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  1. Eileen Strom

    In: Santa Dave Strom

    By Eileen Strom, 08/29/2011

    Rick put this together as a total surprise for us! :flowers:

    I do admit that you need to be a bit of a speed reader in a few places, but then there is always the pause button. :thumbsup:

  2. AL Santa

    In: Introducing ClausNet

    By AL Santa, 08/24/2011


  3. Santa Marty

    In: Santa Dave Strom

    By Santa Marty, 08/23/2011

    Great video. I would like to suggest that the informational slides be visible for a longer period of time as my speed reading skills are not up to speed.

  4. Trever

    In: Santa Claus (1898)

    By Trever, 07/31/2011

    I've seen this video before. I love it!

  5. Buppa

    In: Santa George Cardi's Commercial

    By Buppa, 07/18/2011

    Let's hope we get is the 5" Christmas Day. I'm sure that will make many people happy.


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