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  • Episode 15 - Taking a look at things from a different perspective

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    In this episode…

    We take a look at things from a different point of view!

    Santa News
    Changes at Santa Claus Haus, Was the first Santa Claus a wanted man? Santa’s Sleigh is retired, and a new Santa documentary.

    Answers from the Big Chair
    How do you deal with a child and siblings who are on the edge of believing in Santa.

    Feature Interview
    On today’s show we talk to the other person in Santa’s life…his significant other that has to deal with us and our Santa obsession.


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    User Feedback

    Rob Thompson

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    As usual, Greg excels himself with every Podcast. 

    Whilst I have found every podcast to date to be really informative, in some intance challenging discussions etc, but this one I now think is my favorite, the perspective from all of the Santa wives interviewed was brilliant. It actually gave me food for thought too as a Santa and a husband. 

    Loved the section from Santa's wives. The story of Felix hairspray, classic :)However, the best advice of all, and I am all over this one, was from Michael's wife, Im definitely buying my wife a horse, RESULT!! :) :( 


    Thanks again Greg and the team.

    Listen to the Podcasts share them with your friends, you know it makes sense!





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    Santa SteveKl

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    As always this podcast is incredible. Thank you for always doing such an amazing job @RadioSanta!

    I also want to give a shout out to the ladies who were interviewed. Though my wife is Mrs. Claus with me, I thank you for you perspective that allows me to see things better from her perspective. I never want to loose sight that we are in this together.

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    Han Solo Ok GIF

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    Black Hills Santa

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    grand slam creighton baseball GIF by Creighton University AthleticsHow many different ways can you say,,"Great job"? I don't know but what I do know is that this is another grand slam over the fences. 

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