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  1. Santa Marty

    In: Silver Bells

    By Santa Marty, 08/21/2017

    This was a bit before my time, a tiny bit.

    It is quite obvious that political correctness was not in the script.  There was how ever some ethnic diversity, although somewhat stereotypically.  

    We have discussed Santa being a bell ringer for the Salvation Army before (and this was not emphasizing the SA).  I wonder after viewing this peoples positions changed on the topic.


  2. Santa Marty

    In: The Twelve Days of Christmas with Count von Count

    By Santa Marty, 08/18/2017

    Two talented hands & a pair of feet to match!

    I especially enjoyed watching the audience and the children's expressions.  It hard to wait now until November after that!

  3. Kris Kringle Kevin

    In: The Mouse Before Christmas

    By Kris Kringle Kevin, 07/24/2017

    OOpsie no video here..

  4. SantaDon


    By SantaDon, 07/08/2017

    Ho, ho, brother!  

  5. Santa Marty


    By Santa Marty, 06/10/2017

    What a great laugh... er Ho!

    I know the feeling....



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