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    • Schwindy
      Promo for Christmas Sneak & Peek
      By: Schwindy · 10/22/2017
      Very nice Mark! Killer tease and as they always say, ......... Leave when there wanting MORE! For sure you did just that! Plus you said you were booked solid for C.E. GREAT FOR YOU but mostly the community your doing this FOR! ! BEST OF LUCK TO YOU!
    • cgtmc
      Promo for Christmas Sneak & Peek
      By: cgtmc · 10/22/2017
      Great video, makes you want to see more.
    • Santa Johnny Boy
      360 The Night Before
      By: Santa Johnny Boy · 10/16/2017
      As I always imagined it would be!  Plus, you can play with the up down left right icon to see different views.

      time to get a Sansung VR...
    • StNickPDX
      Video Call Promo
      By: StNickPDX · 10/05/2017
      Yes, they are popular and very handy for filling in scheduling gaps.  Plus you can do them for kids anywhere in the world so long as you speak the language.
    • Santa Johnny Boy
      Video Call Promo
      By: Santa Johnny Boy · 10/05/2017
      What a great idea! Especially for home bound Santas.  Are you listening, Schwindy?
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