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  1. Santa Paws

    In: Sister Act - I Will Follow Him (Deloris and the Sisters)

    By Santa Paws, 10/28/2010

    Always loved that rendition.

  2. Santa Marty

    In: Where Everybody Knows your Name

    By Santa Marty, 10/21/2010


  3. Santa Johnny Boy

    In: A Visit To Santa

    By Santa Johnny Boy, 09/21/2010

    I was watching this film and got a chilling feel of deja-vu. No wonder, it was filmed in Pittsburgh at some of the local department stores. I believe the train display was from the Buhl Planetarium, which did a huge display every year. That display has been expanded and is now at the Carnegie Science Center. The Joseph Horne Depatment Store, at Christmas time, had an elevator decorated like a rocket ship with an astronaut as the operator. It, "blasted-off" and took you express to Santa's Toyland. The outdoor scenes are from downtown Pittsburgh and some nearby suburb.

    Great film!

  4. Santa Mike Liquori

    In: Hallmark Christmas Eve

    By Santa Mike Liquori, 09/21/2010

    I find that as I get older, I seem to cry more easily

  5. Sinter Noel

    In: Taco Bell commercial

    By Sinter Noel, 09/19/2010

    I love this one.At first you dont even know its Santa.


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