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  1. Rob Thompson

    In: Sears Wish Book 1960's Christmas Toys

    By Rob Thompson, 12/29/2020

    Never seen the Sears catalogue before but I love the headline title: Not intended for Children :)

    I remember so many of these items as a child, Man from Uncle and 007 guns, Lost in Space. What ever happened to Cindy Doll? I guess Barbie just out shone her :)


  2. Tommy

    In: Sears Wish Book 1960's Christmas Toys

    By Tommy, 12/29/2020

    Getting the Sear's Wish Book was one of the highlights of the year!  You knew Christmas wasn't too far away, but it still seemed it would never get here.  

  3. RadioSanta

    In: Santa Trike - Nighttime Ride

    By RadioSanta, 12/23/2020

    I love this!! Well done!

  4. Santa Craig Maxwell

    In: Just Say "Merry Christmas"

    By Santa Craig Maxwell, 12/22/2020

    Thanks for always finding these types of things to share with us. This is scary and needs to be spread around. We've got this, and several other, "Trojan Horses", sitting in our town squares.

  5. Tommy

    In: Just Say "Merry Christmas"

    By Tommy, 12/22/2020

    That was really good!  It also exposes the left's agenda.  


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