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    Oh. My. God. Is there no one in Hollywood who has any imagination left? This just inhales sharply.
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    Why in this world do we have to have more Doom and Gloom. Why does it have to be negative. We need more and more positive influences on our children nowadays. I'm old school and I'm proud of it. Put me in front of a movie with a good, wholesome, loving, caring, Happy Ending Story, I'll watch it over and over and over again.
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    I am not as young as I used to be - but I am pretty sure some of you gents have a few years on me..... When I grew up as a kid in SouthEast TX we only had a 12" square black and white TV - I only remember watching Lone Ranger (which was revered and unquestioned true history to a boy in TX), Lassie, and 3 Stooges . . . . our house backed up to a swamp, and we always had critters - my Mom was less than happy to come home and find snakes sunning in the driveway lots of adventures out in the yard - gave the imagination a lot of exercise Of course - lots of critters to play with any time it rained our yard was a pond - and exploded with little frogs - we called them rain frogs I would catch them in a little box and sneak them inside to play with - then Mom would usually find them all dried out on the carpet the morning - aparrently I was the primary suspect when this happened . . . . and of course we also had skinks - but you had to be quick or their tails would pop off . . .
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    RCA, big Mahogany cabinet small B&W screen. You had to wait until the tubes warmed up and there were 4 channels which went off the air a midnight with the national anthem playing and a test pattern on the screen.
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    Accidentally shaved off my then brown beard when I was dating my wife 32 years ago. She saw my chinless face and demanded I grow it back. I have had a goatee or beard since then. I will say my wife is okay with a short beard but is not a big fan of my long Santa beard (though she does like the income that it helps bring at Christmas...and she loves it when kids "recognize" me as Santa too.) I initially grew my beard to hide the aforementioned undefined chin face and resulting double chin that came from my "jolliness." It created a longer face for me and seemed to fit my personality. Dominance over other men was not part of the plan. Now shaping and creating a unique look, even now, is probably more for attention's sake, not dominance.
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    You have no idea.
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    Seems we are in the age of "rowdy, unorthodox" Santas.
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    I predict that it will become an instant flop.
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    nothing about this appeals to me . . .
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    I remember having the transistor radio below that was made to look like the Sinclair (Dino) gas pump. Depending on the weather and cloud cover, I could pick-up WGN Radio in Chicago and listen to Cubs games.
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    since we are talking about "the olden times" thought I might share this . . . I don't recall having all the latest and greatest toys - we didn't even get an Atari when they came out - but I sure had a lot of fun with a fishing pole and my dog down in the park . . .
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    Science explains why hipsters grow beards Sunday 24 March 2019 The Telegraph EXCERPT: Men might be growing beards to appear more attractive to women and more dominant to other men, a study on monkeys suggests Scientists think they may have solved one of the great mysteries of the age. Why are so many of today's men growing beards? The answer, according to The University of Western Australia researchers, is because men are feeling under pressure from other men and are attempting to look aggressive by being more flamboyant with their whiskers. Published in the journal Evolution and Human Behaviour, Dr Cyril Grueter and colleagues were investigating the idea that in big societies, male primates have developed increasingly ostentatious "badges" which may enhance male attractiveness to females and give them the edge over other males. LINK: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/men/11501340/Science-explains-why-hipsters-grow-beards.html
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    I think you we can put this study in the same bin as the "Beards are dirtier than a dog study".
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    And here I thought it was as simple as hiding the ugly.
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    And it had an earphone that you could put in one ear.
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    I was just a kid then, but I recall many of them were designed to look like console radios, and some even were advertised with people sitting next to them listening to them like they were radios, instead of watching them. Very puzzling. Ours was a Zenith, almost square, made of plastic with rounded corners, B&W of course, and the most interesting series was a series of war propaganda shorts called "Industry on Parade." They were a bit hard pressed for programming in the early years...
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    No 24-hour news - just morning, 6 pm and 10 pm.
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    Zenith... B&W (of course) in a console. It lasted 28 years!!!
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    I don't remember if I remember or or not.
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    Hey, I STILL read cereal boxes at breakfast...when I can get my eyes open...
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    In the end, it's all the same... Have a great day!
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    Shaved mine off once ! Wife said put it back: before it grew back I caught a cold. NEVER MORE !!
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    must mean physically, mentally, feel, well quite a bit younger. Hard to believe, that I'm supposed to be "Responsible Adult"
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    I'm all for folks portraying their idea of Santa, but come on... at least try to stay in the same realm as the character!
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    Lets try one for the "Really" old individuals, How many remember waking up really early and watching the launch of the Mercury capsules of the space race before you went to school, in B&W of course?
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    Yes! And you know something else? I found an old glass percolator at a church flea market in near perfect condition. Brought it home and tried it. It was the BEST cup of coffee I ever had! Way better than the electric coffee makers you see today. I called it "gas coffee" because of the gas stove I used it on.
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    Ho, ho, hum. So, who needs it?
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    Now Now - don't be a hater - after all - it's science and stuff . . .
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    "Whatever happened/To Tuesday and so slow?/Going down the old mine/With a transistor radio…" Van Morrison, Browne Eyed Girl (1967) Before smartphones, before the Ipod, before the Walkman, before the boombox, there was the transistor radio! Wow, portable music! You could finally listen to the radio anywhere you wanted – including away from your parents and other adults. Where would Rock and Roll be without the transistor radio? I still have one next to my flashlight.
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    I don't remember the brand but I remember that it was like a piece of furniture housed in a big, heavy wooden cabinet.
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    I believe ours was a Philco.
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    Does anybody remember the brand of their first TV set?
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    Films are trending toward the dark side. Now they are also taking Santa, and moving more and more away from kindness, goodness, cheer and light heartedness. "Sigh" glad my kids are adults, but now concerned for my grandchildren. Some movies tend to imply that violence or killing is a solution, but there is only one solution. Removed Coyote & Road Runner cartoons because of all the violence, and now look at the average video game?
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    Another movie not to watch
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    by "about the same age" - do you mean physically or mentally ???
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    Funny you should mention that because a lot of collectors are only interested in the box and the artwork.
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    This is too much fun..We're all about the same age!
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    If it was on the internet then it must be true, right?
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    My wife would totally agree. Maybe this why the dogs get more lovin'.
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    Agreed - not sure the author spent too much time with the details - just a shock headline to get people to read - not sure the Sun is the most scientific of research publishers.......
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    Do ya think? Scientific studies and surveys can and most oftenly do skew the results in the direction of the conclusion they want to reach. For example; Did the dogs just receive baths? And were the men all homeless vagrants? Without having more information I can not accept the results of this study. For I know that I wash my beard more often then most dogs get bathed. But I will admit, my granddaughter has picked out some cookie crumbs from time to time.
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    I can appreciate that in studying my bearded-ness they used monkeys as a control group - that is probably reasonable. and my wife too - HATES the beard - but I am stuck with it . . . . . do you understand what I would look like if I shaved ????? or even......
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    I guess that makes me a hipster...
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    While I'll be a monkey's uncle... Not so sure about this one - my wife hates the beard! Would be great at my age though, if people looked at me and thought "hipster" instead of "hip replacement."
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    The Next Horrible Santa MyMerryChristmas.com B. Francis Morlan May 13, 2019 EXCERPT Hollywood just won’t quit. They just cannot wait to showcase Santa Claus again in a horrible way. Just announced is an all new Santa film to be called Fatman that will star Mel Gibson as Santa Claus. Fatman will showcase Gibson as a rowdy, unorthodox Santa who is fighting the decline of his business. If that’s not a weak enough premise they mix in a 12 year old character who is so displeased with Santa Mel that he hires a hitman to knock off The Jolly Old Elf. Yeah. Can you believe they think this is a good idea? I’ll bet Gibson’s Santa has to be unorthodox with a plot line like that. I’m sure the producers and writers are feeling emboldened by the success of Kurt Russell’s hip Santa from the Netflix film titled The Christmas Chronicles. What they don’t understand is that the reason Russell’s Santa found so much success was not because he was unorthodox. In fact, quite the opposite. Russell’s Santa may be been set in a modern day situation but he still had all of Santa’s old magic. That’s what people love. That is what people want to see. But, mark my words, this will go down in history as another in a long line of Santa failures. Think about it. How many bad Santas have we seen over the years? Chris Elliott, Leslie Nielsen, George Wendt, Paul Sorvino, and Billy Bob Thorton are just the first few members of the bad Santa hall of fame. Even famous actors in decent Christmas movies have been bad Santas. Ed Asner in Elf was one of the gloomiest Santas ever on film, for example. You cannot have a good Santa in a bad Christmas movie. If Santa is going to be any good both the story and the actor have to excellent. Edmund Gwynn and Tim Allen were great Santas. And why? Because they had great stories and they were Santa-like. Gibson playing Santa as a businessman whose customers want to kill him is not “darkly comedic”, as the producers have described the script. There is nothing relatable in that. In fact, Fatman sounds like a really bad Saturday Night Live skit. The movie films next year in Canada but only if it can get funding. We’re hoping that somewhere along the line someone will look at how stupid this is and pulls the plug. SOURCE: https://mymerrychristmas.com/horrible-mel-gibson-santa/
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