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King & Country Little Drummer Boy (extended) LIVE 2020

By Drosselmeyer, 12/02/2022

Little Drummer Boy (extended) LIVE 2020

After performing Little Drummer Boy back in 2019, we had such a positive response that we decided to do it again in 2020 with a larger group of drummers, and an extended musical arrangement! This was recorded live December 13th, 2020 in Calvary Orlando. I hope you enjoy this new version of Little Drummer Boy! Drummers from left to right: Jonathan Lopez - Timpani Misael Santana - Kick Drum / Tom Becaccico Jerro - Vocals, Kick Drum Noah Avila "Little Drummer Boy" - Drum Set Josue Avila - Vocals, Kick Drum / Snare / Toms David Schuneman - Toms Izzy Nazario - Timpani

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