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    Polar Express is pulling into mid-Michigan 22 August 2019 by WILX Excerpt: OWOSSO, MI. (WILX) -- "All aboard...the Polar Express." The Pere Marquette steam locomotive No.1225 will make it's official appearance the first weekend of October, which will commemorate with the steam railroading institute celebrating 50 years. **** On October 4, in the afternoon, the train will leave Owosso and travel with Santa Claus and his elves on an excursion. But not just one Santa Claus - many from the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School of Midland will be on board. The school trains Santas, Mrs. Clauses, and elves from around the world, according to a press release. SOURCE Picture is from the 2018 CW Howard school that I attended.
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    Santa Claus 'will always be a man', says Orewa Christmas parade job advert 22 August 2019 by Caroline Williams - Stuff Excerpt: Men will be the only gender to ever fill Santa's boots, say the organisers of a north Auckland Christmas parade. The role of Santa Claus in this year's Orewa Santa Parade was advertised online, with organisers adamant the person in the big red suit could only be a man. Newspaper group Local Matters reported the ad read: "We are in search of a fit and active man – yes, sorry, in the time of equality, Santa will still always be a man ..." **** A Human Rights Commission spokesperson said it was illegal for an employer to advertise for a specific gender unless it is proven the gender "is a genuine occupational qualification". "Sex is a prohibited ground of discrimination under the Human Rights Act." However, there were a number of exceptions to the law dependent on specific facts, including "reasons of authenticity" - which Wilkins insists applies in the case of here. SOURCE:
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    When I lost several of the little lights from a tree that I helped my mother make, I found them online from various sources. One caution, some of the bulbs from overseas are just a tiny bit smaller than the old ones. Check your sizes, I recommend getting them from someone who makes ceramic and sells supplies.
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    Each month, our Featured Member section profiles a ClausNet member. Members are chosen totally at random by me and the staff. Once selected as Featured Member of the Month, we interview the candidate and post the interview here. This is a wonderful way to get to know your fellow ClausNet members! We are happy to announce our ClausNet Featured Member for August 2019 is Kevin Haislip! Kevin Haislip Featured ClausNet Member – August 2019 Profile: Kevin Haislip Real Name: Kevin Location: Dallas, TX USA ClausNet member since: October 20, 2009 Community Reputation (as of today): 117 – Excellent! Website: SantasHope.com Facebook: Kevin.Haislip Our Featured Member of the Month for August 2019 has been a contributing member to ClausNet for almost 10 years – almost as long as he has been a Santa Claus! Santa Kevin Haislip joined the ClausNet community back in October of 2009. We caught up with Santa Kevin a few days ago, and here is what he had to say... ClausNet: How long have you been portraying Santa Claus and how did you get started? Kevin Haislip: "I've been a Santa for 11 years. That is year-round 'years' as I am a real bearded Santa and get stopped practically daily." ClausNet: What or who are your influences on your portrayal of Santa Claus? Kevin Haislip: "The person who influenced me the most to be Santa was St. Nicholas. Santa was not part of our family Christmas celebrations as we raised our children because we wanted to keep Christmas focused on the birth of Jesus. But reading about St. Nicholas and his own faith in Christ made me realize what a great influence Santa can be to children and families." ClausNet: What is your most memorable visit? Kevin Haislip: "I have way too many memorable visits, but the one that probably stands out the most is the time I was invited to the National Media Summit in New York City and met authors and national media producers from all over the country. It was a lot of fun for me to play New York City." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite gig? Kevin Haislip: "I am a very blessed Santa. I get to visit with a lot of corporations, cities and families and every one of them is my favorite. I look forward to them all!" ClausNet: What is your dream gig? Kevin Haislip: "By far, my dream gig is to be invited to bless the President and his family with a Christmas visit at the White House." ClausNet: What keeps you busy when you are not being Santa? Kevin Haislip: "My wife and I serve as youth and English pastors at a Chinese Christian church." ClausNet: What are your hobbies / interests? Kevin Haislip: "I love collecting Santa and Christmas decor and you won't believe what I found this afternoon." ClausNet: What is your favorite color? Kevin Haislip: "My favorite color is red, of course! What did you think it was?" ClausNet: What is your favorite food? Kevin Haislip: "I love Mexican food! Mexican food and hamburgers. Let me see, is there anything else?" ClausNet: Coke or Pepsi? Kevin Haislip: "My favorite drink is cold ice tea or better yet, hot chocolate in winter." ClausNet: What is your favorite cookie? Kevin Haislip: "Chocolate chip cookies are my favorite with Snicker doodles running a very close second." ClausNet: What is your favorite movie? Kevin Haislip: "My favorite movies are where someone has been truly genuinely changed. The Mission with Robert DeNiro depicts a slave trader turned servant to the people he previously entrapped. I also loved Shindler's List and the transformation of Shindler in the movie to loving and sacrificing for those being killed by the Nazis." ClausNet: Do you have a favorite Christmas movie? Kevin Haislip: "My favorite Christmas movie is probably the 1994 production of ‘Miracle on 34th Street’ closely followed by ‘The Santa Clause’ with Tim Allen." ClausNet: What is your favorite Christmas song? Kevin Haislip: "I love the song, 'Silent Night' but if you pass me and there is no one sitting on my lap, you will find me singing along and moving with whatever Christmas music is being played. I love Christmas." ClausNet: What was the last book that you read? Kevin Haislip: "I read the Bible every day but besides that I am currently working my way through John Pipers book, 'Desiring God'." ClausNet: What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? Kevin Haislip: "I retired as a newspaper and advertising photographer of 37 years a while back. The industry isn't as much fun as it used to be. But you can't find a more fun profession for a career. Except being a Santa!! That is really fun. I think I might also like to run for President. It is time we have a candidate (Santa) that encourages people to respect one another, do the true and right thing, and learn to be generous givers." ClausNet: What profession would you not like to attempt? Kevin Haislip: "I wouldn't actually want to win a presidential election." ClausNet: What were some of your favorite toys as a child? Kevin Haislip: "I loved to build anything electronic as a young boy and as a teen, I got a camera for Christmas and began a wonderful exploration." ClausNet: What is your most memorable experience of Santa while growing up? Kevin Haislip: "I remember my parents used to take my sister down to the May D & F store in downtown Denver every Christmas season to visit Santa. He was a wonderful Santa and I loved looking at all the outside window displays of elves making toys, baking cookies, packing the sleigh and all that went into making Christmas, Christmas!" ClausNet: What is the hardest question you have gotten as Santa Claus and what was your response? Kevin Haislip: "Over the years, I've had a handful of children tell me their father died, or mother or sibling died that year. All I can do is to hold them close and cry with them. Another heart wrenching time was an older sister who came in with her brother who was in a wheelchair. He had Cerebral Palsy. She and I talked first and she told me she didn't want anything for herself for Christmas. She wanted me to make sure her brother had the best Christmas ever. After recomposing myself, I told her mother who had come through with her children." ClausNet: What is the strangest request you have gotten as Santa Claus? Kevin Haislip: "The strangest request is actually my most memorable one. A young boy named Dwayne came to me and sat down and looked at me with a very puzzled expression. He didn't say a word for at least a minute or longer. Finally, I asked him what he wanted for Christmas and he said, ‘Santa, all I want for Christmas is to get off the naughty list!’ He said nothing more, jumped down and disappeared into the crowd.’" ClausNet: How did you find ClausNet? Kevin Haislip: "Santa Felix Estridge told me about ClausNet when I got started and I quickly signed up." ClausNet: And what do you like most about ClausNet? Kevin Haislip: "I am a busy man and when I get a few minutes, I love to sit down and read up on what other Santas and Mrs Claus are doing. The articles and news are often the kinds of things I can learn from and make myself even better at what I do. I have learned a lot from everyone at ClausNet and from all the contributors. Thank you all!" ClausNet: Is there a Santa or Mrs. Claus over the years that you admire or has inspired you? Can you tell us a little bit about him/her? Kevin Haislip: "The single biggest help and encouragement to me came from Santa Felix Estridge. We don't see each other very often and I regret that, but Felix did a lot helping me get my feet on the ground and moving. I have mentored many other Santas through the years as well. Felix taught me well!." ClausNet: What advice can you give to a first time Santa or Mrs. Claus? Kevin Haislip: "The best advice I give new Santas is to read as much as you can from StNicholasCenter.org about St Nicholas. Get to know who he was, why he was so beloved and why he was motivated to do the things he did for others. Learn to follow his example as he followed Christ. He is an incredible example to all Christians!" ClausNet: Anything else you would like to add? Kevin Haislip: "It is not about the suit. It is about the man! Be the man if you're going to be Santa." Thank you Kevin! Everyone, please join me in congratulating Kevin Haislip , our ClausNet Featured Member of the Month for August 2019!
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    Pacific Northwest Santa's come join the Santa's of NORPAC at their 10th annual Conference, There will be informative and educational sessions along with fun and games. Something for everyone. Hope to see you there October 4th and 5th. Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound, Washington
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    I always try to "shop small" at my local area stores whenever I can and even prefer the mall to Amazon, since it creates jobs contributes to the local economy. Give them time and they'll even try to replace Santa and his elves with robotic sorting and packing machines and Amazon drones...
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    If Netflix streaming was money, Christmas Chronicles raked in $200m + last year in its first week. Well, now, hat tip: https://movieweb.com/christmas-chronicles-2-kurt-russell-director-chris-columbus/ "Chris Columbus is reportedly all set to direct Netflix's The Christmas Chronicles 2. The first installment was a success for the streaming platform with an estimated 20 million streams within the first week of its premiere...holiday movie fans were quick to adopt Russell into their annual rotation of yuletide movies, so a sequel should be welcomed with open arms. The Christmas Chronicles was produced by Chris Columbus' 1492 Pictures, but it was directed by Clay Kaytis. The Christmas Chronicles 2 will see Chris Columbus take the helm, which will more than likely generate quite a bit of interest. The director is behind such classics as Home Alone, Home Alone 2, Mrs. Doubtfire, and two Harry Potter installments. With Columbus and Kurt Russell returning, the sequel may end up getting even more streams than the first one earned on Netflix, while getting some more critical acclaim at the same time. The Christmas Chronicles 2 does not have an official Netflix release date set, but it will more than likely premiere in time for Christmas 2020. Production is reportedly set to start in September..."
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    Excellent! I always learn something new from you Eileen! Thank you for sharing!
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    From the album: Misc

    Adele's Traditional
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    From the album: Misc

    Adele's Traditional
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    Santa Johnathan was right then, and he is right now. The IBRBS Vision and Mission Statement contains a list of “Our Tenets” which includes the laudable goals of promoting the joy of giving, upholding the positive image of Christmas performers, fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community, and encouraging members to be charitable. Moreover, “Our Tenets” says explicitly “We support the principles embodied in the Santa Claus Oath.” The Santa Claus Oath pledges the oath taker to bring cheer and good will to all; to bring a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion; to create happiness, to spread love and make fantasies come to life, in the true tradition of Santa Claus. Most significantly, the Santa Claus Oath states explicitly that “I realize that I belong to a brotherhood and will be supportive, honest, and show fellowship to my peers.” With these statements in mind, why did the IBRBS membership vote to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership in their organization? Can anyone explain to me how recent votes of the membership excluding clean shaven Santas from IBRBS membership were consistent with the goals expressed so well in the IBRBS statement of “Our Tenets?” Were IBRBS members fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community, or being supportive, honest, and showing fellowship to their peers when they cast votes to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership? Was it supportive, honest, or showing fellowship to say one thing and do another? Did IBRBS members bring cheer and good will to all, or bring a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion when they cast votes that caused so much hurt to clean shaven Santas, their children and grandchildren? Do those children and grandchildren count, or are they somehow expendable? Perhaps IBRBS members believed they were promoting the joy of giving, or encouraging members to be charitable when they cast votes to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership? Was it a generous or charitable act to cast such votes? Were IBRBS members upholding the positive image of Christmas performers, creating happiness, or spreading love and making fantasies come to life, in the true tradition of Santa Claus when they cast votes to exclude clean shaven Santas from membership? International media portrayed these votes as more evidence of a nasty feud between members of different organizations of Christmas performers, suggesting their positive image was tarnished by it. Were such votes an appropriate way to recognize a brotherhood of Santas and be supportive, honest, and show fellowship to one’s peers? Does there seem to be a bit of a disconnect between what IBRBS members say and what they do? Were the votes cast excluding clean shaven Santas from IBRBS membership entirely honest and supportive, and did they display fellowship towards other members of this brotherhood? What would Santa do? Might these would-be Santas find themselves on a Naughty List? Certainly this suggests many IBRBS members either do not understand or do not really embrace the tenets of IBRBS, and may require some remedial education about what they actually mean. Perhaps IBRBS should institute a continuing education requirement for its members? Perhaps Santa, and anyone embracing the spirit and legend of Santa Claus, would have voted to allow clean shaven Santas membership in IBRBS, thereby promoting the joy of giving; fostering good will and cooperation throughout the entire Christmas Community; encouraging members to be generous and charitable; expressing cheer and good will to all; bringing a spirit of warmth, understanding and compassion to the issue; creating happiness instead of pain for children; upholding the positive image of Christmas performers; spreading love and making fantasies come to life, in the true tradition of Santa Claus. Thank you, Santa Johnathan, for your insights and leadership on this important issue.
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    What is crazy about this argument is that both sides of this issue just seem to talk past each other without addressing some of the main questions. There are a lot of assertions being made, without much sustenance. Wanting to unite the Christmas community is a good thing...using the International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas to accomplish that job, is not. IBRBS is not the right tool to get this job done. It’s like using a saw to pour concrete. “But the saw is the best tool we have right now” and the foundation is still going to be a mess. We specialize in hearing the dreams of children yet forget to dream ourselves. I would love to see an organization created that brought all Christmas performers together. Perhaps something called (insert creativity here) that IBRBS could be a part of, along with FORBS if they wanted, and MOTS if that’s an organized group, or any other speciality* that wants to stand hand and hoof with Santa. (*Agents, Photographers, Vendors, Elves, etc.) But the leadership seems sold out on making IBRBS the center focus. And everyone must join this group instead. My dream is a little bigger. (Sadly, I know I’m going to get chewed up and spit out, or perhaps cast out would be the better term, for this and for speaking out against the leadership. But when it really boils down to the nuts and bolts, none of this really helps any of us be a better Santa. If you can’t do this because you have love, joy, and peace in your own heart it doesn’t matter how much training or how cheap the insurance is, it ain’t gonna work.)
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    The Prayer of Santa Claus The sleigh was all packed, the reindeer were fed, but Santa still knelt by the side of the bed. "Dear Father," he prayed "Be with me tonight. There's much work to do and my schedule is tight. I must jump in my sleigh and streak through the sky, knowing full well that a reindeer can't fly. I'll visit each household before the first light; I'll cover the world and all in one night. With sleigh bells a-ringing, I'll land on each roof, amid the soft clatter of each little hoof. To get in the house is the difficult part, so I'll slide down the chimney of each child's heart. My sack will hold toys to grant all their wishes. The supply will be endless like the loaves and the fishes. I will fill all of the stockings and not leave a track. I'll eat every cookie that is left for my snack. I can do all these things Lord, only through You, I just need your blessing, then it's easy to do. All this is to honor the birth of the One, who was sent to redeem us, Your most Holy Son. So to all my friends, least Your glory I rob, please Lord, remind them who gave me this job."
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    I worked as a "pourer" in a ceramic shop in the 70's and these things were very popular. I made one for my grandmother that was about two feet tall and she loved it! Some years it was the only tree she would put up/out. Too bad it didn't survive a fire in her home!
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