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    Make this beautiful burgundy hat the center piece of your Casual Santa attire. This elegant hat will definitely bring a touch of Christmas spirt to any Christmas event. A wide five inch very soft and thick light brown furry band light tips, gold and white cording, dark burgundy wool material with white embroiled snowflakes and gold scrolling. soft white satin lining and gold tassel. $130 plus mailing cost. Will fit a 22 1/2- 23 1/2 circumference head. Please message with any Q’s..
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    @Drosselmeyer ...did I ever get back with you on this?! Yes, I do have more of this Texas fabric.
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    @Schwindy...ok...so the directions went missing?
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    @stuartdjr I do have more of this fabric...!
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    @stuartdjr I can make more...
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    Too cool for Santa School... looking good Doug!
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    I've had them now for about 12 years. I am very pleased with the red leather lining. I can wear these boots for 14 hour/day and they feel great. No fatigue or sore feet. Worth every penny. I'm glad I use a floating fur cuff. No more attached fur cuffs.
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    Mrs Tamale Claus at her work.
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    I am standing as close as they would let me get to the engine - the Norfolk and Western #611 - the last of it's kind - one of the largest steam engines left in the world - it is HUGE - this pic is not forced perspective - the drive wheels are as tall as me - truly a majestic engine !
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    Her look is priceless
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    This bag is awesome! Not only is it beautiful, it is rugged and it has held every load of toys I've needed to carry. Thank you Eileen!
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    Another favorite! The blue really gives a whole "Night Before Christmas" feel. Absolutely beautiful, Eileen.
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    The stitches are all so delicate, love it!
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    Eileen, this is absolutely GORGEOUS. You have found in me another fan of your creations. You're amazing!
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    These patches are awesome! The love and thought comes together to make these beautiful.
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    Beautiful work! Eileen, you are extremely talented:)
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    OK was told today that the Jersey has been dropped off and The numbers 25 of course, name plate Claus, and the patch are being added and I should get this all back VERY SOON! CAN'T WAIT! THANK YOU EILEEN!
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    This should get on to the uniform sometime in the coming week or two.
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    I love that as I see it on a few things you have made, very cool!
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    I love how you didn't use the better buttons where the belt is going to be blocking them anyway! VERY COOL, smart, and typical Eileen!
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    Love our tags and will show them to you after I get them on the bags, still haven't even dabbled with them since August and my shoulder. That front bed room still need to be cleaned up!
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    How did I miss this! WOW SORRY Eileen LOVE THEM VERY MUCH and of course thank you for your help!
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    Should make one like this but modified to say "Property of Mrs. Claus, if found please return to the North Pole" She could put this on the button of Santa's shirt before she lets him out of the house! LOL
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    I love the Santa Sleigh/Aurora Borealis vest! Is that embroidery on the back, done by hand, or machine? At first when I looked at it, I thought it was bead embroidery. That is one of my hobbies, and I've done some cool things. My dance shawl (one used for pow wows and special ceremonies), has a bead embroidered Golden Eagle, all done with gold lined rocaille bugle beads. Awesome Work!
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    I like it, look very nice.
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    Wow, that is a nice shirt!
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    Very Beautiful work. I really like the pattern. Santa is a beautiful world.
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    I have this red buckle and love it. Also have the best Santa bag ever.
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    Incredible craftsmanship!
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    What attention to detail, look at the fabric align so well, snowflake buttons.... makes you want to dress up and BE SANTA!
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