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  1. Rob Thompson

    In: Zoom meeting with local family

    By Rob Thompson, 08/10/2021

    I burst out laughing when the children mentioned putting the Elf on the Shelf in a 'Time out bag' lol

  2. Rob Thompson

    In: santa visits the doctors tv show.

    By Rob Thompson, 08/10/2021

    Its a lovely looking coat, very smart indeed :) 

  3. Michael Rielly

    In: santa visits the doctors tv show.

    By Michael Rielly, 08/09/2021

    On 7/28/2021 at 6:48 AM, Santa Johnny Boy said:

    On first glance, it looks like Santa Ed Taylor wearing an Adele's Continental Coat with the optional gold trim.

    It is.

  4. Rob Thompson

    In: Broken Peach - Santa Claus is Coming to Town

    By Rob Thompson, 08/08/2021

    15 hours ago, Santa Craig Maxwell said:

    But then you are a professional musician from a fairly cold climate

    Not wrong about the climate, its been very wintery today :( 

  5. SantaBuck

    In: santa visits the doctors tv show.

    By SantaBuck, 08/08/2021

    Beautiful coat.


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