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    Good job Dr. Drosselmeyer. I really enjoyed your interpretation. I know you had on a clever disguise but I still recognized you as Santa.
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    Drosselmeyer I think you and I are the only 2 on here that know & understand Red Green. If this santa thing doesn’t work out for me maybe I’ll start doing a USA version of Red Green. I’ve seen worse shows on pbs, but what should I call it The Greene Red Show? I could show people how to build a sleigh from outhouse doors & hockey sticks.😂🤣 Merry Christmas all!
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    You really can't beat Disney, fabulous stuff. The image link isn't working?
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    I remember watching this programme as a child ,Mary Parkinson, the presenter was married to the UK famous Michael Parkinson. I recall my parents used to pay a small amount of money weekly throughout the year into a Christmas Hamper club which served us well over the festive period with delights only to be had at Christmas . I love the bit about the cockerel for Christmas lunch, my father used dispatch the it on Christmas Eve, I never liked that part of Christmas, but it never stopped me eating the chicken! On Christmas morning there was always an orange, a handful of nuts and a three penny piece in the stocking. The main gift for all the family was the Compendium of games,everyone used to join in, real family stuff, no electronics back then Happy memories
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    I had never heard of this program prior to reading this post. Having watched a couple, hilarious, and lots more to watch!
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    But as you say, it kept it going for four more years, and in truth its kept it going in her heart foreverley
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    She kind of laughs about it but still thinks it's cool Dad did this for her.
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    What a wonderful experience the delight must have been overwhelming. What did she say about it when she was older?
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    I wouldn't know where to start particularly with the technical side. I may ask my 13 yr old Grandson!
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    The UK Christmas commercials are simply awesome! Like miniature movies, so well produced, so cinematic - we don't get to see these in this country but I can't wait to start viewing this year's entries on YouTube!
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    Any movie with the words, "Family" and "Christmas" is already a big hit with me!
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    They’re gonna love it! I was ages 3-5 when the show originally aired. Really hits home in the nostalgia department. We watched it with our boys Christmas past.
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    You don't have to wait for the reruns, go to youtube and search Red Green. Do not hold me responsible for your sleepless nights and missed appointments. They have all 300 episodes.
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    This is why I only wear the suit and don't try to actually deliver presents.
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    Seen Red Green, watched for years, yeah I get it, Just still ask, WHY, I might change, but then again WHY? It does end with I Guess.
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    it;s the Mens Prayer you must watch Red Green to understand . . . actually - you must just watch Red Green
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    I'm a man. I can change, if I have to...I guess.
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    I LOVE Red Green. Other than my wife (obviously haha) the two best parts about marrying a Canadian is two thanksgivings and being introduced to Red Green! He's my spirit Hoser. haha
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    Great job, your going to miss him when he goes back to school.
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    We love the song, and he did a great job! My wife said it gave her Goosebumps!
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    She told everyone and showed them the tape. It was quite a stir.
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    That is super cool! I can hear her nervous breathing and heartbeat - what an impression it must have made!
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    My buddy got to see his farewell tour in St. Petersburg. I was so bummed to miss it. I just couldn’t swing the ticket price at the time. 😔

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