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  1. Sundblom Santa

    In: gift of the magi scene from christmas eve on sesame street

    By Sundblom Santa, 02/09/2022

    Thanks, Bigman! Loved it! So very touching. 😊 Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Thank you. ❤️

  2. Sundblom Santa

    In: A Smoky Mountain Christmas (Brentwood Music)

    By Sundblom Santa, 02/09/2022

    Date unknown. If I had to guess, I'd say sometime in the timeframe of the late 1980's-early 1990's. They also have Christian music tapes like "Smoky Mountain Hymns" and "Smoky Mountain Hymns, Volume 2," among others. Great Christmas music! Love the Appalachian Mountains (especially at Christmas)! 👍

  3. Sundblom Santa

    In: Christmas with Duke Wayne and Bob Hope (1976)

    By Sundblom Santa, 02/09/2022

    Great snipped! Loved the banter between the Duke and Bob! I'd love to see the whole special. Speaking of John Wayne, he also made a guest appearance on "Perry Como's Early American Christmas" (1978). Excerpt: 


  4. Dave Vermeulen

    In: #4 Dancer sleigh bell with 1/2” jinglet

    By Dave Vermeulen, 02/08/2022

    13 hours ago, Schwindy said:

    Now back to the OT


    Dave it sounded GREAT and LOOKS GREATCan't wait to see your whole line of the brass bells! 

    Thank you, Schwindy!

    I’m just now getting back in the shop after being shut down for the season.

  5. Santa Craig Maxwell

    In: #4 Dancer sleigh bell with 1/2” jinglet

    By Santa Craig Maxwell, 02/08/2022

    57 minutes ago, Rob Thompson said:

    Unfortunately for Tom he's not allowed out of the house for fear of him avoiding indoor tasks 😊

    (We call those Honey do's.)  Steelwheels' your bells are amazing.  I'm sure Schwindy's wife will purchase a set, and attach them to him for tracking. 


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