the love that Santa has for them. This is going to be a question that I truly ponder for a while. Very deeply. I think it is one that we all should ponder. Who is "your" Santa? And may we all grow and aid one another with our findings.
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