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On Exhibit Interview with O'Santa

Michael Rielly
By Michael Rielly, 07/05/2013

Gerald Miller aka O'l Santa interview with Dorothy Rencurel (2006)

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Elf Without Jingles


Dorothy Rencurel is a brilliant and rather pleasing moderator; and she's also a very good listener. Ol' Santa's a terrific storyteller; I've always believed that a good story is at its best when it's properly shared with everyone. The best stories are told by those who've lived them, and I have lived my share, both good and bad. I look forward to hearing more tales from Ol' Santa Jerry in the coming months leading up to the new Christmas season!

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Ol Santa


Thanks for your kind words, Jingles.   As a matter of fact I did live those stories (in my young mind about 1938 when I was about 5 or 6).   Unfortunately, my kids about that age in the 60's didn't.   That's when I decided to become an "old fashioned Santa Claus and tell kids stories in answer to their questions".   Well, I've had good success the past 12 years doing it and the size of the crowd continues to grow.   The Children's Charity we are associated with benefits to the tune of about $25,000.00 each year.   But you know...it's a labor of love!   Besides, at 81 years of age it keeps me young!!!!!!!!!!! 


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