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Found 2 results

  1. Michael Rielly

    From: Toy Fair 2011: The Coolest Toys

    I have had the good fortune of attending a few Toy Fairs. I also live very close to Hasbro's World Headquarters. I've always thought I would love to work for a Toy company. Yeas ago, I interviewed for a marketing position with the CEO and VP of Sales of a small toy manufacturer, now owned by Hasbro. In the interview they asked me what were some of my favorite toys as a kid. Without missing a beat I listed off several of my fondest toys and went on to explain how I still have many of them to this day. The CEO stopped me mid explanation and said "Okay, you passed the test". "Test?", I asked. He said, "You would be surprised how many people want to work here, but can't answer that question." I said, well if you liked that answer, then you will love this one... and I went on to name and describe EVERY character on display in the conference room. On display where Dora, the Explorer, Boots, Swiper, SpongeBob, Patrick, Squidward, and at least a dozen others! They were amazed! Parents are equally amazed when I can converse with their kids about specific characters, video games, and toys. I don't just nod my head. If a child asks for a "DS", I'll ask if they want a DSi or a DS lite, what color, etc. Another example would be "iPods". Many parents and grandparents have no clue. So I always make sure the parent or grandparent knows which one we are discussing. I think it is important that as Santa we not only know these toys but also know the television shows they watch. My kids are 13 and 18, but I still know what's hot and what's not in toys, electronics, clothing, and trends. BTW, next month Nintendo will introduce the Nintendo 3DS -- available in blue and black. Can't wait! Source: Toy Fair 2011: The Coolest Toys
  2. Michael Rielly

    Grow your own Christmas Tree!

    There are only 209 days until Christmas, but you only need 12 hours to grow your very own Christmas Tree! I am not sure how it works exactly, but it looks pretty cool! The Magic Christmas Tree comes with a string of red beads, sparkles, and a gold star. Set the tree's trunk into the base, decorate, add the magic water and in 12 hours - viola! - a beautiful Christmas Tree! The same company makes a Magic Snowman too! Like the Magic Christmas Tree, growing the Magic Snowman is just as easy! I will have to get one of these for next year!
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