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  1. New York Post By Ben Cost November 24, 2021, 12:41 PM, Updated EXCERPT: He’s come down the chimney — and out of the closet. The Norwegian Postal Service (Posten Norge) puts a ho-ho-homo twist on the classic carol “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” — with a new commercial depicting Kris Kringle as a gay man. The ad, which features English subtitles, has amassed around 150,000 views — and hundreds of divided comments — since it was uploaded Monday to YouTube. SOURCE: 'Daddy' caught kissing Santa Claus in new postal service commercial NYPOST.COM The inclusivity-promoting ad spread holiday cheer — and jeers — among the online peanut gallery: "Really, Santa is gay now? I must have missed the memo," one Scrooge griped on YouTube.
  2. Sundblom Santa

    The Problem with "It's a Wonderful Life"

    December 18, 2021 Psychology Today By Gina Barreca Ph.D. EXCERPT: The problem with the Christmas movie It's a Wonderful Life? Remember Donna Reed's character, Mary? During the part of the movie when Jimmy Stewart's character, George, gets to see what the world would have been like had he never been born, he witnesses all sorts of tragedies: the death of his beloved brother, the alcoholism and ruin of his boss, and—horror of horrors—the unmarried life of the Donna Reed character. It is one of the climaxes of the film: George Bailey realizes with misery and terror that, had he never been born, Mary would now be not only single but—gasp!—a librarian! He concludes, therefore, that his life was meaningful, if only because he saved people from death, ruin, and the sheer misery of a single woman who is perpetually in circulation. I first wrote about that scene in my 1993 book, Perfect Husbands (and Other Fairy Tales), but decided to revisit it this holiday season. I put the passage from Perfect Husbands on Facebook and my page lit up, well, like a Christmas tree. Discovering that I'm not the only one who feels this way about one of America's most iconic holiday films was a relief and a delight. As soon as I decided to risk exposing myself as a non-lover of the film and posted my Scrooge-like comment on Facebook, my friend humorist Amy Hartl Sherman quipped that "Donna Reed, being the hideous, unlovable person that she was, could not have possibly found another partner, right? But hey, books v. men? Is it really a loss?" Or as Joanne Brokaw put it, “Thank God George saved her from a life of independence and learning.” Here I’d been, preparing myself for an onslaught of criticism from the oppressively optimistic (they’re always the first to protest), and instead I was being cheered by a sense of companionship amongst the unconventional, unconvinced, and un-Clarenced. I sighed and started enjoying the words of my fellow curmudgeons, whom I prefer to refer to as the Righteous and Wise. Source: The Problem with "It's a Wonderful Life" WWW.PSYCHOLOGYTODAY.COM Would Donna Reed's character really have lost her sight without Jimmy Stewart?
  3. If You Have the Post Christmas Blues You’re Doing Christmas Wrong MyMerryChristmas.com B. Francis Morlan December 27, 2018 EXCERPT The post-Christmas blues are a very real thing. Once the date of December 25th has passed the specter of December 26th is an ominous marker to many. It sits there on the calendar like the Ghost of Christmas Yet-to-Come. Silent and foreboding, the very image of the hooded Angel of Death it seems to be. And why not? Just about anywhere you look Americans are tossing trees to the curb, ripping down lights from rooftops and radio stations are flipping back to everyday music. What took months to build gets deconstructed in a matter of a couple of days. It does not have to be like this. You do not have to take down your tree. You do not have to kill your lights. You do not have to turn off your music. You can, instead, stand up to the madness around you and let Christmas linger a little longer. The secret to avoiding the post-Christmas blues is deconstructing it much the way you built it in the first place. For me, Christmas often gets started in July. It is easy then, in the heat of summer, to imagine the frosty glow of our Christmas windows, the frothy foam of our cocoa, and the homey warmth of the decorated tree. Of course, we can’t GET those things in July…but it’s fun to think of them as we sit in a darkened room and watch Christmas movies when it is blazing outside. This is classic, hardcore denial. And it is good for you. SOURCE: https://mymerrychristmas.com/christmas-blues/
  4. Cykeitha

    Marshmallow crops fail

    Say it ain't so, great concern for Santa and the elves; could it be hot chocolate worries.
  5. ’It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown’ won’t air on TV, but you can watch for free on Apple TV+ Updated Oct 20, 2020; Posted Oct 20, 2020 By Brandon Champion | bchampio@mlive.com EXCERPT: A beloved Halloween classic won’t air on broadcast TV this year for the first time in decades. And while CBS nor ABC will be airing “It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown,” fans of the 1966 animated special will still be able to watch the 25-minute program for free on Apple TV+. The streaming service acquired exclusive rights to all Peanuts programs earlier this month. That includes the beloved Halloween special, as well as other specials such as “A Charlie Brown Christmas” and “Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.” MORE
  6. Elections Chairman Bob Partlow chaired the election of candidates to serve as members of the NORPAC Executive Board for the next two years. The slate included: Chairman-Trever Waltos Vice Chair-Gene Sanders Past Chair-Dennis Simpson Secretary-Dale Scott Treasurer-Dennis Gorley At Large-Ron Kearns At Large-Jerry Galland At Large-Randy Cook Mark DeMonbrun moved that the slate be approved as presented (several 2nded). The voice vote was unanimous. Per NORPAC bylaws, the next election of board members will be two years from now (February, 2020). Note; Ron Kearns has since resigned
  7. We are so very excited to announce that Robert Seutter aka Santa True will be joining NORPAC SANTAS for the 8th Annual Northwest Santa Workshop at Great Wolf Lodge, Grand Mound WA ~ November 3rd & 4th. Robert will be leading workshops and discussions during the two day event on how to be an all around better Christmas Performer. We hope you'll be able to join us for this fun weekend of networking, fellowship and learning. Stay tuned for more information. http://christmasperformerworkshops.com/ http://www.Easysite.com/norpac-santas?ShowNews=249269
  8. BREAKING IBRBS NEWS Mrs. Claus invited to become members of the (IBRBS) International Brotherhood of Real Bearded Santas IBRBS President/CEO Santa Robert "Bob" Elkin announced today: "We expect to showcase this change in our membership status at the 10 year reunion of Discover Santa 2016 in Branson, Missouri, July 6th-10th, where approximately 1,000 Santas and Mrs. Clauses are expected to convene for the Kringle Family Reunion as they host the largest convention of Santa Clauses ever, anywhere in the world" "As the preeminent Santa organization in the world, with over 1,200 members, this is a major step forward to foster good will and support throughout the entire Christmas community" This change in membership status was overwhelming approved by the IBRBS members in a recent revision of the Bylaws vote to welcome Mrs. Claus and spouses of Santa members as full, voting members in the largest organization of Professional Santa Clauses in the world. PR 060116.pdf
  9. November 7-9, 2013 Great Wolf Lodge Grand Mound, Washington Thank you for attending the 4th Annual Northwest Santa Training Workshop! Remember the Real Santa is here and all the rest of us are his helpers. You don’t have your elves here, so we are providing a schedule to follow. Don’t be late or you will miss out! (Times and topics subject to change) SCHEDULE OF EVENTS THURSDAY Evening Registration in Hospitality Room~Social time (call 360.621.1493 for location) FRIDAY 7:30 Keeping Christ in Christmas-Morning devotional 8:00 Registration 9:00-9:45 Welcome and Announcements Round Table Santa Business, Marketing, Home Visits 10:30-11:15 Round Table Do/Don’t, Costuming, Sign Language 12:00-1:15 Lunch on Your Own 1:30-2:15 “Santa Hair and Makeup” By Santa Trever Waltos 3:30 Pictures in the Pool - in old fashion bathing suits 6:00 Santa Flash Mob at local Restaurant 8:00 pm Movie: “They Wore the Red Suit” *Main Conference Room SATURDAY 7:30 Keeping Christ in Christmas-morning devotional 8:00 Registration 8:30 “Night Before Christmas” story telling contest 9:30-10:30 Round Table Mrs Claus Forum Holding Newborns 10:30-11:00 CHECK OUT TIME 11:00-11:45 Santa Magic Workshop 11:50 Ornament Exchange 12:00 Buffet: “A Day In The Park" Raffle Gift Basskets~50/50 Drawings 1:00 “STEVEN THE GREAT” 2:00 Full Dress and Singing Practice 3:00 Parade: A Walk Through Great Wolf Lodge Please complete and return Evaluations to Santa Dennis Simpson PRESENTERS SANTA HAIR AND MAKE-UP by Santa Trever and Heidi Waltos SANTA MAGIC STEVEN THE GREAT by Magician Stephen Wakefield SPECIAL THANKS TO THE FOLLOWING FOR ORGANIZING AND CONTIBUTING TO THIS EVENT Event planning: Santa Dennis Gorley Santa Ron Kearns Santa Dale Scott Santa Dennis Simpson Santa Trever Waltos Donations: Baskets Santa Dale and Nancy Scott Santa Dennis and Michele Simpson Santa George and Nancy Smith Santa Trever and Heidi Waltos Santa Dennis and Glena Gorley Santa Ron and Marci Kearns Santa Jerry and Patti Nebel Gift Bags Sana Ron and Marci Kearns Santa Dennis and Michele Simpson Santa Gene and Tish Sanders Santa Eddie and Karen Hayes Santa George and Nancy Smith Espresso Products Direct Table decorations Santa Trever Waltos and Family Entertainment: “Stephen the Great” Vendors Alex Bennett, Ardesson’s Shoe Repair & New Shoes and Custom Items Jackie Noble--Seamstress Lakewood Costume--Dori A+ Alterations and Tailoring Katie Guerrero Various members of Norpac Santas Encouragement All the members of NORPAC SANTAS Ornament Exchange We will do another ornament exchange again this year at The Santa Conference while at Great Wolf Lodge. It’s easy!! Bring an ornament (wrapped, because we all know how fun it is to unwrap presents) to exchange. I’ll have a sign-up sheet during the conference. I’ll draw names to pair people up. Then on Saturday before lunch, we’ll do the exchange. This is for anyone For more info contact: Santa Dennis Simpson dsimpson@wavecable.com 360-871-1241 toy shoppe 360-621-1493 sleigh phone www.norpac-santas.org
  10. Big Jim Santa

    From: Christmas 2012 Picture Thread

    Source: Christmas 2012 Picture Thread
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