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  1. Santa Craig Maxwell

    In: Zoom meeting with local family

    By Santa Craig Maxwell, 08/10/2021

    Unfortunately, instead of an internet connection, I have a satellite dish that sorta gets me to the internet.  My upload is half of what is needed to safely zoom.  Plus, many weather conditions inconveniently knock out my signal at random.  I love that you are zooming for the kids. 

  2. Rob Thompson

    In: Zoom meeting with local family

    By Rob Thompson, 08/10/2021

    I burst out laughing when the children mentioned putting the Elf on the Shelf in a 'Time out bag' lol

  3. Rob Thompson

    In: santa visits the doctors tv show.

    By Rob Thompson, 08/10/2021

    Its a lovely looking coat, very smart indeed :) 

  4. Michael Rielly

    In: santa visits the doctors tv show.

    By Michael Rielly, 08/09/2021

    On 7/28/2021 at 6:48 AM, Santa Johnny Boy said:

    On first glance, it looks like Santa Ed Taylor wearing an Adele's Continental Coat with the optional gold trim.

    It is.

  5. Rob Thompson

    In: Broken Peach - Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    By Rob Thompson, 08/08/2021

    15 hours ago, Santa Craig Maxwell said:

    But then you are a professional musician from a fairly cold climate

    Not wrong about the climate, its been very wintery today :( 


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