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    Make this beautiful burgundy hat the center piece of your Casual Santa attire. This elegant hat will definitely bring a touch of Christmas spirt to any Christmas event. A wide five inch very soft and thick light brown furry band light tips, gold and white cording, dark burgundy wool material with white embroiled snowflakes and gold scrolling. soft white satin lining and gold tassel. $130 plus mailing cost. Will fit a 22 1/2- 23 1/2 circumference head. Please message with any Q’s..
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    agreed - it is a more of a costume than a suit for long wear - but it gives the pattern to get a better one made....
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    Mrs. Tamale Claus
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    Mrs Tamale Claus at her work.
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    I am standing as close as they would let me get to the engine - the Norfolk and Western #611 - the last of it's kind - one of the largest steam engines left in the world - it is HUGE - this pic is not forced perspective - the drive wheels are as tall as me - truly a majestic engine !
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    This is one of my favorite pictures!! How impressive & inspiring to have the design on the window!!!!! Love it!
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    This is a great picture of the both of you together. I am particularly drawn to the 2 different reds in the picture. A while back I think I got stuck thinking we had to match reds all the time. You've helped me to get unstuck! Love & Cookies, Lesa
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    I think I found Kirt Russell’s hat!
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    This should be the photo for "ANSWERS FROM THE BIG CHAIR"!
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    Great photos Schwindy! You look marvelous.
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    This apron really added diversity to my wardrobing options. It worked well for "Breakfast with Santa" and "Workshop Santa". Besides that it makes ME look good when I wear it!
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    Love this one! NIce suit. (OK...in case you forgot Santa) I want a Harley Davidson Road King Classic in Pearl White. If it's too big to deliver, just send along the keys and tell me where it's parked and I'll do the rest!
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