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  1. Gateway Santa

    In: Santa Went Down to Georgia- Rockband

    By Gateway Santa, 01/02/2012

    Very good rendition of Charlie Daniels song!

    Santa Butch

  2. Victorian Santa

    In: Santa Dave Strom

    By Victorian Santa, 11/29/2011

    Eileen, this is a beautiful video! Did you make your husband's suit? Man oh man! Beautiful...traditional, but not the cookie cutter. Great work. How can I send you photos of my suit without making them, or our conversation, public?


  3. Santa DCallender

    In: Babes In Toyland Theatrical Trailer (1934)

    By Santa DCallender, 11/07/2011

    I remember the one from the 50's or maybe the 60's but not that one.

  4. Tim Mack

    In: Babe Ruth as Santa Claus

    By Tim Mack, 10/31/2011

    He was funny, needed some help with his whiskers. No one seemed to care though looks like most of them had a good time

  5. Santa Ron Lehner

    In: The Rhode Show

    By Santa Ron Lehner, 10/31/2011

    Good Job Santa George!!

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