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Found 69 results

  1. DALLAS - After nearly three decades, Children's Health has confirmed to WFAA that it will no longer host its annual holiday parade. "We have decided to move forward with other new and meaningful ways to bring cheer to families in our community this holiday season," hospital spokesman Scott Summerall said on Tuesday. "We are considering ways to celebrate and honor the parade’s history in its 30th year, but still ironing out details of a potential event." Summerall says Children's Health will still host other holiday events, like its annual Holiday Tree Lighting at its Dallas and Plano campuses, Breakfast with Santa, and its Holiday Patient Party. "These events are beloved by our patients, families and team members, and are an important component of fulfilling our mission to make life better for children," he said. Last December the Children's Health Holiday Parade was canceled for the second time in almost 30 years due to inclement weather. Summerall tells WFAA that because of this, it made organizers reassess hosting the parade since it's such a massive undertaking. Director of HTE Dance, Jeffrey Giles, says he and former parade director Cassie Collins have filed a permit with the City of Dallas to host the parade, and will be reaching out to sponsors soon. © 2017 WFAA-TV SOURCE
  2. 7 On Your Side gets letter from Santa asking for help by Nina Pineda, WABC-TV/DT abc7 Eyewitness News, New York City | Posted: 05-11-2017, 6:06 PM EST EXCERPT: DUNELLON, New Jersey (WABC) -- You don't want to get on the bad side of Santa, do you? These are Santas who fill in when Santa gets too busy and can't make it down from the North Pole. One in New York, the other in New Jersey. But both sent out a letter to us when they both say they got grinched. Santa's putting on his best chuckle, but he hasn't been feeling so jolly since last Christmas. He's talking about The Best Santa Claus Agency that books Santa's helpers - nationwide. "I was like what going on here?", he said. This popular Santa was booked to spread joy at phone store openings in our area. But he only got partial payment. "Grinched," out more than a grand. "Christmas Eve I did two events in the Bronx," said Santa's helper, Rick Thomsen. But, even though his checks stopped coming, Santa showed up on his busiest night of the year. "It's the season. It's the smiles, who gonna stiff Santa?" said Santa Rick. "Who on Earth would want to rip off Santa Claus?" One Santa, Daniel Hanson says The Best Santa Claus Agency owes him too, more than $1300 in fees. He blames the company owner who calls herself Cindy Claus. "She talked a big game, hired all these Santas nationwide," said Santa Daniel. And ever since spreading Christmas cheer? Crickets. "I shot 'em an email, no response, phone call no response message on Facebook, no response," said Santa Daniel. So Santa shot an email to us. So we reached out to Cindy Claus. "Oh my goodness so thank you merry much oh my goodness YES!!" said Santa Rick. Finally presents for Santa, both paid in full. We checked with the stores where Santa showed up, the parent company said they paid the agency on time. So why didn't Cindy Claus pay her Santas? She said she was "advised by her lawyer not to comment on this past situation." In all we helped recover more than $2300 for Santa. That should help get us on the nice list next holiday! SOURCE:
  3. The March 2017 issue of the ClausNet Gazette is now online! view online
  4. As you know, your humble Elf Without Jingles happens to be part of the family of the disabled; this next story will, I hope, remind all our Kringles out there that not all disabilities are visible: Retired Zebulon trucker cleans up road for disability check ABC11 Together highlights the strength of the human spirit, good deeds, and how our viewers can help by Stephanie Lopez, WTVD-TV/DT, Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina | Posted: 02-28-2017, 6:22 PM EST EXCERPT: ZEBULON, NORTH CAROLINA --- John Middleswarth has just been named Zebulon Citizen of the Year after the retired truck driver who's now on disability decided that he wanted to do much more for his community to earn that check, so he took to the streets to pick up the trash. If it's between sun-up and sundown, chances are you'll find Middleswarth picking up litter and recyclables somewhere in Zebulon while folks honk their horns hello. "I'm everywhere. I'm like Santa Claus," he said, stroking his big, Santaesque long white beard... To Read More, Click Here: SOURCE
  5. Santa Claus extends his work schedule for area foster children in YLS program by Ryan Hyde, Holidays in January Committee Chair, via Jacksonville, Florida Financial News and Daily Record | Posted: 1-16-2017, 11:13 AM EST EXCERPT: JACKSONVILLE, FLORIDA --- Contrary to popular belief, Santa Claus' annual Yuletide journey around the Earth did not end when his reindeers' hooves touched down outside his Workshop, during the wee hours of December 26th. Jolly Old Saint Nick needed to visit one special group of children; so, on January 7th, he harnessed up his loyal flying antlered friends, shined up his famous jingle bells, and headed into the River City for one very grand finale... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  6. news

    A Santa Claus rooted in faith by LeAnne Burke, DuBois County, Indiana Herald | Posted: 02-27-2017 EXCERPT: SANTA CLAUS, INDIANA --- What began more than six months ago as an effort to get a section of one Indiana highway named after Raymond Joseph ("Jim") Yellig, a/k/a Santa Jim, of Santa Claus, culminated on Saturday morning in a posthumous Sagamore of the Wabash Award Ceremony for the man who helped shape the image of Santa Claus many Americans have come to know and love. The Hoosier Santas Organization, made up of men and women who costume playact (cosplay) as Santa and Mrs. Claus, headed up the effort to honor Yellig with the assistance of the Santa Claus Museum and Village. Santa Timothy Etter was behind the petition that made its way to former Governor, now Vice-President of the United States Mike Pence's desk. Etter conceived the honor for Yellig... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  7. Coatbridge's own Santa Claus lights up lives with record donation for sick kids Proceeds from Christmas display lead to 12,750 lbs. being collected for Ronald McDonald House charity by Ian Bunting, Daily Record, Coatbridge, Scotland | Posted: 1300 GMT, 19 February 2017 EXCERPT: COATBRIDGE, SCOTLAND --- Big-hearted Coatbridge festive fundraiser Alastair Doyle has broken his own annual charity donation record, thanks to the kindness of generous locals. Awestruck families who visited the spectacular Christmas illuminations display at Alastair's Kirkwood home contributed to the phenomenal 12,750 lbs. that the retired pensioner was able to deliver, to help bring light into the lives of Kirkwood's sick children. Alastair's 2016 overall total was the most he's ever collected over a 12-month period, and takes the amount he has raised for the Ronald McDonald House at Glasgow's Royal Children's Hospital to an astounding 50,979 lbs. in just 11 years! During the festive period, Alastair does double duty as Kirkwood's very own Santa Claus, who, each year, displays an array of magical Christmas lights from his house on Sharp Avenue. Every year since 2006, Alastair has raised more than the previous year's target, and, with the help of friends, family and the entire community, he has once more entered record-breaking territory... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  8. BBC Journalist Makes Outrageous Santa Claus Claim, Then Apologizes For ‘Fake News’ By Lee Moran, Huffington Post, 02/16/2017 Santa Claus is certain to put BBC journalist Nick Robinson on his naughty list this Christmas. The BBC Radio 4 “Today” program presenter stunned listeners during Thursday morning’s broadcast by suggesting that the jolly gift-giver doesn’t actually exist. “It’s like learning Father Christmas isn’t real for the first time, isn’t it? I’m still in shock,” Robinson said during a discussion about the station’s long-running drama “The Archers.”... To Read More Click Here: Source
  9. Santa Claus is comin' to town: Nashville native to speak Thursday at TC by Jennifer Middleton, Texarkana, Arkansas Gazette | Posted: 02-21-2017 TEXARKANA, ARKANSAS --- The man who was the first-ever African-American Santa Claus at the Mall of America this past holiday season will discuss the story of his journey to becoming the top black Jolly Old Elf during a program on Thursday at Texarkana College. Nashville, Arkansas native Larry Jefferson will speak at 12:30 p.m. at the Levi Hall Conference Room of TC's Business and Computer Technology Building, as part of the college's Black History Month series of lectures. Santa Larry, who has worn the red suit professionally since 1999, said that he first got wind of the opportunity while attending last year's Discover Santa event at Branson, Missouri. SOURCE:
  10. news

    A Christmas thank you by Rocky Rohn, from the Letters Page, Winona, Minnesota Post | Posted: 02-20-2017 WINONA, MINNESOTA --- Again this past Christmas, I portrayed Santa Claus for various area homes and local businesses. I would like to thank all the local businesses that hosted me. Also all the several homes; for purposes of privacy I will not divulge the families' names, because I feel that I should respect the families' decisions. All the donations that were given to me by all the wonderful, very caring, and loving people are not forgotten. It'll never be "just like every year;" since I started playing Santa in 2001, it's always different every year. So to Jeff and Barb, let me thank you for your lifelong kindness and friendship; you both have supported and guided me. Each year, I always get new clients, as well as continued donations from those who have played along for several years. I want to say thank you and God bless all of you, along with all the relatives, friends, and neighbors --- and of course, all you children; I think of you all quite often. Why, I've even got one or two places already booked for this coming Christmas. Wow! Finally, I'd like to thank Sue Beck, to whom I gave all those donations. I first met Sue in Lewiston, at a public place on January 6th; she had her daughter with her, along with her daughter's two children. When I spoke with Sue, I learned that she is cancer-free, thank God. Sue's husband passed away from cancer back in March of 2015. Sue has several bills from her husband's medical treatments, as well as her own. She also told me that there'd been a great turnout for her benefit; and that was because your donations helped to lighten her load. So again, my thanks to everyone; and I look forward to returning this coming Christmas, to touch more and more hearts. To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  11. Mrs. Claus, late Santa win Community Service Award by Shary Skiles, McCook, Nebraska Gazette | Posted: Feb. 20, 2017 EXCERPT: McCOOK, NEBRASKA --- With tears of gratitude streaming down her cheeks, Cathy Shannon thanked the crowd gathered at the McCook Area Chamber of Commerce's annual banquet for having honored her family with the 2016 Community Service Award. Cathy's husband Dennis, who passed away on January 2nd, 2017, played Santa Claus for the area's children for many years, with Cathy by his side as Mrs. Claus. In awarding the honor, Chamber member Annette Wagner said: "Every child dreams about Santa, and after having spent over 20 years in the Santa business, here is a family that knows all the tricks of the trade... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  12. news

    Nokomis House Moves for Santa's Sake From the Journal-News, Hillsboro, Illinois | Posted: Thursday, February 11th, 2017, 12:15 AM CDT EXCERPT: NOKOMIS, ILLINOIS --- We all know the song: "Santa Claus is Comin' to Town." But thanks to some cooperation between Casey's General Store, the Town of Nokomis City Council, and one local resident, you might wanna make that "Santa Claus is Stayin' in Town"! To accommodate that possibility, a house was moved from behind Casey's this past Valentine's Day, to a spot about a block and a half north at Front and North Cedars. And the plan? Having studied expansion options, Casey's had acquired the property behind them for the space needed to do so, with a view toward demolishing the house on the site, said City Commissioner Tim Brookshire... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  13. events

    In answer to our petition, the State Of Indiana granted Jim Yellig it's highest civilian honor, The Sagamore of the Wabash! We will be presenting his daughter, Pat Koch, the award on February 25th 11AM CST. This will be done at the Santa Claus Museum in Santa Claus Indiana. Afterwards, there will be a wreath ceremony at his grave site. (And then lunch at the Chateau in Mariha Hills. Santa Jim owned this restaurant and bar!) All are invited to attend to help us celebrate the life and wonderful legacy of this great man! We will be broadcasting this live on Facebook Live. ( Details on who to follow will be coming.)
  14. Santa Claus Parade Committee prepares to disband in Cobourg Members call upon Town Council to take over ongoing planning and implementation of event by Dominik Wisniewski, Northumberland News | Posted: 02-08-2017 EXCERPT: COBOURG, ONTARIO, CANADA --- Citing insurance concerns and ever-growing funding challenges, the chairman of Cobourg's Santa Claus Parade Committee said that his fellow members were prepared to disband. Ron Wiebe, Parade Committee Chairman and current President of the City of Cobourg Lions Club, told Northumberland News that members of the Committee have requested the Town of Cobourg to form a replacement municipal advisory and/or planning committee for the ongoing planning and implementation of the Parade... ....... SOURCE:
  15. Big help for Santa Claus: Myrtle Beach firefighters help children celebrate Christmas by August R. Dittbenner, MyHorryNews.com, Myrtle Beach, SC | Posted: 12-16-2016 EXCERPT: MYRTLE BEACH, SOUTH CAROLINA --- Firefighters serve people every day, but when Christmas rolls around each year, firefighters here in Myrtle Beach serve a little bit differently. What they serve includes pancakes, fun, and ultimately a very Merry Christmas for those children who might not have a happy Christmas morning otherwise. It all started on Saturday when firefighters assembled at the fellowship hall... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  16. Santa Claus makes special trip to McLane Children's Hospital by Kandace Thomas, KXXV-TV/DT, Waco, Texas | Posted: 02-12-2017, 6:39 PM EST; Updated: 02-13-2017, 12:35 AM EST EXCERPT: TEMPLE, TEXAS --- Santa Claus was back in town for one very special little girl. On Sunday, Baylor Scott and White McLane Children's Hospital in Temple held a Christmas celebration for 4-year-old Layla. Her family says that for her entire short life, Layla has been a fighter. Born prematurely, she later lost her mother. For much of the last two to three years, Layla has been in and out of the hospital, battling seizures and respiratory problems... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE:
  17. Texas Toddler Awakens from Coma, Celebrates Christmas in February Posted: Feb 13, 2017 10:33 AM CST TEMPLE, Texas (KWKT/KYLE) - A four-year-old girl, named Layla Annstout celebrated her Christmas Sunday at Baylor Scott and White McLane Childrens' Medical Center due to an illness that caused her to be in an induced coma during the holidays... To Read More, Click Here: Source
  18. news

    Mick Foley Releasing New Book in Late 2017 by Eric Lynch, SEScoops.com | Posted: 02-11-2017 EXCERPT: A new book from Mick Foley will be hitting bookshelves later this year. The WWE Hall of Famer and best-selling author is currently working on Saint Mick, which is scheduled to be released just in time for the Christmas season of 2017. The book takes readers inside the world of people who portray Santa Claus around the holiday season and takes readers into the story of Mick's own Santa-related work since his retirement from wrestling. Foley's previous titles have placed multiple times on the New York Times' bestsellers' list; and he's best known for his still-continuing series of memoirs, which he personally writes on his own, without the aid of a ghostwriter. SOURCE:
  19. Meet Santa Claus FC, Father Christmas' gift-giving football club by James Masters, CNN.com | Posted: 8:45 AM EST, December 24, 2016 EXCERPT: ROVANIEMI, FINNISH LAPLAND --- He may be making his list and checking it twice, but Santa Claus will have to wait for the transfer window if he wants to shower his very own football club with presents. That's right, the man in the big red suit with the bushy white beard is a longtime fan of a team here in the northern Finnish city of Rovaniemi --- and, not surprisingly, they're named FC Santa Claus! While Santa gets busy all year round getting ready for his travels all across the globe, he still makes time to sled on down to the nearby Rovaniemen Keskuskentta Stadium... To read more, click here: SOURCE
  20. news

    Santa's House about 2 weeks from completion by Dustin Dorsey, WWAY-TV/DT, Wilmington, North Carolina | Posted: 02-03-2017, 5:58 PM EST EXCERPT: CAROLINA BEACH, NORTH CAROLINA ---- It all started with one little girl and her wish for Santa Claus to have his very own brand-new home. In September, Carolina Beach's residents and builders came up with the idea to construct a new home for Harry Bule, the man known as Santa Claus. We stopped by to take a look at the construction phase, and to find out exactly when Santa's Homecoming will be. The inside looks a little different from the last time our camera crew visited Harry Bule's house... To read more click here: SOURCE
  21. Kinsmen passes Stouffville Santa Claus Parade torch to Mayor's Community Fund Stouffville Kinsmen made the announcement at the Santa Claus Parade Award Ceremony on January 25th by Ali Raza, Stouffville, Ontario, Canada Sun-Tribune | Posted: 02-01-2017 EXCERPT: STOUFFVILLE, ONTARIO, CANADA --- The Kinsmen's Club of Greater Stouffville will no longer host the town's annual Santa Claus Parade. That responsibility has now been passed to the Mayor's Community Fund (MCF), in an announcement made at the Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade Award Ceremony on Wednesday, January 25th. "This last Parade was challenging in a lot of ways, and to be honest, we didn't think that we could pull it all together," said Kinsmen member Bruce Smith. "Still, we've made the decision to step back, and we will not host the Parade in the future."... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  22. Monarch Landing Receptionist by Day, Santa Claus by Night Naperville resident Brody Krise and "Santa" photo by Alicia's Photography By Ivy Marketing Group via Naperville, Illinois Patch.com | Posted: 1-27-2017, 1:59 pm Eastern Time EXCERPT: NAPERVILLE, ILLINOIS --- While his hair is no longer bleached white, and he's packed up his red suit for the season, there's still a lotta Santa Claus left in Jim Roberson. Receptionist at Monarch Landing by day, the longtime area resident plays Santa every weekend and every evening throughout the holiday season. It's a role that's not too much of a stretch for this jolly gentleman who is usually the very first friendly face you'll see when you visit Monarch Landing... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  23. news

    St. Jude Santa still at work Joe Farris continues his fundraising efforts for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by Jim Hendricks, Albany, NY Herald | Posted: 1-21-2017 EXCERPT: ALBANY, NEW YORK --- Joe Farris may have retired from wearing the wig and beard, but the man known for decades as "The Real Santa Claus" says that he has not retired from his fundraising work on behalf of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, in Memphis, Tennessee. It's work he has done for some 60 years now, beginning some five years before the famous medical facility opened its doors in February of 1962. "I'm still raising money," Farris told us last week. "I ain't driving to Memphis no more, but I'm not gonna give up my volunteer work for St. Jude, either." To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  24. news

    Man in red set to retire by Gabriella Cruz, Andover, Mass. Townsman | Posted: 1-12-2017 EXCERPT: WEST ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS --- Longtime Andover resident Rick Pruneau is pretty good friends with Santa Claus. For 20 years, Pruneau has helped Andover's Volunteer Firefighters schedule an appearance from the bearded holiday icon for their annual Santa Claus Parade. But this year, Pruneau announced his retirement, of sorts, from his two-decade-long role in one of the Town's longest-running Christmas traditions... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
  25. Newport's Santa and Mrs. Claus lose their outfits to a thief by Hannah Fry, Contact Reporter, Los Angeles Times | Posted: 1-13-2017, 1:01 PM PST EXCERPT: NEWPORT BEACH, CALIFORNIA --- 'Twas Tuesday night and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not evern a mouse. But outside the house in the 100 block of Coral Avenue on Balboa Island, a thief was rifling through an unlocked car, parked in its usual carport. The bandit checked the glove box before grabbing a garment bag that was sitting neatly on the front seat. The thief then headed off into the night... To Read More Click Here: SOURCE
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