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  1. Santa Mike Liquori

    In: Oreos 2009 International Commercial

    By Santa Mike Liquori, 06/02/2010

    Great commercial SAnta Tim

  2. Santa Mike Liquori

    In: I'm The Real Santa Claus!

    By Santa Mike Liquori, 05/20/2010

    Dont know about the images , but the music is great. Ill be adding it to my display...

  3. Kona

    In: Hallmark Christmas Eve

    By Kona, 04/30/2010

    This is my favorite

  4. SCSanta

    In: Silent Monks Sing Halleluia

    By SCSanta, 04/21/2010

    Very Impressive...it has got to be easier to sing than to do what they did! :thumbup2:

  5. Santa Johnny Boy

    In: Hallmark Christmas Eve

    By Santa Johnny Boy, 04/18/2010



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