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  1. Eileen Strom

    In: Going To see Santa!

    By Eileen Strom, 02/12/2011

    I thought I was at the Los Cerritos Mall (Cerritos, Calif.) there for a second - they have the exact same Santa set up as this place.

  2. Santa RonD

    In: Where Everybody Knows your Name

    By Santa RonD, 01/23/2011


  3. Santa RonD

    In: ClausNet Television Is On The Air

    By Santa RonD, 01/23/2011

    Great start :thumbsup:

  4. Trever

    In: Waiting for Santa

    By Trever, 12/30/2010

    Very cute!

  5. Santa Lamar Hall

    In: Waiting for Santa

    By Santa Lamar Hall, 12/28/2010

    just saw the video Great !!


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