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  1. Tommy

    In: Boomwhacker Jingle Bells

    By Tommy, 10/06/2021

    BoomWhackers are great fun!!!  Used them with my children's choir and the congregation loved it!!!

  2. Santa Timothy SC

    In: Boomwhacker Jingle Bells

    By Santa Timothy SC, 10/05/2021

    Thats just silly fun made me laugh ... Thank you!

  3. Santa Timothy SC

    In: A Boy Called Christmas | Official Trailer

    By Santa Timothy SC, 09/17/2021

    This looks fun ...

  4. Rob Thompson

    In: A Boy Called Christmas | Official Trailer

    By Rob Thompson, 09/17/2021

    Smiling, I think this is on CNet three times now, still love it :) 


  5. Santa Bill III

    In: TSO 2021 Winter Tour: The Rock Holiday Tradition Returns!

    By Santa Bill III, 09/07/2021

    Several years ago, one daughter had worked for a division of Warner Brothers Records was able to get tickets for my wife and I for the show in Hershey PA that year and the next year she got us 4 tickets.  The first year we had fantastic seats in the 15th row center. The second year we had about the same seat tickets and had given them to my other daughter and 3 of her friends ( we sat in the back section center and had a great time too.  What an experience!  Would highly recommend seeing in person.


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