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    Here's my Santa Claus promo video for 2016!
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    Full movie A Muppet Family Christmas was a 1-hour tv special that broadcast originally in 1987 and was re-broadcast in 1988 & 1989. This video is from one of the rebroadcasts because the title card is displayed when the Muppets are driving in the truck to Fozzie's Mom's house. For more information on the movie, check out the Muppets Wiki page for the film here.
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    I wish we could go back to those days...
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    Saw a post on this and looked it up - a very simple story - but very well done the book is on Amazon Robot Check WWW.AMAZON.COM
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    Very well done video - a lot of research went into presenting this historically accurate narrative of the Christmas truce. I believe it was done by the BBC. Very educational. Also of note - the commanding officers, well back from the trenches - were against the truce. This included one Corporal Adolph Hitler.....
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    When my youngest daughter was 9, she wanted to videotape Santa delivering gifts. She set her little camera up and the old man made sure she got her video. Kept the magic alive for 4 more years.
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    Billie Mae Richards radio interview. She provided the voice for the Original voice of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer from 1964 to 1979
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    Holiday songs coming to life through the magic of drones.
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    Saw this on a Christmas commercials program I recorded.
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    Clark Griswold returns in 'Christmas Vacation' Ford Mustang Mach-E ad Commercial will run during 'Saturday Night Live Christmas Special' By Gary Gastelu | Fox News 12/21/2020 Chevy Chase is simultaneously returning to Saturday Night Live and to his Clark Griswold character, courtesy of Ford. Sort of. The actor is starring in a "National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation" themed commercial for the electric Ford Mustang Mach-E along with on-screen wife Beverly D’Angelo that will run during the primetime reairing of the "Saturday Night Live Christmas Special" on Dec. 22. The spot is already on YouTube, however, and reimagines the film’s famous scene where Griswold illuminates his home with a blinding array of Christmas lights after his wife, Ellen, flicks the power switch. The twist this time is that she’s turning on the juice to charge a Mustang Mach-E, which gets more attention from his family than the light display. Griswold’s father-in-law calls it a "nice whip" as they gather around it and then says that he used to have a Mustang "back when cars made sounds." Source: https://www.foxnews.com/auto/clark-griswold-returns-in-christmas-vacation-ford-mustang-mach-e-ad
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    we shot a quick promo video of Santa and the sleigh at Klondike Kates - everyone had a good time
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    was able to share this at my church 11/8/20 - based on the original by the UCCF
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    my parents took me to see this when I was very young - I have a hazy memory of a big dark room with a huge tree and 2 dancing snowmen (see 9:45) on a whim I looked it up and there it was ! From what I understand the show didn't change all that much over the years - but at some point the original narration by John Facenda was replaced by Julie Andrews . . . Wanamaker's sold out to Macy's a few years ago, and the store is now closed - I am not even sure they do organ concerts anymore . . . but I can say I did see this in person back in the early 70's !!
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    Having all you need is having everything.
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    Presenter Mary Parkinson looks back at Christmas in days gone by with three ladies who grew up at the turn of the century: Edna Brannon Florence Edwards Emily Holde First shown: 05/12/1973
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    One of my favorite scenes from the classic movie, Bells of St. Mary's. Actually, one of the few Christmas moments in a movie that is often categorized as a Christmas film.
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    Yee-ouch! That's going to leave a mark. Or two. Or Three. I loved this movie.
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    All of the Santas in this video were once Santas in Lebanon where I live. Can't remember if I ever shared this or not.
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    Inside Story: The Santa Clause Kids in Santa's Workshop. The cast of The Santa Clause describe what it was like to work with child actors on set.
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    This is just too good and too funny not to share with all of you. So sit back, turn up your volume, and prepare to laugh!
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    You wanna be where everybody knows your name...
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    This gives me some hope for our future generations.
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    Great, old-fashioned style puppet show created by George Creegan.
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    My two favorite things; Monty Python and LEGO!
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    Helpdesk support back in the day of the middle ages...
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