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Video Comments

  1. Kris Kringle Kevin

    In: Happy Holidays from Coca-Cola

    By Kris Kringle Kevin, 04/25/2017

    WHY NO video??

  2. Kris Kringle Kevin

    In: Who was St. Nicholas? The true story of Santa Claus

    By Kris Kringle Kevin, 04/25/2017

    no Video?!!

  3. Kris Kringle Kevin

    In: Official Trailer: Saint to Santa

    By Kris Kringle Kevin, 04/25/2017

    no video!!??

  4. Michael Rielly

    In: Animus Studios Hires Santa

    By Michael Rielly, 04/11/2017

    On 3/13/2017 at 10:57 PM, Santa Marty said:

    Ok, what did you charge for the use of your suit and accessories in the making of this video?


    You look great, but its obvious the Costume Department did not do up your threads! :)


    I worked with the producer and director on this project. We came up with a few ideas before filming. The hats, props, bling, etc., were my idea. Also, if you watch Justin at the end he is doodling things on the paper. That was us having fun. But we ended up keeping it in the film. The bloopers reel is hilarious. I am hoping to get a copy.

  5. Santa Johnny Boy

    In: Animus Studios Hires Santa

    By Santa Johnny Boy, 03/14/2017

    Not just a great commercial but a great story!

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