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  1. Santa Ed K

    In: Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol

    By Santa Ed K, 11/28/2019

    I have loved this version since I was a child and watched it on TV.

    I have it on DVD and watch it every year.

  2. Felix Estridge

    In: The Santa-fication of Triibeard

    By Felix Estridge, 11/19/2019

    The beard looks awesome!

    I have always done my own bleaching at home.  I do it over a few week's time and never do multiple bleaches in one day.  That is what burns your skin.  It needs time to recover before you bleach again.  The soonest I have bleached again is 5 days but I usually go a week in between, so I plan it out very meticulously.

  3. Bama Kringle

    In: The Santa-fication of Triibeard

    By Bama Kringle, 11/19/2019

    Although I thought your arrow-straight beard was Santa-ready to begin with (and I am quite jealous of it), I'd say the curl was definitely worth 3 hours in the chair.  It looks fantastic.

    I've had no perm work, but every time I walk into the salon for my bleaching sessions, it's a 3 hour visit and I've had at least 4 of those so far this year!

  4. Santa Johnny Boy

    In: The Big Night

    By Santa Johnny Boy, 11/13/2019

    Search YouTube for Christmas Adverts.  You'll see some wonderful, creative and sometimes heart breaking short videos done with the quality of a well produced Hollywood movie.

  5. Drosselmeyer

    In: The Big Night

    By Drosselmeyer, 11/13/2019

    they have a couple others - but I really like the one of Nicholas the Sweep and The Christmas Truce of WW1

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