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ClausNet Gazette: News from the Santa Claus Network

August 2009

Volume 1, Issue 4

The Dog Days of Summer

By Michael Rielly

Dog Days of Summer on ClausNetWell it seems like I just wrapped up the July issue and here we are already in August. The summer of 2009 is just flying by and the Dog Days of Summer are now upon us.

When I was a kid, the arrival of August always meant that summer vacation was almost over and soon we would be headed back to school! By this time, our summer vacation was starting to wind down; Day Camp was over for the season, and hanging out at the beach had lost some of its appeal.

But the clear sign for my brothers and I that summer vacation was soon at its end, was when our mother would start buying us new clothes and school supplies. Which was fine with me because I was one of those weird kids that actually liked school. Ahh the smell of freshly sharpened Dixon Ticonderoga number two pencils and Pink Pearl erasers. This must be why my favorite store is Staples.

On ClausNet the end of summer also means that bookings start to pick up. Many of us already have several bookings confirmed, with many more to come I'm sure! August is also when we officially kick off our Second Annual Christmas Ornament Exchange on ClausNet!

I hope you enjoy our August edition of the ClausNet Gazette! As always, don't hesitate to contact us if you have a product, event, or story you would like to share with your fellow members!



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In The News

In The News

Summertime Yuletide

Stockton -- Some approached with trepidation. More than one or two found themselves tongue-tied. A few cried. Others ran to him as fast as their legs would carry them.

Santa Claus' visit to Pixie Woods on Sunday for the annual Christmas in July celebration evoked the same range of emotions he gets in December.

Only the 50 or so children who lined up in the shade of the trees to see Jolly Old St. Nick did so in shorts, bathing suits and wet clothes, having spent the day splashing in the fountains as a tonic to the 98-degree temperature.

Shelby Craig, 7, was first in line when Santa made his way to the clearing by the fountains around 2:15 p.m. Her excitement was evident as soon as Santa's elves began setting up a folding chair for the big man. Her little brother, 5-year-old Mark, sat down on the chair and Shelby dashed from the bench on which she sat to shoo him away.
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You May Kiss The Elf

Copenhagen -- Hundreds of Santas and their helpers gathered yesterday to celebrate the marriage of two special elves.

It was the Danish wedding of the year; not even the royals could have topped it. After all, it's not everyone who can say that they got married in the forest with the Easter Bunny, Snow Queen and dancing Christmas Tree in attendance. Or that Santa Claus forgot the rings.

Sine Andersen, 21, and Rune Jamrath Hansen, 28, dedicate a large part of their year to their work as elves in the Danish Santa Claus Guild. So it was only fitting that their wedding kicked off the annual Santa Claus World Congress, taking place in Bakken, Copenhagen this week.
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Santas gather for international convention

Copenhagen -- Santas from a dozen countries assembled Monday for an annual convention that opened with a wedding between two Santa aides, organizers said. The 150 Santas were meeting at the Bakken amusement park near the Danish capital, Copenhagen, that has hosted the convention since 1963. The events include a scheduled bicycle ride Tuesday through parts of central Copenhagen.
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No rest for Santa: Toys 'R' Us holds Christmas-in-July sale

Pull the big red suit out of storage, Santa; you're not going to get any downtime this year.

Toys "R" Us Inc. is the latest retailer to join the Christmas-in-July sale movement and plans to run its promotion for one week this month.

The Wayne, New Jersey based chain is offering discounts on dozens of items in stores and online from July 19 through July 25, offering markdowns of roughly 40 percent to 50 percent on toys, trains and board and video games.

On the last day of the sale, the toy store plans "special one-day deals" and is setting up a station from noon to 2 p.m. where children can make their own Christmas cards, play games and get a free candy cane.
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Featured Member - August 2009

Kriss KringleEach month, our Featured Member section profiles one ClausNET member. Members are chosen totally at random by myself and the staff. Once selected as Featured Member of the Month, we interview the candidate and post the interview here.This is a great way to get to know your fellow ClausNET members!

This month I am happy to announce that our ClausNET Featured Member of the Month for August 2009 is Kriss Kringle! This will be Chris’s 13th year as Santa Claus! Chris joined ClausNET soon after its launch. Chris has been a key contributor to ClausNET since the beginning and we are happy to have him here with us!

ClausNET Featured Member of the Month

I caught up with Chris a few days ago. Here's what Chris had to say...
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Visit our Featured Members of the Month section for past members!

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Price Of Freedom, July 4th 2009

Posted in Travels of Ol #98 by Old Sante Claus

Ol Sante ClausOur country is founded on the Principle of Freedom. The price of freedom is costly, and precious. Pause to remember those who have paid the Ultimate Price for you and I to be free.

Recently, I spoke with a group of US Soldiers that are here defending Freedom. They reminded me that Freedom is not Free. I thanked them and said, I honor and respect you for wearing that green uniform. Wearing green allows me to wear red.

I am proud of these Americans that sacrifice every day to insure we are safe, secure, and Free.
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Reflecting On The Kringle Life In New York

A poem by Elf Without Jingles

Well, I'm in my middle 40s, as you can plainly tell. I'm a low-budget New York Santa who has yet to do too well. How I've managed to survive all this, I'll never fully know. But I just love to give good pointers and to make a decent show.

Information is my forte, and I expect it to be used for good. Because someday, there'll be another Santa out there, doing as he should. New York's a real tough place for Santa to rely upon his brain, For it takes more than proper Elf magic to get me back to my Workshop again.

Once when I was younger, my intellect I used. For a visit to Santa's Kingdom at the New York Daily News. This was in my pre-teen years, I think, and I was rather hooked When the Daily News' resident Santa gave me a very special book.

It was filled with tales and stories gathered from all over the world. And I soon wished I could be Santa for all New York's boys and girls. Well, it took a while for me to believe, and to become a Santa for real. After I saw The Movie, though, 'twas easy to seal the deal!

Now I'm a New York Santa, one who's truly in the know! And I'm also a member of ClausNet, dear Santa Rielly's all-Kringle show. I hope that this Christmas season I can do what I have to do. To tell my fellow New Yorkers, "A very Merry Christmas to you!"

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Mystery Santa

Who is this Celebrity Santa?

This famous Santa was born in England. He began his career in Hollywood in silent pictures but is best know for his work in the early 1930s. His work spans radio, theater, movies, and television.

Who is this Celebrity Santa?

During his career, he appeared in over 160 films! Can you guess who our mystery Santa Claus is?

The answer will be in the September issue of the ClausNet Gazette.

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Santa Voices of the Past

Each month we feature a quote from a famous Santa Claus of the past. This month's quote comes to us from James D. "Jimmy" Rielly.

"I am not a wealthy man by no means. But I love doing Santa Claus and I'll go anywhere the children need me. This is what I can give to the children."

James D. Rielly
May 1, 1908 - November 26, 1991

Mr. Rielly began is Santa Claus career in 1927 at the age of 19. Over the years, he was featured on several national TV shows and received letters from Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, Richard M. Nixon, and Pope John Paul II. In 1979 his name was recorded in the Senate Congressional Record as "James D. Rielly – A Truly Remarkable Santa Claus From Rhode Island".

Want to learn more Santa Claus history? Check out the following:

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