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  1. Michael Rielly

    In: Jingle Bells

    By Michael Rielly, 02/26/2010

    I love the Brian Setzer Orchestra :thumbup2:

  2. SCSanta

    In: Here Comes Santa Claus

    By SCSanta, 02/20/2010

    Very Clever...I like this!

  3. SCSanta

    In: A Charlie Brown Christmas (1965)

    By SCSanta, 02/18/2010

    I love this scene! :thumbup: The auditorium reminds me of the one from my school, and back then, you might even hear the words Linus was speaking on stage. You couldn't get away with this nowadays.(sigh) If only I could get my time machine working!!! :sc_hmm:

  4. Michael Rielly

    In: Medieval Help Desk

    By Michael Rielly, 02/12/2010

    This is one my favorite videos! As someone who worked in tech support, I can relate....

  5. Eileen Strom

    In: Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter

    By Eileen Strom, 02/12/2010

    What a great piece of work!, I have had that CD since it came out - and before it became associated with Christmas Light displays. - I love this group!

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