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Found 172 results

  1. DeputyDogRick

    Santa's workshop

    Interview done this past season by a local college news station. Shows Santa's workshop
  2. Name: Santa's workshop Category: Member Videos Date Added: 2016-03-30 Submitter: DeputyDogRick Interview done this past season by a local college news station. Shows Santa's workshop Santa's workshop
  3. Easter bunny in mall brawl caught on video Published March 21, 2016 FoxNews.com EXCERPT: The Easter bunny got caught up in a mall brawl in New Jersey, and it all apparently started with an angry dad. Video posted on Twitter Sunday evening showed a chaotic scene at the Newport Centre in Jersey City, near an area set up to take photos with the Easter bunny. It started when a 1-year-old girl slipped out of her chair after posing for a photo with the bunny, city spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said. The girl's father reportedly shouted at the 22-year-old man in the costume, then started throwing punches. MORE:
  4. Secret pedophile symbols end up on children’s toys WFLA.com By Steve Andrews March 11, 2016 EXCERPT: A Tampa Bay area company is investigating how a pedophile logo made it onto one of its toys. Feld Entertainment Inc., of Ellenton, has pulled its Monster Truck pillow from circulation and is offering customers refunds after discovering a logo that enables pedophiles to communicate about their wants and desires. Feld produces Monster Jam shows. It sells souveneirs including the Monster Truck pillow. According to Feld, the pillow was designed in a now-closed office in Fort Worth, Texas. The pillows were manufactured in China. Nicole Kelly picked one up at a show in Syracuse, New York. Then she discovered a double heart, a symbol for pedophiles. “Immediately I went into this momma bear mode. I was angry. I wanted to call and text everybody. I wanted answers,” Kelly said. According to the FBI’s website, people who sexually abuse children, as well as those who produce, distribute and trade child porn, use various types of logos or symbols to recognize one another and distinguish their sexual preferences. The double heart, or girl lover logo, symbolizes a relationship between an adult male or female and a minor girl. Three mothers, sitting in a Tampa park, had no clue about any of that. “Probably would be good information to have,” Jessica Egli said. “We have a lot of toys in our house,” Kate McCauley said. “Lots and lots of toys, and I’ve never seen that or thought to look for it. As parents of little kids, I want law enforcement to know more about this.” “I’ve never heard of it before,” Allyson Brimer added. Feld vice president of communications Stephen Payne stated the pillow with the double heart was pulled from service. The company is offering refunds or exchanges. Feld’s customer service number is (800) 844-3545. The email address is customerservice@feldinc.com. According to Payne, in 30 plus years, Feld never had an issue with toys or a recall. The company is looking into all products associated with the designer of the truck pillow. It doesn’t know if this was an accident or oversight, or if it was intentional. SOURCE: http://wfla.com/2016/03/10/secret-pedophile-symbols-end-up-on-childrens-toys/
  5. Michael Rielly

    Silly Santas on Parade

    Silly Santas on Parade MyMerryChristmas.com March 7, 2016 EXCERPT Everyone wants to be Santa Claus. Who wouldn’t want to work with toys, elves and reindeer? Who would not want to be beloved of children and adults alike? Santa is universally recognized, perpetually jolly, well fed, and immensely popular. Other men look on Santa with envy. He is the ultimate man’s man. He works with power tools, drives faster than anyone, and he gets all the girls. Santa is so popular people cannot help dressing up like him for all kinds of public events. In Sweden they gather by the thousands dressed in beards and red suits – to jog. In Denmark an annual international convention of Santa portrayers gathers every year – and each one of them swears they are the “one and only” Santa Claus. And in cities around the world hundreds will gather during the holidays to crawl from pub to pub – dressed as the Big Guy. The media eats this all up. They love to give us pictures of Santas gathered together. After all, Santa, no matter what he is doing, makes everyone smile. Who cares if an image or a video shows a whole gaggle of Santa Clauses? What’s the harm in a herd of Kringles? The more the merrier, right? There’s just one problem: the kids. Whenever there is a public spectacle that features Santa in numbers the kids get confused. “Wait a minute,” they write in, “what’s going on here?” Indeed. Santa of old was just one guy. History has added reindeer, elves and even multiple ways to track Santa on Christmas Eve but at the end of the day it has always been one dude in red coming down each chimney. Announced today was yet another gathering of men and women wearing the red suit – this one in Branson, Missouri. More than 1000 of them will be there to “Discover Santa”. These are professional Santas – the real Santas — the ones that take kids on their knee and hears Christmas wishes. These Santas will hole up in a fancy resort for a couple of days to hold a convention. They will talk shop. They will take classes about sacred Santa traditions and sly Santa techniques in working with kids. They will sing Christmas carols in July. They will celebrate the heritage of Santa portrayers. They will hand out awards. And there will be a big parade right through town with 1000 plus dressed in their best suits with beards freshly trimmed and waxed, all giving white-gloved waves and smiles to the crowd — a crowd, by the way, that will be packed with children. What’s wrong with this picture? Well, there’s certainly nothing wrong with Santas getting together. In fact, there is a fellowship among Santas that I really admire. They do tough work, work that sometimes has them facing difficult situations and long hours. There is certainly a lot to be said for a Santa portrayer who invests time and money to hone his craft in the name of serving children and families better. If I were playing Santa I would want to know all the latest techniques and news that would make me a better Santa, too. I love the historical celebration of Santa. The fact they identify the selfless givers among them is commendable. But for all of this why, oh why, can’t the professional Santas of today remember just one little thing: their customers? Their customers are the kids! No, it isn’t the kids that put what little jingle in their pockets that comes from being Santa. But the kids are the reason there is a Santa at all. Can’t Santas get together with these little ones in mind? It’s July, guys. Nobody in their right minds parades in long fur-trimmed sleeves in July – except for…uh…why are you doing this again? I don’t want to spoil anyone’s fun. But can’t you guys just show up in short sleeves, sandals and shorts like millions of other men your age who go to summer gatherings? Do you really need to put yourselves on television? Do you need to parade through town? Don’t you get enough love from all the other parades you are in? I had this problem with you when my kids were little. Now I have this problem with my grandchildren. I shouldn’t have to explain why there are 1000 of you guys at a meeting. Santa is awesome but he’s got secrets. His North Pole compound has never been found. The reindeer games have never been on ESPN. There is no actual footage supplied by NORAD or anyone else of Santa’s Christmas flight. Santa has never been caught. Santa comes in the dark of night, he delivers fast, and most often he gives anonymously. How he gets around the world in a single night remains a scientific mystery. He “knows when you are sleeping and he knows when you’re awake” – that’s powerful, legendary, and mystical stuff. So do you really expect the kids at a resort or just in town there in Branson to understand Santa in multiplicity? Surely there are better answers than a rehash of past Santa gathering mistakes. You guys are a brotherhood – a united front of Christmas cheer dedicated to the public good. That public good isn’t just valid at Christmas. Take off the suit and go to your meetings as the secret Santas you are. And when you gather for the big picture please wear something to disguise your merrier identity. Ok, you can say “Merry Christmas!” That’s cool even in July. But don’t let them see you sweat. SOURCE: http://mymerrychristmas.com/silly-santas-on-parade/
  6. So Many Costumed Characters Arrested in Times Square New York Times February 10, 2016 By Jen Kirby As we've known for a while, nothing says "I'm visiting the Big Apple" quite like a posed photograph with a dude in a matted, fraying character costume in Times Square. And, as we've also realized, superheroes and Muppets are not about to give away such valuable souvenirs without anything in return. Yet one recent tourist apparently forgot about this quid pro quo. He got a real gem of a picture with Minnie Mouse, Cookie Monster, and Olaf, the snowman from Frozen — and then didn't pay up. That's when the Minnie-Cookie-Olaf trio dropped the friendly Disney façade, blocked the tourist's way, and boxed him in, apparently trying to extract $20, reports NBC 4. The tourist finally coughed up $10, but before the costumed goons could rough him up further, the cops stepped in and swept up all three on harassment charges. This is not Minnie, Cookie Monster, or Olaf's first run-in with the law, but only insiders can say whether the same is true for the people sweating underneath those oversize heads. It also turns out those weren't the only Times Square lurkers arrested this week. The Daily News reports that a Batman-costumed performer was held by cops and cited Tuesday for disorderly conduct after being caught in an area outside his 42nd Street dominion, one where characters aren't allowed to solicit tips. According to Batman, whose real name is Jose Escalona-Martinez, he was merely walking "like a tourist" — just a regular superhero among us. Escalona-Martinez, who also sometimes suits up as Spider-Man and once testified at a City Council meeting dressed like this, has been arrested twice since 2013; both times he filed suit against the city for unlawful arrest ($2 million, and $2.5 million, respectively). He and his lawyer told the News that they'll probably file another after this recent dust-up. Last October, the city formed a Times Square Task Force after a variety of people, including Governor Andrew Cuomo, started freaking out about the desnudas, the topless ladies in the pedestrian plazas who — like the Elmos — panhandle for tips and pester pedestrians. The NYPD also created a new unit — which is now fully operational — to patrol the tourist mecca to tackle some of the problems with rogue characters and other quality-of-life issues. A spokesperson for the mayor's office told Daily Intelligencer that the administration is implementing all of the Task Force proposals they can without involving the City Council, such as banning street fairs from Times Square side streets. Some other plans, such as a transportation study, are contingent upon the completion of construction projects on Seventh Avenue and the pedestrian spaces. (No, this does not portend the destruction of the plazas, despite what NYPD commissioner Bill Bratton and Mayor Bill de Blasio briefly suggested this fall.) Most everything else will involve new legislation. On the agenda: creating an entity to inspect vendors, and giving the Department of Transportation the authority to manage civil and commercial activity in Times Square's pedestrian spaces and other such plazas citywide. Before this week's spate of arrests, a Statue of Liberty was arrested for hassling a tourist last month, and an Incredible Hulk was nabbed for the same behavior in November. But at least one of the desnudas got some good press recently. The Post photographed one of the topless women, decked out in the usual revealing getup, shoveling snow out of Times Square during Winter Storm Jonas. It ran under exactly the headline you'd expect. SOURCE http://nymag.com/daily/intelligencer/2016/02/many-characters-arrested-in-times-square.html?mid=msn-rss-dailyintelligencer
  7. Meet 'Torch', Hasbro's Fire-Breathing Animatronic Pet Dragon Forbes.com February 14, 2016 EXCERPT: Torch is a new animatronic dragon from Hasbro that breaths fire-like vapor, toasts marshmallows, talks and responds to touch. Maybe I have a soft spot for cute animatronic animals (I blame growing up watching Gremlins and The Dark Crystal), but stand out product at the Hasbro New York Toy Fair booth for me was Torch the FurReal Friends pet dragon. The toy will retail at $79.99 this fall and is suitable for children (and adults) over 4 years old. Like last year’s FurReal Pets star turn, Star Lily, Torch combines a range of technology to create a sense of personality and engagement. He responds to your touch with a range of movements, sounds and lights. He has a light up mouth that illuminates when he growls and breaths what looks remarkably like fire — well a colored mist at least. The vapor creates the illusion of fire and can be used in conjunction with a plastic Marshmallow that changes color to toast and feed the food for Torch. This all sounds a little complex and clunky but see Torch in action and it’s a pretty convincing pet. He has 50 different audio responses to a child’s interactions as well as a wide variety of motions. Sensors around his nose mean that he can respond to different touch queues and even recognize when he has been picked up for a cuddle. SOURCE: http://www.forbes.com/sites/andyrobertson/2016/02/14/torch-furreal-friends-dragon-pet/#30af6b4a5313
  8. Michael Rielly

    ClausNet Gazette - February 2016

    The February 2016 issue of the ClausNet Gazette is now online! view online
  9. ClausNet Report # 15 North Pole Report By Elmo D. Elf; Editor in Chief; North Pole News I received a phone call at my office at The North Pole News from Santa on Thursday, January 28 and after telling me a bit about the vacation that he and Mrs. Claus had taken to Tasmania (just south of Australia). He said, "Elmo, something has been bothering me and now that I'm back and we've gotten things here at the Toy Shoppe sort of "strung out" getting started on the toy production for Christmas 2016, we need to sit down and have a little talk." As you probably already know, upon his return from delivering toys to the good children all around the world on Christmas Eve; he always sleeps for about 48 hours. The Elves are on Holiday from Christmas Day until about the 12th of January and then it starts all over again. He invited me out again on Tuesday, of this week saying he wanted to visit with me about a situation that he see's shaping up. When I inquired what the situation might be about, he simply said, "Elmo, if I told you the situation, you'd start trying to come up with a solution before you got here and I'd prefer to get your input while it's fresh, not something you had already come up with in your mind before we have a chance to discuss it, okay?" "Sure," I said, "I understand completely. What's the best time for you I inquired?" "Well, I should be finished out in the Toy Shop by 6:00 P.M. so why not shoot for about 6:30. I'll tell the Bride you'll be coming for dinner because she enjoys your company. You've got to remember she doesn't get to enjoy the company of others very often, except for the Elves who might just drop by or be sent to deliver a message from me." "Boy, that sounds great! That woman is a very fine cook, Santa. You should be glad you have her," was my reply. "Oh, I realize how lucky I am alright...every time I hop out of the sleigh. You know, I really should do something about my weight; but that's another subject for us to discuss at another time." "Okay, I'll see you about 6:30 P.M. on Tuesday evening. Oh, by the way, be sure to tell Mrs. Claus to not go to any trouble. Anything she cook's up will be fine with me." "Elmo," he said in a serious voice, "You don't have to bring her any chocolates. I'm always getting into 'em, and I don't need the extra calories. Her cooking is more than I really need!" "Yes sir," I said. Then he said "Goodbye" and hung up. I remember thinking to myself, "What could he possibility want to discuss with me?" After thinking about it for a few minutes, I decided to accept the fact that I hadn't the slightest idea, so I marked my calendar and went on about getting the Weekly, North Pole News out on schedule. Well, Tuesday rolled around quickly and before I knew it, I found myself straightening up my desk and referring to my calendar and realized that tonight was my scheduled trip up to The Claus Complex. (You can refer to the 14 previous North Pole Reports in the ClausNet Poems & Short Story Archives) I had remembered that Santa had requested that I not bring chocolates as I had done the eight or ten times I had gone up to Santa's house for dinner, so after a couple of seconds, I picked up the phone and called 'Kracky" the Elf. He's the local florist and while he isn't rich, he makes a nice living. His long standing slogan is, "Flowers by Kracky". It's sort of catchy, I think. He's a good advertiser for us here at the newspaper, you know. Anyway, I asked that he wrap up a bunch of roses and wrap them in a protective bag so they wouldn't freeze on the way out to The Claus Complex. I rode my snow mobile over to Kracky the Florest, picked up a nice bouquet and went home; fed my cat "Boots", grabbed an extra heavy coat and headed out the door. You have to remember that in the winter, it's dark all the time up here at the North Pole because the Earth is tilted in such a way that the at the top of it (where the North Pole is) doesn't get any sunshine at all. Of course, in the summer we have full sunlight around the clock for a few months! It takes about 20 minutes from North Pole City where I live to go the four miles straight north up to the Claus Complex. It was bitter cold and snowing like all get out when I arrived. I dismounted, threw the winter cover over old Betsy (that's what I call my snow mobile) and trudged through the thigh deep fine powdered snow up to the front outside door; kicked the snow away so I could pull the door to the porch open and stepped into the enclosed area. While not at all warm, it was out of the wind and felt a lot warmer than the outside even though the thermometer read -520 below zero. I pulled down on the long leather strap and I could hear the jingle of heavy duty sleigh bells ringing through the house signaling my arrival. About 20 seconds later, the inter-door was flung wide open and there stood the big man himself in his high fur top black boots, bright dark red velvet trousers, long sleeve underwear top and red suspenders. He had the usual big grin across his weathered red face and his heavy white beard and his head of hair somewhat disheveled. He reached down to shake my hand, but felt the cold and instead, he simply yanked me into the warm house and pushed the big door shut behind me! "Here," I said and handed him the roses. "You said no chocolates, so I just thought Mrs. Claus just might like some flowers." "Well, I can tell you that real flowers are a genuine rarity in this household, Elmo," he said with a chuckle. "Well how you been Elmo; your'e lookin' great. Here, let me help you with that heavy coat. Now you see why a hundred or so ago years ago, why my Great, Grandfather started the Elves digging all the snow tunnels. Man, it's just too cold to spend any time outside in this weather." "Man you can say that again," I remarked, "But the Northern lights are blazing out there tonight. It provides plenty of light so you can see where your'e going, though." I replied. He helped me take off my coat, scarf, mittens and snowmobile suit and threw them over one of the two massive couches in the Parlor. I went over to the fireplace to warm myself, rubbing my palms together and feeling the warmth enter my flannel shirt and my corduroy trousers. You have to remember, the Claus home is built for regular sized people with regular sized doors and furniture and all; so for me, being a mature Elf and all, it's a bit of a stretch to sit in a chair here at the Claus' home. But as often as I've been privileged to visit here I've sort have learned to reach to the back inside of the chair, grab hold of the cushion and throw my right leg up and give a little hop. I've gotten pretty good at it. I usually can make it on the first jump, maybe 8 out of 10 times. The other two times, Santa will grab me by the shoulders and kind of toss me up and spin me all at once and catch me on the way down and gently place me in the chair. But I find that very embarrassing. But, that's just the way he is. About that time, Mrs. Claus came into the room from the long hallway to the rear of the house. "Well hello there Mr. Elf" she said. I found myself a bit flustered and while I was attempting to say something, Santa spoke-up and said, Here Dumplin', Elmo bought you some flowers." She just blushed and hugged the flowers to her chest and said, "Oh, thank you very much Mr. Elf. I'd better get these in fresh water right away." She turned on her heal and disappeared down the hallway saying "I'll call dinner in a few minutes," she called as she disappeared from view. Santa sat down in his favorite chair...a great big black leather recliner; leaned it back and placed his shiny black boots up on the foot rest. "Well" he said, "I'm really glad you could make it tonight Elmo. With the weather being as it is, I know it's a genuine imposition for you to have to come way out here to give me your opinion on the thing that's been troubling me. I want you to know I really do appreciate it." "That's okay Santa. After all, that's what friends are for, isn't it," I replied? "I can't imagine what's troubling you though because as you've always said; you have a back-up plan for everything, right?" "Yep, that's right," he responded. "But now I've got a situation that I really don't see any back-up plan being conceived!" I mean, I've spent a lot of sleepless nights thinking about how to handle this and like the little Dutch boy with his thumb stuck into the hole in the dike, I really don't see anyway to keep it from happening." About that time, Mrs. Claus appeared in the doorway of the Dining Room holding a clear glass vase in which the roses were beautifully arranged saying, "Dinner is ready." She looked right at me and said, "Elmo, these roses are simply beautiful. You know, I believe the last time I received flowers was at at the Elves Winter Carnival in North Pole City about 12 or 13 years ago." "Well you know Dumplin, living way out here like we do, there's not much need for fresh-cut flowers, is there Elmo?" I thought to myself, "There's one question I don't want to answer." Santa said, "Come on Elmo, lets eat; we can finish our discussion a bit later. TO BE CONTINUED
  10. Michael Rielly

    ClausNet Gazette - January 2016

    The January 2016 issue of the ClausNet Gazette is now online! view online
  11. REVEALED: Santa from Fox & Friends has dark career as Vampire Father Christmas and has joked about his 'appreciation for young girls' and making Jolly Old St. Nick a dirty old man DailyMail By Leslie Larson EXCERPT: A Santa Claus actor from North Hampton, New Hampshire makes a living bringing holiday cheer to children is coming under fire for his dark career as a vampire who sexualizes the grandfather figure and jokes about his appreciation for young girls. With his round figure and snow-white beard, Sal Lizard is a dead ringer for Jolly Old St. Nicholas and with his new book, 'Being Santa Claus: What I Learned about the True Meaning of Christmas,' he has been called upon to speak on behalf of the Christmas icon. But past comments he has made about his obsession with women and shocking photos of his Santa Vampire character are now coming to light and are causing alarm as many parents begin to wonder if the friendly man in the red suit can be trusted. Lizard, 57, appeared on Fox & Friends on Thursday as a spokesperson for the mall Santas the world over, as the conservative cable news channel investigates the war on Christmas. In light of the effort to become more politically correct and inclusive during the holiday seasons, some have suggested that Santa shouldn't just represent the Christmas celebration of Jesus' birth but should keep it neutral by only saying 'Happy Holidays.' But Lizard, dressed to the nines in his Santa suit and speaking on behalf of his friendly Santa character, rejected the notion of being ecumenical and said Santa should stand firm on Christmas. 'I can't find any reference where Santa has ever said anything other than 'Merry Christmas,'' Lizard told Fox & Friends co-hosts Gretchen Carlson and Steve Doocy, as part of their segment 'The War on Christmas.' He bemoaned the fact that many people feel that their Christmas parties don't need a Santa Claus anymore and pointed out the travesty that in Britain, where children aren't allowed to sit on the lap of a person dressed up as the character who comes to their school, little ones aren't allowed to cuddle with Santa because, as he told the co-hosts, it might 'give the wrong impression.' But the former U.S. colonizers might have a point because Lizard's alarming activities during the rest of the year are not exactly kid friendly. The actor joked about how 'when you're an old man you appreciate young girls,' when he was interviewed at the Horror Hound Weekend, to promote films he has produced through his Laughing Zombie Productions, in 2011. Most recently at the same horror fan convention this October, Lizard sat beside a scantily clad interviewer and joked about how he has transformed the lovable character from a kid-friendly grandfather to a 'dirty old man.' '[Porn actor] Ron Jeremy said to me… 'You’re a f*cking genius,' Lizard said proudly in an interview. 'You've legitimized Santa being a dirty old man.’ And [Jeremy] said, "I always see you with these women, and you're biting their necks, and you're licking their necks, or you're bitin' them on the boob."' Lizard's side projects are being produced through is production company and he has attracted a cult following on the horror fan circuit. Despite his shocking comments and side gigs, Lizard has struck a much different tone in promoting his heartfelt Christmas book and showed his acting prowess on FOX as he blasted the 'political correctness' that is ruining the spirit of Christmas. In an interview with FOX in early December, he reminded people of the importance of his role. 'Santa is there to help children remember. I tell kid three things to help them get what they want Listen to your parents and do your chores, listen to your teachers and do as well as you can in school and when you’re with your friends be kind to each other and if you try to do that all the time you’ll have a pretty good Christmas. Santa reminds children to be good.' Representatives for Lizard, FOX News Channel and Gotham, who published Lizard's book this November, did not respond to a request for comment. SOURCE: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2252136/FOX-Friends-Sal-Lizard-Santa-Claus-Vampire.html ## Seems to me we are really hurting the image of a beloved fictional character more and more each day. What is next? Is this the next generation of the evolution of the character of Santa Claus? I just sit here and shake my head at the craziness that some people obtain with their obsession to so called "fame" As a side, when should the masses stand up for the sanctity of Santa Claus?
  12. 'Children deserve better than false beards, dark hair and cheap suits' says Father Christmas Meet the 60-year-old who spends nine months growing his beard and gets his Santa suit tailor-made in North America WalesOnline 8 Oct 2015 By Liz Day EXCERPT: 'Children deserve better than false beards, dark hair and cheap suits' says Father Christmas Father Christmas, aka Chris Dawson is criticising other Santas who look fake A Cardiff-based Father Christmas has hit out at “would-be skinny Santas” with false beards, dark hair and cheap suits, saying “children deserve better”. He spends nine months growing his beard and gets his suits tailor-made in North America, but authenticity is the name of the game for professional Santa Christopher Dawson. “Children are very clever,” said the 60-year-old from Culverhouse Cross, who devotes three months of the year to working as Father Christmas. “If they see a false beard with an ill-fitting elastic band, they see right through it and they stop believing. Children deserve more than this.” Christopher believes his long white hair and beard are his most important qualifications for the job. “I met a young girl last year and her dad told me she no longer believed in Father Christmas,” he recalled. “She told me she had already seen two Santas and they both had fake beards. I said: ‘Go ahead, pull my beard – but not too hard.’ “When she realised it was real, her eyes widened in amazement. Having a real beard is all part of the magic. You also need to get your Ho Ho Ho just right.” Christopher, who works in legal services for the rest of the year, believes spending three months as Santa gives him the opportunity to “give something back”. This year, he hopes to bring presents to children in hospitals, as well as raising money for Children in Need. He also makes appearances at parties and business events. “I always loved Christmas,” said Christopher, who has two children and two grandchildren. “Christmases at home were incredible fun. My parents always did the best with what they had to keep the magic alive, although my dad never put on the suit.” During the summer, he travelled to America with his wife Christine on a quest for the perfect Santa suit. “I saw a police car following me and I thought I was in trouble for jaywalking,” he said. “The officer pulled up alongside me, wound down his window and said: ‘Is this where Santa takes his vacation?’ He laughed and drove off.” During his trip, Christopher discovered there is an International University of Santa Claus in the US, but says the skills “come naturally” to him. He describes his work as “a labour of love” and says the biggest challenge is keeping up with the latest toys. Christopher, or Your Santa, will be in Cardiff city centre every Thursday and Friday evening for late-night shopping and on Saturdays and Sundays from the end of October. SOURCE: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/news/wales-news/children-deserve-better-false-beards-10225639
  13. Mom Threatened with Lawsuit after Son Spills the Beans on Santa Claus MSN.com 5 October 2015 EXCERPT: A Southern California mom who has yet to be identified was stunned after she was sent a nasty letter from a law firm threatening to slap her with a civil lawsuit. The reason for the suit? Her son told some of his fellow classmates that Santa Claus didn't exist. Reddit user crazy_moms_throwaway recently posted a thread on Reddit describing the bizarre situation. Reportedly, the single mother's son told a group of his classmates that Santa Claus wasn't real. The children, of course, mentioned what they had learned at school that day to their parents—and their parents were quick to act. Soon after the incident, the mom received a courier notice from what she described as a "well-known, local, elite law firm." Apparently, her son's Santa slip-up allegedly resulted in the other's children experiencing "emotional damage," and was overall "[a] flagrant disregard to parental rights" that also facilitated "the loss of innocence of child wonderment." The letter, which contained the names of 8 children who had learned the true secret of Christmas, alleged that the kids were "traumatized" by her son's "negligent actions." The notice also demanded that the boy stay away from his friends at all times, and that any interaction between the boy and the group of kids should be cut off. But that isn't all. Besides threatening to sue, the law firm also insisted that the mom is now obligated to pay for a "fully interactive Santa Experience." Um, what? A "Santa Experience" means that the mom now has to hire a Santa impersonator for a party to be hosted at one of the kid's houses, in which Santa will hand out presents, sing songs with the "affected" children and generally spread good Christmas cheer (all on the mom's dime). The purpose of the party, as stated by the letter, is to "reverse the damage [her] son caused and re-spark the child like wonderment that surrounds the holidays." ... SOURCE: http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/family/mom-threatened-with-lawsuit-after-son-spills-the-beans-on-santa-claus/ar-AAf7YHV?li=BBgzzfc ### "What is wrong with the legal system?" In todays NEWS! A Southern California mom who has yet to be identified was stunned after she was sent a nasty letter from a law firm threatening to slap her with a civil lawsuit. The reason for the suit? Her son told some of his fellow classmates that Santa Claus didn't exist. Read It All http://www.msn.com/en-us/lifestyle/family/mom-threatened-with-lawsuit-after-son-spills-the-beans-on-santa-claus/ar-AAf7YHV?li=BBgzzfc kOnO
  14. A new video has just been added to ClausNet Videos Marshmallow crops fail posted in Entertaining Videos Say it ain't so, great concern for Santa and the elves; could it be hot chocolate worries. Watch more videos in ClausNet Videos
  15. Cykeitha

    Marshmallow crops fail

    Say it ain't so, great concern for Santa and the elves; could it be hot chocolate worries.
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    The Peanuts Movie

  18. Santa Claus bank robber, 64, sentenced to 8 years September 19, 2014 Orlando Sentinel By Susan Jacobson EXCERPT: A man who dressed as Santa Claus when he robbed a bank in Volusia County was sentenced Friday to eight years in prison. Mark London, 64, pleaded no contest in July to robbing the SunTrust branch at 3865 S. Nova Road. Down on his luck, London walked into the bank two days before Christmas 2013 wearing sunglasses and a Santa hat, wig, beard and sunglasses.... SOURCE
  19. Major Retailers Reveal Must-Have Toys For The 2014 Holiday Season September 16, 2014 CBS Boston EXCERPT: BOSTON (CBS) — Kids have only been back in school for two weeks, but retailers are already aiming to get trendy toys on their holiday wishlists. Major toy sellers like Walmart, Target and Toys “R” Us are out with their projections for hot toys for the 2014 holiday season, and topping the lists are creative gizmos, all things “Frozen” and old favorites.... SOURCE
  20. Allan Siu

    Help wanted: Santa Claus

    Help wanted: Santa Claus The Star Democrat September 17, 2014 EXCERPT: EASTON — The Avalon Foundation is looking for Santa Claus — and a whole other host of characters — for this year’s holiday production, “Miracle on 34th Street.” “Finding the right Santa Claus is key to the success of this year’s production,” said Tim Weigand, who will direct the show. “If you think you look like Santa Claus, if you have been told you look like Santa Claus or if you have the demeanor of Santa Claus, please come out. We will work with you to make it a great experience, and even if you are a beginner, we will help you feel confident when you hit the stage. That’s what rehearsing is all about.”..... SOURCE
  21. November 7-9, 2013 Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound, Washington Thank you for attending the 4th Annual Northwest Santa Training Workshop! Remember the Real Santa is here and all the rest of us are his helpers. You don’t have your elves here, so we are providing a schedule to follow. Don’t be late or you will miss out! (Times and topics subject to change) SCHEDULE OF EVENTS THURSDAY Evening Registration in Hospitality Room~Social time (call 360.621.1493 for location) FRIDAY 7:30 Keeping Christ in Christmas-Morning devotional 8:00 Registration 9:00-9:45 Welcome and Announcements Round Table Santa Business, Marketing, Home Visits 10:30-11:15 Round Table Do/Don’t, Costuming, Sign Language 12:00-1:15 Lunch on Your Own 1:30-2:15 “Santa Hair and Makeup” By Santa Trever Waltos 3:30 Pictures in the Pool - in old fashion bathing suits 6:00 Santa Flash Mob at local Restaurant 8:00 pm Movie: “They Wore the Red Suit” *Main Conference Room SATURDAY 7:30 Keeping Christ in Christmas-morning devotional 8:00 Registration 8:30 “Night Before Christmas” story telling contest 9:30-10:30 Round Table Mrs Claus Forum Holding Newborns 10:30-11:00 CHECK OUT TIME 11:00-11:45 Santa Magic Workshop 11:50 Ornament Exchange 12:00 Buffet: “A Day In The Park" Raffle Gift Basskets~50/50 Drawings 1:00 “STEVEN THE GREAT” 2:00 Full Dress and Singing Practice 3:00 Parade: A Walk Through Great Wolf Lodge Please complete and return Evaluations to Santa Dennis Simpson PRESENTERS SANTA HAIR AND MAKE-UP by Santa Trever and Heidi Waltos SANTA MAGIC STEVEN THE GREAT by Magician Stephen Wakefield SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR ORGANIZING AND CONTIBUTING TO THIS EVENT Event planning: Santa Dennis Gorley Santa Ron Kearns Santa Dale Scott Santa Dennis Simpson Santa Trever Waltos Donations: Baskets Santa Dale and Nancy Scott Santa Dennis and Michele Simpson Santa George and Nancy Smith Santa Trever and Heidi Waltos Santa Dennis and Glena Gorley Santa Ron and Marci Kearns Santa Jerry and Patti Nebel Gift Bags Sana Ron and Marci Kearns Santa Dennis and Michele Simpson Santa Gene and Tish Sanders Santa Eddie and Karen Hayes Santa George and Nancy Smith Espresso Products Direct Table decorations Santa Trever Waltos and Family Entertainment: “Stephen the Great” Vendors Alex Bennett, Ardesson’s Shoe Repair & New Shoes and Custom Items Jackie Noble--Seamstress Lakewood Costume--Dori A+ Alterations and Tailoring Katie Guerrero Various members of Norpac Santas Encouragement All the members of NORPAC SANTAS Ornament Exchange We will do another ornament exchange again this year at The Santa Conference while at Great Wolf Lodge. It’s easy!! Bring an ornament (wrapped, because we all know how fun it is to unwrap presents) to exchange. I’ll have a sign-up sheet during the conference. I’ll draw names to pair people up. Then on Saturday before lunch, we’ll do the exchange. This is for anyone For more info contact: Santa Dennis Simpson dsimpson@wavecable.com 360-871-1241 toy shoppe 360-621-1493 sleigh phone www.norpac-santas.org
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    From: Christmas 2012 Picture Thread

    Source: Christmas 2012 Picture Thread
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